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Monday, 31 May 2010

Romanée Conti, Echezeaux

2004 Domaine de la Romanée Conti, Echezeaux;
Pale ruby, quite light on the nose, strawberries and minerals, seems like a normal Village......at first.... After only a few minutes, spice, almost peppered strawberries, great intencity, fruit and balance, very refreshing acidity, towards high, tannins ripe, very young still, some of the herbs of the vintage show in the aftertaste, I actually enjoy this style, even if some are critical, ads complexity, very long finish, wait another ten years.... 92

Lange Goldkapsel

2006 Schloss Lieser, Niederberg Helden Riesling Auslese Lange Goldkapsel;
(demi) Plae golden, citrus, orange, lemon, apples, minerals, very focused, pear and apricots, complex. Perfect sweetness acidity balance, cleans perfectly, needs time in bottle, will be even more fantastic, very long length. 94

07 Grans Goldkapsel

2007 Grans-Fassian, Trittenheimer Apotheke, Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel;
Pale golden, very mineraly and schisty, apples, pears, some raisins behind and then apricots. High and refreshing acidity, balances the sweetness perfectly. Quite lean body actually, for a auslese, but the intensity of the flavours makes this hard to notice, exceptional finish. 92

Morey Meursault

2004 Pierre Morey, Mersault Les Tessons;
Towards bright golden, closed and metallic first, after 15-20 minutes a fantastic nose of touch of butter, nuts and a lemony fresh schistes minerality, almost like flint, but softer somehow, with unripe yellow apples just for the freshness of it. Very fresh acidity, mouthwatering, nutty and butterscotch, a bit lean mouthfeel for a Meursault, but ads up in elegance, lively and long finish. 89

98 JJ

1998 Joh.Jos.Prüm, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel;
(demi) Pale golden, minerals, honney, mellon, aprikots, ripe pears, apples, slightly closed, very elegant. Great sweetness, perfectly balanced with the acidity, very fresh and still youthfull, great apply finish, long length. 94

04 JJ

2004 Joh.Jos.Prüm, Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese;
Pale golden, starting petroleum, slightly of oxidized apples, minerals, touch of roses, ripe pears, schistes and a hint of tropical, just to make it all seem nicer..... Elegant, very good acidity, great balance, intense fruit, still elegant, just a bit hollow at the end, and my guess is that is more the stage of development than a fault. 88

86 Montrose

1986 Chateau Montrose;
Deep ruby, ruby rim still, starts out with a mature nose, a bit lean, leather, stable, cigars, fresh and lively acidity, some tannins holding on in the finish. After 1, 5 hours in decanter, still mature, but so much more complex, cigars, coffee, leather, hay, tobacco, cedar, cherry stones, anis, tannins seems more mature, probably because there is so much more body and intensity going on, acidity seems even fresher, fleshy cherries, a mature 86, especially for a châteaux like Montrose, but still very enjoyable. Great finish. 92

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Henri Jayer

1997 Henri Jayer, Nuits-St-Georges;
Pale ruby, brick rim, autumn leaves, strawberries, cloudberries, fresh acidity, good body, very mature tannins, a touch sweet on the fruit, mature fruit, very long finish. Neede an hour to open fully in the glass, even when decanted..... 92


1990 Nikolaihof, Riesling Vinothek;
Pale golden, mature, petyroleum, forest floor and leather actually, quite different nose, very elegant and balanced, complex, some lemon and apples, very dry, good length. 88

83 Laville Haut-Brion

1983 Chateau Laville Haut-Brion;
Golden, honney, minerals, lime, lemon, pear, apricot overtone, flinty, even slightly smoky, developed and still fresh. Fantastic acidity, unique balance, so complex, intence, fantastic minerality and lime, ripe lemon finish, so fresh and lively, exceptionnal length, a beauty. 95

97 Togni

1997 Philip Togni, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon;
Ruby, thin brick rim. Youthfull nose, some vanilla and blackcurrants, medium body and acidity, ripe tannins, a bit simple.....then after 30 minutes, things really started to happen, lots of complexity, getting more balanced and more together, long length. 90

90 Dalla Valle

1990 Dalla Valle;
Ruby, tobacco, cigars, blacberries, blackcurrants, touch of coffee. Great acidity, ripe tannins, medium body and good intensity, very youthfull actually, keep another ten years. I have had more mature ones. Very long finish. 94

Friday, 28 May 2010

1976 Grange, another 100

1976 Penfolds Grange Hermitage;
Deep ruby and a 2mm of garnet rim. Tobacco, pepper, syrah as from the very best of Rhone, a complexity you only dream about, it's so intence and huge in complexity, you just can't take it apart and describe it, it's too much, the brain shut's down, and just enjoy, immensely! Acidity is increadible, fresh and lively, exceptional balance, great tannin structure, like falling crisp snow, one of the most complex wines I have had, increadible long finish, my best syrah/shiraz, only startting to show signs of maturation, aftertaste for minutes and minutes, keep at least another 20 years if you're lucky. 100

85 Auslese

1985 Von Schubert, Maximin Grünhaus, Riesling Auslese Abtsberg;
Golden, lots of minerality, barely a hint of petroleum, almost chenin blanc in style, Vouvray, but sweeter, flinty! Very nice acidity, starting to dry in the sweetness, more toward spätlese now, citrus and some apples, tender and expressive at the same time, a bit short finish.....87

Thursday, 20 May 2010

The best wine I have ever tasted!

