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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The 2012's from Château Margaux retasted

A small retaste of the 2012's from Château Margaux in their new and elegant orangerie in the gardens of Château Margaux. Mr.Pontallier could tell me that I was one of the only people outside of Château Margaux to have tasted the wines three times now and was eager to hear my opinion. He also said he felt the 2012 is probably the best of the good but not great vintages since 2000, meaning the best of 2001, 04, 06, 08 and 2011. 

Personally I feel all the wines from Bordeaux, recently retasted from 2012 have, as always in June, become more elegant and more nuanced.

2012 Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux:
(2nd Ch.Margaux) Bright ruby. Violets, layered and elegant nose, more nuanced than under primeur. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, very elegant texture, refreshing, lovely balance and structure, long. 91-92

2012 Château Margaux:
Ruby. Violets, floral, scented and nuanced nose, cassis. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant, refined, refreshing, rounded, fine tuned, complex and layered, nuanced and refined, very long. 95-96

2012 Pavillon Blanc du Château Margaux:
Pale lemon yellow. Citrus, lemons, a bit of oak shines through but the slight alcohol unbalance I found both times I tasted it during primeur have escaped, leaving it layered and nuanced. Fresh acidity, lively with superb balance, more refreshing and less (excessively) fat as well, lovely balance, very lemony and minerals finish. Again very long. 93-95

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