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Sunday, 1 May 2011

1970 Château Latour, a dream come true

1970 Château Latour;
I have been dreaming about a chance to taste this one for a long time. Rune Rake had his generous trousers on (I think he only has that pair of trousers) and even after some sixteen other bottles this Cathedral of a wine out-shined them all. Only above mid shoulder fill made me slightly worried, but for no reason at all. Ruby with garnet rim, pure Pauillac, as mighty as they get, refined and has it all. Intense. Earthy, roughish texture still, hefty and together, masculine body, cassis in abundance, fresh acidity, ripe and still a wall, no a mountain of tannins, youthfull still needs time, what a potential. This is like tasting a only few years old Latour, say 08 body on 01 fruit! 98-100


  1. følger deg på denne en stor latour...nære 100 poeng denne.mvh jens erik johansson


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