The best wine I have ever tasted, above all the rest.......increadible, and I can almost feel the aftertaste still.......I did not know what it was, served blind. I nailed the producer.......not even close on the vintage.......

1928 Chateau Suduiraut;

Amber colour, golden hue, some crystals, amazing colour. Caramel, aprikots, creme brulee, pineapples, orange, tangerine, ripe lemons, apples, baked pear, raisins, touch of nuts. So complex, it's another meaning. So fresh acidity, such elegance, just perfect balance, and sweetness/ acidity balance is from another world. Not very sweet anymore, just enough to grace the fruit aromas perfectly, tender body, layered and transparent, this was just beyond anything........and what a length and aftertaste, it lasted not for seconds or minutes, we're talking hours......still ther the next morning. (You just do not brush you're teeth with these flavours going on in the mouth....Increadible! 100

96 No Krug, no thanks!

1996 Krug Vintage;
Breakfast wine, ten in the morning. Pale golden, crispy, brilliant small bubbles. Leaps out of the glass, minerals, plaster, citrus and slightly oxidized apples, so complex. Extreme balance, so young, vigorous, elegant but quite powerfull mousse, concentrated flavours, fantastic acidity, exceptional length and finish. Gorgeous. 97

92 Sassicaia

1992 Sassicaia;
Ruby red, brick rim. Very floral overtones over real cabernet nose, paprika, blackcurrants, liquorice, very complex. Great acidity, ripe tannins, minerals, exceptional length. I thought this was a lesser vintage, and this feels a bit leaner than most Sassicaia's, but so elegant and a pleasure still. 90

86 Ornellaia

1986 Tenuta del Ornellaia;
Deep ruby, lot's of sediments. Very mature, cherries, stone of stonefruits, yellow plums, some volatile and a touch oxidized. Very good acidity, ripe tannins, starting to dry, leather, hardwood floors, teak, dades, long finish. Unshure of storage....85


2004 Tenuta del Ornellaia;
Ruby, great fruit and perfumed nose, floral, cherries, blueberiies, blackberries, blackcurrants, great structure, more texture, very good acidity, ripe tannins like snow, needs time to come around the oak, wait at least ten years. Long finish. 92

04 Las Cases

2004 Chateau Leoville Las Cases;
Ruby, vanilla, tobacco, very complex, blackcurrants, touch of cigars, leather, blackberries, very elegant. Fantastic balance, great acidity, cleans perfectly, ripe tannins, refreshing actually, very long finish. Keep at least another ten years. 92

05 Clos des Papes

2005 Clos des Papes;
Deepn ruby, thin pink rim. Spices, pepper, plums and blackberries, floral, and this smell of a warm olive growth in the late afternoon, even minerals. Good structure, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, liquorice and prunes, a bit short. 88


2005 Chateau Malescot St.Exupery;
Deep ruby, lighter and elegant fruit, some vanilla and flowers. Lot's of ripe tannins, some green and herbal notes, quite intense, good acidity, needs time, good length. 86

05 Segla

2005 Chateau Rauzan-Segla;
Deep ruby, tea, coffee, chocolate, floral notes, very seductive actually, fresh and lively acidity, ripe tannins, great structure, needs a lot of time, very long length. Wait another ten years or more. 93

05 Pontet Canet

2005 Chateau Pontet Canet;
Deep ruby, tobacco, stable, leather, floral overtones, blackberries and blackcurrants. Great structure, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, great balance, complex, fantastic long length. Keep at least ten more years. 94

2005 Cos

2005 Chateau Cos d'Estournel;
Deep ruby, closed, just a touch of Medoc nose, lots of oak, seems extracted, tannins are extreme, where is the fruit.....I hope it didn't feel well this day.....82

05 Las Cases

2005 Chateau Leoville Las Cases;
Deep ruby, ruby rim, tobacco, cigars, floral, minerals, tea, very complex for it's age. Just a great wine, what a body, texture and structure, great balance, lot's of fruit but not a big and heavy body, fresh acidity, long length. 95

05 VCC

2005 Vieux Chateau Certan;
Deep ruby, coffee, mocca, vanilla, blueberries and plums, complex, fantastic fruit, and astonishing texture and mouthfeel, lively acidity, ripe tannins, great structure, very long finish. 95

05 Conseillante

2005 Chateau La Conseillante;
Deep ruby, fantastic nose of tobacco, vanilla and clean meat of red plums, blackcurrants. Great ballance, great texture, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, very elegant fruit, fantastic long length. Complex, pure and very clean fruit. 93

