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Monday, 27 October 2014

Maury, Banyuls and Rivesaltes 1933-1976

1976 Domaine du Duy Banyuls
Ruby. Dried fruits, figs and leather nose. Fresh acidity, figs, fried fruits palate, leaner, not the most complex, good length. 86

1974 Casenobre Rivesaltes
Pale amber. Nuts, apricots, leaner nose. Fresh acidity, rounded, easier, dryish finish. 85

1971 Sainte Lucie Rivesaltes
Pale amber. Nuts, caramels and dried fruits nose. Fresh acidity, lively, leaner, focused but thin, lacks fruit. 86

1969 Riveyrac Rivesaltes
Amber with garnet core. Alcohol and dried fruits nose. Fresh aciditu, leaner, light fruit, bit thin, 85

1962 Pietri Geraud Banyuls
Ruby, orange rim. Light nose, dark fruits, easy going. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, leaner, lacks fruit and intensity, hollow. 82

1957 Château Prieuré du Monastirdel Camp Rivesaltes
Amber, ruby core. Figs, anise, minerals, scented nose. Fresh acidity, lively, fresh if leaner, dried fruits, bit alcoholic finish. 87

1954 Domaine la Sobilane Rivesaltes
Pale amber. Nuts, minerals, dried apricots nose. Fresh acidity, lively, rounded, thinner palate but has fruit. Dried apricots and fruits finish. 89

1950 Château Prieuré du Monastirdel Camp Rivesaltes
Amber, ruby core. Dried apricots, nuts, raisins, quite lovely nose. Fresh acidity, lively, red and dried fruits, bitt hin finish but sweet and elegant. 89

1946 Château Sisqueille Rivesaltes
Cloudy amber. Caramel, ffigs and dried fruits, raisins nose. Fresh acidity, lively, nuts, minerals, figs again, leaner finish, nutty. 89

1939 Domaine Pla del Fount Maury
Brown, orange rim. Rich, nuts, ripe, alcohol up front and figs nose. Fresh aciditu, creamy texture, ripe and rich, but dries off in the finish. 91

1933 Château Mossé Rivesaltes
Light amber. Intense, figs and dried apricots nose, nuts. Fresh acidity, lively, minerals, nuts, dried fruits, detailed, elegant, rounded, long. 94

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