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Saturday, 16 May 2015

1970 Gaja, 67 Moresco, 02 Jacquesson, 05 Insignia, 89 Fargues, 89 Petit Cheval, 83 Oremus Aszu Eszencia and more

Diebault-Vallois Blanc de Blancs Brut
Light, fruity, well balanced. 88

2013 Dönnhoff Riesling trocken
Fresh, apply, citrus. 86

2002 Jacquesson Brut Millésime.
Served blind. Deg second quarter 2010. Pale golden, small bubbles. Yeast, brioche, oxidated apples, nuts, minerals and plaster. Fresh acidity, lighter mousse, caramel, oxidated apples, bit bitter and not fully blalanced, burnt caramel notes, bitter tea. Bit hollow. With answer in hand I think its a faulty bottle. 87

1970 Gaja Barbaresco
Served blind. Cloudy ruby, brown orange hue and orange rim. Tobacco, cherries, few figs, liquorice nose, intense, some notes of iodine, mature. Fresh acidity, few tannins, mature and borderline old, drying finish and on its way down, but not there yet. Some chocolate and coffee. 88

1967 Giovannini Moresco Barbaresco del Pajore
Served blind. Bright ruby, orange rim. Red berries, mint, tar, roses, cherries, strawberries, sous bois, seductive nose, detailed, refreshing, but mature. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fresh, fruity but slightly iodine and metallic finish, lovely nose, bit thin palate pulls down, iron, but beautiful nose. This was apparently first vintage, sold in 1979 to Gaja who named the wine Sito Moresco. 89

1989 Petit Cheval
Served blind. Bright ruby, thin brick rim. Some cassis, figs, blueberries, tobacco, cedar, violets, detailed nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fresh, lively, red and darker berries, bit lean and somewhat firm, could have more fruit, slightly hollow finish. Has its charm. Quite long. 91

2014 Figula Balatonfüred-Csopaki Olaszriesling
Served blind. Pale lemon yellow. Ripe gooseberries, apples, citrus, some cats pie, yellow fruits. Freshish acidity, fruity, rounded, apples, some grapefruits and lemons, bit lazy. 87

2009 Château Carbonnieux blanc
Served blind. Pale lemon yellow. Grapefruits, minerals, oysters, lemons, fresh and lively nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, apples, citrus, grapefruits, minerals, fresh, leaner but  long. 92

2005 Château Couhins-Lurton blanc
Served blind. Towards lemon yellow. Grapefruits, apples, minerals, vanilla, spices, light tropical notes, evolving. Fresh acidity, fruity, intense, rounded, fruity, fresh, lively, rounded, smooth even if barrel notes are slightly uo front still, evolving nivcely, lovely balance. Swallowed the barrels far better than a 2001 last week. Long. 93

2005 Château Larrivet Haut-Brion
Served blind. Pale golden. Butter, fruity, tropical, vanilla and honey, almost like a dessert wine on the nose. Freshish acidity, ripe, fruity, vanilla, spices, smokey, bit alcohollic, towards somewhat ungainly. 86

2004 Duplessis Chablis 1er Cru Montée de Tonnerre
Served blind. Asparagus, oysters, chalk, lime, unripe green apples, actually intense chalk on the nose. Fresh acidity, leaner, fresh, some lively notes but lacks fruit to balance it, leaner and thinner palate. 87

2002 Louis Jadot Corton-Pougets
Served blind. Bright ruby. Cooked plums, strawberry jam, alcohol notes, not a particularly fresh nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, bit hollow, warm, lacks fruit, has some spices and vanilla, red berries, youthful but a bit hollow. It sharpens up with air but it never impresses. 89

2005 Joseph Phelps Insignia
Deep ruby. Cassis, coffee, dark fruits, intense, vanilla, spices, dark chocolate. Lightøy scented and floral behind layers of fruit, far better bottle than last year. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fruity, intense, sweet, dark fruits, vanilla and spices. Still a bit warm, alcohol shines through, coffee and chocolate, anise finish, long. 94

2005 Casa Nocera Merlot
Served blind. Ruby. Coffee, liquorice, cooked fruits, massive and rich. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, tich, coffee, fruity, blueberries, bramble, alcohol, rich, massive in one way, hollow in another way, sweet dark fruits. Slight spicy note. 83

2007 Moestoe Cornas Coteau de Reynard
Served blind. Cloudy purple, pink rim. Alcohol up front, ripe bramble, vanilla and alcohol nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, red berries, sweet and sour, lively but lacks complexity, dark fruits. It is funky and weird, some may love the almost unbalanced liveliness between herbs and dark berries. To me its pretty uninteresting. 85

1998 Elio Altare Barolo
Served blind. Ruby. Coffe, liquorice, dark chocolate. Freshish acidity, ripe tannins, fruity but lacks nuances, spices, vanille, anise, bit short. 85

1985 Château Haut Bailly
Served blind. Bright ruby. Scented, bit subdued nose, some cassis, anise, leather, refreshing nose but tender. Almost delicate. Fresh acidity, ripe and few tannins, mature, served on the cool side, liquorice, leather, some figs and prunes, good length. With answer in hand, not optimal bottle. 87

1999 Donatella Cinelli Colombini Brundllo di Montalcino Riserva
Ruby. Cassis, vanilla, blueberries, some spices far back, light exotic nose, some coffee notes nose and dark chocolate. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, lively, fruity, quite fresh, rounded, slight alcoholic notes, fruity, dark berries, chocolate, structured, tannic but also some smoothness, long. 92

1983 Oremus Aszú Eszencia
Served blind. Amber with golden hue. Some caramel, dark apricots, almonds, rich, intense and deep on the nose, almost massive. Fresh acidity, fruity, intense, lively, detailed, nuanced, raisins, dried apricots, syrup, honey, playful, lively and rich, super balance, long and rich, very long. 96

1989 Château de Fargues
Served blind. Pale amber, golden hue. Apricots, fruity, intense, pineapples, rich, intense and fairly up front, almost massive nose, pulls and pushes. Fresh acidity, fruity, intense, lively, rich, detailed, caramel, rich notes, apricots, grilled pineapples, very intense, rounded, layered, long. 96

2007 Spreitzer Oestricher Lenchen Riesling Auslese 303
Pale golden. Apples, apricots, light minerals nose, fruity. Fresh acidity, lively, playful, yellow fruits, quite intense, refreshing and long. 92

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