05 L'Evangile

2005 Chateau L'Evangile;
Deep ruby, vanilla and lot's of tobacco, dark berries, plums and blackberries. Leaner body than you expect from the nose, great balance, good acitity, a bit short finish. There is something that just do not swipe me of my feet with this estate for some reason.....88

05 Angelus

2005 Chateau Angelus;
Deep ruby, pink rim. Closed, some coffee, blue- and blackberries, good fruit, a bit heavy body, acidity caressing and tender, ripe tannins, a bit short at the moment, needs time, edgy and firm at the moment. 92-94

05 La Mission

2005 Chateau La Mission Haut-Brion;
Deep ruby, ruby rim. Minerals, some paprika, spices, transparent, layered, coffeebeans, some terracotta, blackcurrants. Great acidity, ripe tannins, great balance, complex, very long length. 96

Haut-Brion Blanc

1985 Chateau Haut-Brion Blanc;
Straw yellow, minerals, lime, citrus, very young and fresh, great fokus, some pineapples and pear, increadible acidity, fantastic elegance, so complex, seductive, complex, enormous length, mindblowing, extreme.....one doesn't find words......one of the best dry whites I have had. 98

81 Karthäuserhof

1981 Karthäuserhof, Eitelsbacher Karthäuserhof, Sang Riesling Spätlese;
Straw yellow, touch of petroleum, apples, lime, citrus, minerals, tangerines and orange peel. Great balance, lively acidity, not too sweet anymore, fresh, feel the ageing best on the lesser sweetness, very good length. 91

Chevalier Montrachet

1999 Marc Morey, Chevalier Montrachet;
Deep straw yellow, flint, minerals, youthfull, some citrus and butter, even slight tropical overtone. Fat mouthfeel, almost Batard, lovely acidity, good length, bacon fat and tiny hint of nuts, complex and balanced. Keep another few years. 93

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Henri Jayer Echezeaux

Served blind, so all judgements were noted before I had any idea what it was. Had one similar bottle in October 2008.

1994 Henri Jayer Echezeaux;

Pale ruby, thin brick rim. So clean, so pure, touch of white chocolate, fresh vanilla, wild strawberries, pure essence, such eleganse, focus and perfection, roses, violets, jasmin, caprifolium, like a nordic garden in a fresh summer night. Lean and tender body, but what intense flavours, great acidity, youthfull feel still. Extremelly elegant again, complex, transparent and tender at the same time, absolutely fantastic length. 98

76 Insignia

1976 Joseph Phelps Insignia;
Ruby red, thin brick rim. Lot's of coffee, intense and mature fruits, plums, starting prunes, touch of sweet morellos. Increadibly fresh and balanced, great acidity, mature and lovely tannin structure, very long finish. 94

96 Dalla Valle Maya

1996 Dalla Valle Maya;
Deep ruby, ruby rim, lots of sediments. Coffee, cassis, touch of blackcurrant leaves, liquorice, parfume, vanilla and pepper. Very youthfull, great acidity, lot's of ripe tannins, complex and big, but only medium body, very long finish. Very intence flavours. 93

78 Vougeot

1978 Leroy, Clos de Vougeot;
Ruby red, thin orange rim. Even more cheese at first, then som redcurrants and plums, never opened up on the nose. Great acidity, quite big fruit intesity, and even a bit big body for a Burgundy, lot's of flavours in the mouth, great structure, tannins almost gone, strawberries, spices, roses, very long finish. 94

78 Mazis Chambertin

1978 Leroy, Mazis Chambertin;
Ruby red and only a thin garnet rim. Seems fat at first, like cheese and bondfire. With a lot of air, rose hips, cherries and cloves. Strawberries and some almost Vosne spices with more air, veru complex and atractive, but acidity is a bit on the low side, could have been fresher, drying slightly in the finish, but a fantastic bottle of wine. 93

57 Nuits

Another house wine:) This is the one old wine I have tasted the most, 8 or 9 bottles, and surprisingly little bottle variations. One has been superior to the others, but all very good indeed. But the best was also tasted near Lago di Garda, that could have something to do with it. This is not the Garda bottle.

1957 Leroy Nuits-St-Georges, Les Porets;
Pale bright ruby, broad brick rim. Leafy, cherries, rose hips, cloves, perfumed, quite intense, complex and so seductive. A bit lean body but surprisingly powerfull flavour, fantastic balance, very elegant and fantastic length. 94

78 Pommard

1978 Leroy, Pommard Le Vignots;
Ruby red, tiny garnet rim. Liquorice, autumn leaves, earthy, slighly volatile. Great acidity, superb balance, roses, rose hips, well hung game, slightly rustic, needs time to open, complex and very long. Now things start to happen. 90

78 Volnay again

1978 Leroy, Volnay Les Caillerets;
Bright ruby with broad brick rim, earthy, leafy, strawberries, fresh jam, rose hips, roses, touch of iodine, and blood. Even spices and cloves. Fresh acidity, very elegant fruit and body, a bit light, but more playfull in a way than the Santenots, even if it seems older, Good length. 88

78 Volnay

1978 Leroy, Volnay Santenots;
Bright ruby, brick rim. Some coffee and strawberries, even some blackberries and redcurrants, roses, perfumed, hint of liquorice, fresh acidity, starting to dry, not the longest finish. 86

