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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Why don’t you love me?

Yes why don’t you? I am rich, I am sweet, I am cuddly, I am there for you to enjoy and have fun with. I can be just myself with you, no need to share me with anything. Even if I love some Roquefort or foie gras, if you feel the need to spoil me. But you and me are perfect with sunset.

Yes we are, believe you me. If you share my company next to a sunset somewhere on the planet, you will probably never forget. Snow cowered mountains in the distance or even outside the door, or a sunny palm tree drizzled beach as background.  You and me.

Jazz, a violin quartet or rock, I will be perfect company. I can take list pop as well. You will feel like a star with me by your side. 

Feet in warm socks or feeling the sand being dug out from under your feet at the said beach as the waves fall back on themselves. You will feel perfect with me. You will. 

Trust me, you will. 

I do it best after dinner when you have softened after today’s stress and maybe a glass or two of red wine have soften you from today’s trivia’s. 

Maybe I’m just shy. 

But sometimes I can sneak up on you even at lunch or in the afternoon while you just sit around and relax. And when I start singing in your ear at this stage, you will get goosebumps. Because I can sing the most romantic songs you ever heard making time stop for you. 

Don’t believe me? 

Try me…

You see, I might be a bit out of touch, I might be out of fashion, I might be a bit fat.
On the other side I’ve been there waiting for you, I will always be there waiting for you. 

And I have never been better, never been more exotic, never been more eccentric, never been more fun to hang with. 

When I dress my best everything is bespoke and handmade and boy do I turn heads for those in the know. Those who know the work behind, the knowledge behind what it takes to put together what I am offering to you. 

You see, brands are fine, but Saville Row shows for those that know. It takes so much more to do what I do than whoever will share the table with you when I’m not around. 

What troubles me is that you might not notice, or even worse, care. Maybe you don’t care about all the focus I put in all the details, so I can look my best just for you? 

But I long for you to notice me. You. I want it to be you, and me.
I want to share this with you. 

Share the table and just look into your eyes and see your expression as I start singing. 

I will sing. 

I always do, if you just come over and sit with me.

And you give some of your time. 

For that sunset.

I have a noble background, I can trace my history back centuries, and people have worked for generations to make me the purest expression of who I am. My home is both humble and grand at the same time. 

Kings, Dukes and Princes have been my friends, but I want to reach out to new friends, younger friends, more vibrant and energetic friends that will give me a burst of new life. 

I will be waiting in my Saville Row suit for you to come over and give me a wink. A sign I’m invited over to your table. 

And I will sing to you.

I promise. 

Yours, Sauternes.

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