Monday, 17 May 2010


2006 Potel Montrachet;
Towards pale lemon yellow, apples, plaster, minerals, some floral overtones and perfumed. Great acidity, fantastic balance, lovely minerals,very complex, lot of things going on, not all of them easy to detect, fresh body, not the fatest of Montrachet's, great length. 94

74 Mouton

1974 Chateau Mouton Rothschild;
B level fill, cork almost soaked. Bright ruby, broad brick rim, sediments. Lots of leather and figs, hay, cigars and stable. Lean and drying out, very long, if not the best finish. 68

70 Johannisberg

1970 Schloss Johannisberg, Riesling Gelblack;
Pale golden, flinty and slightly sweet fruit, apricots, some floral notes, ripe yellow apples, very dry, great balance, seems much younger, again, no petroleum, impressive for a QbA. 86

64 Grünlack

1964 Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Spätlese Grünlack;
Golden with green hue. a bit closed, tropical and slightly spicy notes, even some botrytis, lots of ripe apples. Fresh acidity, apple peel, very complex, and very fresh, no petroleum, great balance, and what a length. 93

1959 Mosel

1959 Peter Nicolay, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Riesling Feinste Auslese;
Golden, very closed first, seems to have been in a time capsule, hardly any developed aromas at all, overripe plums, apples, strawberries, minerals, lemon, crisp acidity, perfect balance, such complexity, great length. 95

76 Monopole Auslese

1976 Peter Nicolay, Ürziger Goldwingert Riesling Auslese;
A level fill, cork not soaked. Golden, very closed nose, apples, pineapples, minerals, great acidity, fantastic balance, very elegant, plums, orange, peach, complex and very elegant, some sweetness still. 93

1973 Mouton Rothschild

1973 Chateau Mouton Rothschild;
The wine that should have been dead according to everything you read about it. B-B/C level fill, cork not fully soaked. Bright ruby, orange rim, very developed nose, leather, cedar, tobacco, like opening the door too an old Rolls-Royce. Some tar, touch of iodine, lean body but still flirting, good acidity, very few tannins left, drying a bit in the finish, but not at all critical, good length. Way above any expectations. 85

Short notes from a dinner.

1988 Veuve Cliquot, Rare Vintage Rosé;Salmon pink, small bubbles. Developed, berry aromas, strawberries, plaster and minerals. Very elegant mousse, great balance, fresh for it's age, pleasant and long finish. 90

1997 Ramonet Batard Montrachet;


2004 Domaine Leroy, Vosne Romanee;
Bright ruby, fantastic nose, strawberries, some vanilla, very pure, such a complexity, a balance that few will match, perfect structure, and what a length.....95

1989 Potel, Clos de la Roche;
Ruby with garnet rim fantastic nose, chocolate, strawberries, red fruits, chantrells and leaves. Such complexity and elegance, intese fruit, balanced, very long length. 95

1985 Biondi-Santi, Brunello di Montalcino Riserva;
Deep ruby red, great complexity, elegant, perfect balance, so refreshing acidity, ripe tannins, great structure, so complex, classy, leather, cherries, redcurrants, fantastic length. 96


1997 Domaine Leflaive, Puligny Montrachet, Les Combettes;
Pale straw yellow, butter and minerals, complex, flint and smoke, fresh acidity, great balance, complex and elegant, nutty and long finish. 97 is underrated on white Burgundy (on those not oxidized that is.....) 91

La Landonne

1997 Guigal, La Landonne;
Deep ruby, thin garnet rim. Tobacco, leather, teak, pepper, cherries, liquorice, blackberries, dark chocolate and coffee. Complex, very good acidity, high of ripe tannins, perfect balance, some oak shines through in the finish, keep another 15 years. 95

05 Breuer

2005 Georg Breuer, Riesling Berg Schlossberg EG;
Straw yellow, apples, minerals, touch of pineapples, starting petroleum, very classy and elegant. Great balance, a bit fat on the body for a riesling, but balances this greatly with the fres acidity, very long, peppery! finish, quite spicy. Very dry. 91


2000 Armand Rousseau, Ruchottes Chambertin, Clos des Ruchottes;
Bright ruby with garnet rim, red berries, touch of coffee, mnerals, leafy notes and strawberries, somplex and elegance, seducing. Fantastic balance, great acidity, some smoke and bondfire in the finish, fantastic length. 93

Meo Vougeot

2000 Meo Camuzet, Clos de Vougeot;
Ruby red, garnet rim, red berries, closed, touch of earth and leaves, more strawberries and oak. Superb balance, great acidity, ripe tannins, almost gone, great texture, needs time still, very long finish. 91

Das laaange Goldkapsel

2005 Schloss Lieser, Niederberg Helden, Riesling Auslese Lange Goldkapsel;
Bright straw yellow, great complexity, muscat nut?, herbs, lemon, apples, pinapples, peach, touch of honney, raspberries, such elegance, acidity cleans beautifully, amazing length. 94

05 J. J. Prüm

2005 Joh.Jos.Prüm, Graacher Himmelreich, Riesling Auslese;
Pale golden, lots of apples and sweet lemons, tangerines, minerals, great body and structure, fantastic balance, complex, yet tender, needs time still, great length. 92


2004 Dr Pauly Bergweiler, Bernkasteler alte Badstube am Doktorberg, Riesling BA;
Bright golden, botrytis touch, citrus, minerals, fresh and tropical, great acidity, cleans well, great balance, elegant, not as heavy as some BA's, refreshing, very long length. 92

07 TBA

2007 Dr Pauly Bergweiler, Bernkasteler Badstube, Riesling TBA;
Golden, botrytis, strawberries, baguette!, minerals, lots of different apples, tropical fruits, what a joy of an acidity, so fresh, wow! Cleans all this sugar perfectly, so intence, elegant and youthfull, needs a lot of cellaring. Finish last's for many minutes. 97

73 Piesporter

1973 Weingut Marienhof, Piesporter Güntherslay, Riesling Beerenauslese-Eiswein;
A level fill, cork soaked, bright orange, slight oxidation, raisins, citrus, orange marmalade. Not too high acidity, still the wine feels just off dry, a light sweetness that balances good with the acidity, lives very dangerously, quite good finish. 67

06 Insignia

2006 Joseph Phelps Insignia;
Dark, almost opaque with thin ruby rim. Big, intense, lot's of fruits, coffee, dark chocolate, leather and cassis. Good acidity, high and ripe tannins, very complex, intense fruit, needs a long time in the cellar. Keep at least ten years. 90

80 Ausone

1980 Chatea Ausone;
(demi) Bright ruby core, towards brown rim. A level fill! and almost soaked cork. Roses and violets, perfume, earthy, cigars, some plums and blueberries hanging on, wet autumn leaves. Ok acidity, tannins almost gone, starting to dry up, impressive considering demi bottle and vintage. 86

81 Canon

1981 Chateau Canon;
Clear bright ruby, garnet rim, A level fill, great cork, some sediments. Leather, dried fruits, ripe red plums, cherries, chocolate, cigars, perfumed. What a surprise for a 81, how fresh it still is, tannins almost gone, good acidity, subtle and elegant, figs, very long length. 88

10 years release

1995 Philip Togni, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 10 years release;
Ruby with thin brick rim. Maturing nicely, cassis, cedar, some leather, paprika, perfumed and coffee, feels a lot like a classic Medoc, but one octave deeper. Complex, great acidity, lot's of ripe tannins, tobacco and dry leaves, starting secondary aromas, great balance, great finish. 92

02 Dunn

2002 Dunn Howell Mountain, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon;
Ruby with pink rim, intence and complex, paprika, blackcurrants, slightly perfumed, roses, very fragarnt. Intense fruit, great acidity, lot's of ripe tannins, great structure, mocca, coffee, great balance, needs a lot of cellaring. 93

01 Riserva

2001 Biondi-Santi Brunello di Montacino Riserva;
Bright ruby, gorgeous colour, so complex and seductive, cigars, leather, dark fruit, cherries and plums, elegant and ripe tannins, very lively acidity, needs time, and in this case, air....never opened like my last bottle, but how I love this style of Brunello's 94

Domaine d'Auvenay

2004 Domaine d'Auvenay, Mersault Les Gouttes d'Or;
No 268/1210 Bright light lemon yellow. Minerality and flint leaps out of the glass, touch of lime, intence, even so it feels a bit closed for the moment. Schistes, touch of tropical, so complex you can't believ it, exceptional balance and length, feels so pure, as if all the fruits of this world was freshly pressed and then dripped down through some schiste stones and like a rainbow, was secretly whisked away and put into the bottle, as the treassure at the end of this fleeting glimpse of colour. Dear God, what a wine. 96

97 Coche

1997 Coche-Dury, Mersault;
Deep straw yellow, such minerality, flinty, stony, so concentrated with lemon and citrus, smokey, feels like a foggy and heavy, drissling morning, turning into bright sunlight. Fresh acidity, so pure, fragrant, even overtones of tropical fruits, and such a balance, like a dancer, tiptoeing, crisp, and what a length. 92

04 Chasse-Spleen

2004 Chateau Chasse-Spleen;
Deep ruby, ruby rim, vanill, blackcurrants, lots of wood now, sweetish overtones. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, complex, good intensity, good length. 80

00 Gouges

2000 Henri Gouges, Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru, Les Vaucrains;
Ruby with brick rim, some coffee, dark fruits and vanilla, quite much oak still. Feels a bit dry, ok tannins, a bit hard on the oak, hope it has enough fruit.....78

90 Lafarge

1990 Lafarge Volnay Clos des Chenes;
Ruby with garnet rim towards brick. Very rustic and leafy, mushrooms, earthy, touch of volatility and sour cherries. Good acidity, tannins close to gone, maturing nicely, good length, fresh, ok complexity, a bit on the lean side.....83

04 Ornellaia

2004 Tenuta dell Ornellaia;
Deep ruby with ruby rim, vanilla and dark fruits, plums, blackberries, a bit high alcohol, more and more coffee with air. Fresh acidity, high and quite ripe tannins, building a wall behind you're lips, dark chocolate, a bit hollow mid palate, not quite together at this stage and way too young. Very long finish. 88

Fantastic 82 Leoville Barton

1982 Chateau Leoville Barton;
A level fill, cork soaked, ruby with garnet rim, lot's of sediments. Complex, leather, cedar, blackcurrants, very elegant and cool fruit for the vintage, fresh and lively. Great acidity, ripe tannins, good structure, very long finish, this is one of the freshest 82's of lately, keep another 10-15 years, if you wan't to. 94

90 Gazin

1990 Chateau Gazin;
Ruby with brick rim, lot's of sediments. Coffee, stonefruits, cherries, very closed, blueberries. High acidity actually, high tannins, ripe, huge structure, grips the mouth, even so a beautifull texture and so intense. Complex, fantastic length, the best Gazin I have had. 94

96 Conteisa

1996 Gaja Conteisa;
Ruby with brick rim, vanilla, coffee, spices, a hint behind of tar and roses, quite intence, more tar, liquorice and roses with air. High acidity, great tannic structure, intence mouthfeel, huge in a way, still quite elegant actually (as a Barolo style can be) and very long length. 89

66 Poyferre

1966 Chateau Leoville Poyferre;
A/B level fill, soaked cork, bright ruby with thin orange rim. Mellow, very closed, a touch of blackcurrants, coffeebeans, leather, with air much more complex, tobacco, prunes, red berries, cigars. Pure balance, so elegant, good acidity, some ripe tannins still, seems exceptional behind this curtain that it never comes out of, like when you see a (naked) person behind some curtains with light comming in from behind, you can't tell who, but you know if you like what you see......great length. 90

98 Marcassin

1998 Marcassin, Blue Slide Ridge Vineyard, Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir;
Deep ruby with garnet rim. Deep of strawberries, earthy notes, intence and something leafy, spicy touch and vanilla. Acidity is crazy, feels like it packs the a bit heavy oak and it blends together into a fresh, spicy- vanilla- raspberry mouthfeel, very complex and long length. 87

85 Comtesse de Lalande

1985 Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande;
A level fill, cork not soaked, bright ruby with thin garnet rim. Pure blackcurrants, touch of balck tea, cigars, very seductive, complex, doesn.t quite wan't to reveal it's secrets yet, vary good acidity, a bit lean body, great subtlety and fantastic length. 90

Sunday, 16 May 2010

83 Mouton Rothschild

1983 Chateau Mouton Rothschild;
A level fill, cork not soaked, ruby with thin brick rim. Cedar, cigars, tea, liquorice, blackcurrants, sweetish prunes, very complex, even a bit shy somehow. So seductive mouthfeel, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, very elegant, even if on the leaner side bodywise, complex, perfect now, but can last longer. 88

85 Gruaud

1985 Chateau Gruaud Larose;
AB/B level fill, cork soaked, dark ruby with garnet rim. Brass instrument, earthy, slightly rustic, leather, touch of iodine. Thin, a bit flat, some prunes, ok but drying out. 60 (Faulty bottle)


2006 S de Suduiraut;
Pale straw yellow, some flinty minerals with touch of gooseberries, lemon and citrus. Fresh acidity, balanced, refreshing, such lemony and flinty mineral finish, long length. 87

06 Gevrey

2006 Pierre Naigeon, Gevrey Chambertin Vielles Vignes;
Bright ruby, pink rim. Strawberries, herbal, slightly spicy, and some vanilla. Fresh and lively, a bit hollow and some tannins sticking out at the moment, a bit short.....82

97 Opus One, again!

1997 Opus One;
Deep and bright ruby, garnet rim. Leather and cassis, touch of liquorice and blueberries, touch of vanilla and chocolate. Massive tannins, ripe, but still massive, good acidity, huge structure, almost like a barrel sample, complex, long, and very dry with the tannins. This is pure youth, and really needs time, feels way younger than a bottle I tasted with David Pearson of Opus One just a few weeks back. Exceptional wine! 95

83 Fargues

1983 Chateau de Fragues;
(demi) Deep golden, amber hue. Foie gras and burnt almonds on the nose, not too open at first. Oily but fresh acidity, and a way fresher mouthfeel than the nose, slight bitter touch, cleansing, aftertaste lasts forever. Just a few minutes later cork taint starts to show, and getting more and more pronounced.......unfortunatelly.

Fantastic Goldkapsel

2006 Grans-Fassian, Trittenheimer Apotheke, Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel;
(demi) Bright yellow lemon, fresh as a daisy, minerals, apples, honey, apricots, peach, lime and overtones of orange, pineapples, pure elegance, seductive and alluring, acidity just packs each molecule of residual sugar in silk, and opens the pack when the timing is perfect, tremendous mouthfeel, very good length. 93

04 Andrew Will

2004 Andrew Will, Sheridan Vineyard, Washington State;
Deep ruby, thin garnet rim, coffee, stable, ripe plums, cassis, green leaves, vanilla, quite intence. Good acidity, very ripe tannins, well balanced, love the structure, a bit on the sweet side on the fruit, very dark berries, blackberries and liquorice, good length. 89

Saturday, 15 May 2010

94 Dominus

1994 Dominus;
Ruby with garnet rim, closed first, some cedar, then medicine, later expensive leather, paprika, even herbs, fresh and cool on the fruit. Absolute perfect structure, fresh and lively acidity, ripe tannins, a bit hollow to be very picky mid palate, really needs another ten years, great length, and such elegance for a Napa, the by far best Dominus I have tasted. 95

04 Cordero

2004 Cordero de Montezemolo, Barolo Monfalletto;
Ruby, bright ruby rim, tar and roses, touch of vanilla and liquorice, so refined and complex after a day of breathing. Fresh acidity, high and ripe tannins, elegant for a Barolo, long length. 90

Le Méal

1999 Chapoutier La Méal Ermitage Blanc;
Almost golden, honey and apricots, big and deep. Low acidity, flinty, even smokey minerality, not huge but bites off well, fantastic length, but in these wines I so miss acidity, even if it's the right dtyle, and I would also like them more elegant and not so big, but that is me. Even so. 90


2005 Beringer, Knight's Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon;
Almost opaque, thin ruby rim, cabernet flavours big time, paprika, blackcurrants, touch of coffee, but not too complex. Fresh, quite mouthwatering, plums, chocolate, to be honest. The first glass was why bother....second, starting to be ok, third glass, and I actually liked it, it opened up nicely. Good tannin grip and length. 84

05 Kabinett

2005 Dr Loosen, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Riesling Kabinett;
Pale straw yellow. It took a ong time for it too open with the screw cap. The first two or three years in the bottle, the wine showed acidic and thin. Now things have happened, apples, redcurrants, minerals, on the verge of showing development, fresh acidity, great balance, long fresh aftertaste. 81


2007 Schloss Johannisberg, Silberlack EG;
Pale straw yellow, fresh and lemony, lots of minerals, so well integrated and balanced, hint of pear, very cool fruit and so elegant. Fresh acidity, pure somehow, tropical fruits lurking beneath, a pleasure. Very long length. 90

00 Le Moine

2000 Lucien Le Moine, Bonnes Mares;
Ruby, towards brick rim. Clean strawberry, some earthy and leafy undertones, vanilla and even herbs. Starting to show pedigree, increadible structure, some tannins needs time still, but I feel they will integrate perfectly, give it five years or so, fresh acidity, very long finish. My oldest LLM, and I have been worried about the excessive oak, but this one is showing that things seems to go together in the end. 90

1996 Sassicaia

1996 Sassicaia;
Ruby with garnet rim, liquorice, leather, blackcurrants, intence, complex, coffeebeans. Good acidity, ripe tannins, very elegant, deep fruit, plums, fresh and lively, great length, some prunes and touch of chocolate with air. Very balanced and complex, keep another ten years or more. 90

Vougeot Blanc

2002 Domaine de la Vougeraie, Vougeot 1 er Cru, Le Clos Blanc du Vougeot, Monopole;
Lemon yellow, with apples, lemon, touch of minerals beneath this almost slight tropical fruit and flint. Very elegant and balanced, not too intence and straight forward, lingering finish. 87

01 Echezeaux

2001 Mongeard-Mugneret, Echezeaux;
Bright ruby, brick rim, strawberries, leather, leaves, earthy tones, floral overtones, even som tea and slightly of roasted coffee beans in the back. Fresh acidity, very ripe tannins, almost gone allready, good balance, very long length. 89

05 Gros

2005 Domaine A-F Gros, Beaune 1 cru les Boucherottes;
Bright ruby, garnet rim, spices, strawberries, leather, touch of forest floor underneath, even perfumed. Great acidity, lean, fresh, elegant, ripe tannins, good grip, not too focused, ok length. 81

Friday, 14 May 2010

75 Clerc Milon

1975 Chateau Clerc Milon;
Ruby with thin orange rim, dust, lot's of it, some liquorice. Ok acidity, no tannins, pure metal and iodine, to old and dry..... 33

07 Mogador

2007 Clos Mogador;
Dark, almost opaque, purple rim. coffee, liquorice, blueberries, plums, kind of jammy, even so fresh, which is way too rare in Spain, and especially Priorat. Mouthwatering acidity, high and ripe tannins, big and still elegant, so complex, tremendous length. As the only legendary wine of Priorat, and for me the best, as so many are over extracted, why don't the other's try to copy this style? I'm happy I convinced the importer to take this one in to Norway. 91

90 Nikolaihof

1990 Nikolihof, vom Stein, Riesling Smaragd;
Lemon yellow, lemon, apples, minerals, hint of petroleum, touch of floral notes and tropical tones. Fantastic acidity, lime and minerals, so elegant, apples and bitter pears, exceptionnal finish, last's for minutes, gorgeous and harmonious, with a burgundian feel to it.....92

07 Mouton Rothschild

After tasting this four first growth's side by side, I could not help to find how typical of their heritage and style each were. Some will I'm shure miss some body and fruit in this vintage, but have a more carefull look at the flavours, they are so seductive and nuanced in this vintage. I do not think they are for the long haul, but they will give great pleasure over the next twenty years, maybe more, just look at the 78's and 79's now, many of them are in the leaner, but very layerd style....and this is probably way better than those with today's winemaking knowledge.

2007 Chateau Mouton Rothschild;
Deep ruby, bright ruby rim, green peppers, leather, blackberries, tobacco, complex and seductive. Great mouthfeel, mouthwatering, balanced, tannins are ripe, fruit is flattering and again this layered feel, very elegant and a fantastic length. 91

07 Lafite Rothschild

2007 Chateau Lafite Rothschild;
Deep ruby, bright ruby rim, blackcurrants, cigars, leather, such elegance, vanilla, almost ceadry touch, seductive allready, very complex and layered. Fantastic mouthfeel, mouthwatering, ripe tannins, so elegant and complex, with the almost transparent layers n the palate as well, sheets of flavours, fantastic long length. As with the Margaux of this vintage, those seeking blockbusters, look somewhere else, here is only pure elegance. 92

07 Chateau Margaux

2007 Chateau Margaux;
Bright ruby, floral, crisp and elegant, red berries, black currants, touch of vanilla, increadible balance, complex and leyerd, even if a bit lean, but that only helps to see all the elegant nuances of this one, silky texture, pure elegance, long, lingering, fantastic length. I'm quite shure some will long for more body and fruit, but they will miss out on the pure beauty of flavours. 91

07 Chateau Latour

2007 Chateau Latour;
Deep ruby, ruby rim, kind of a heavier and more spicy Pauillac style, surprisingly for the vintage, but shows the house style and typicity very well, deeper fruit, leather and blackcurrants. Fantastic structure, fresh, even mouthwatering, complex, ripe, good tannin grip, fantastic length, last's and last.....This will develop nicely in my book. 92

05 Giscours

2005 Chateau Giscours;
Ruby with ruby rim, dark fruit, touch of plums and blueberries, floral notes, chocolate and coffeebeans, cassis and vanilla. Fresh acidity, high of ripe tannins, oak needs time still, very young, very long finish. 90

05 Lafon Meursault

2005 Comte Lafon Meursault;
Pale lemon yellow, smokey, lemony, very mineral, complex, butter and nuts. Fantastic freshness and minerality, apples, fantastic balance, complex, elegant for a Meursault, very long length. 90


2004 Gini Salvarenza Vecchie Vigne, Soave;
Bright lemon yellow, tropical, honey, water lemon, banana, lemon, apricots, good acidity, lots of sweet and tropical fruits, but very dry on the palate, some smokey notes inthe finish. 81


2004 Comte Armand, Pommard, Clos des Epeneaux;
Deep ruby, garnet rim, earth and strawberries, rustic, but not too much for a Pommard, some wood polish and teak and autumn leaves in the forest. Ok acidity, ripe tannins, still quite mouthwatering even if the earthy tones tries to interrupt, good balance and elegance, very long length. 89


2009 Quenard, Chignin Vielles Vignes, Vin de Savoie;
Pale straw yellow, some smokey minerality, some lemon, slight tropical tone, grapefruit, fresh. Almost sweetish, like very overripe raspberries, low acidity, ok finish, not that complex, but different. 62


2008 Clos de L'Oratoire des Papes;
Bright ruby, red hue. Liquorice, some sweet overtones, alcohol touch, darker fruits. Sweet, good acidity, high of oak tannins on otherwise good fruit, if a bit on the sweet and extracted side, thin body, not impressed.....64

KLM twins

Flying KLM, I decided to rate the, to be honest, quite dredfull house wines.......or plane wines. Where is the flying winemaker the one time you actually would wan't one?

2009 Terra Andina, Valle Central Sauvignon Blanc- Chardonnay;
Pale straw yellow, some gooseberries, hints of cat's pie. Very low intensity, no complexity what so ever. Lean, ok acidity, simple, short and quite boring. 32

2008 Terra Andina, Valle Central Cabernet Sauvignon- Merlot;
Deep ruby, purple rim, sweet liquorice and cassis, strawberry jam and actually somespices, lean simple, ok acidity, some tannins, no length, not even refreshing....29

04 Barbi

2004 Barbi, Brunello di Montalcino;
Ruby with garnet rim, tobacco and liquorice, leather, quite closed, needed a lot of time to improve, coffee, kind of deep expression. Pleasant mouthfeel, good acidity, ripe tannins, quite refreshing, slightly rustic though, sour cherries, very long length. 88

05 Ovello, Produttori

2005 Produttori del Barbaresco, Ovello Riserva;
Ruby with garnet rim, tobacco, floral notes, liquorice, perfumed highnotes, hints of tar and roses beneath. Intense acidity, ripe tannins, structure not as intense as some, sour cherries, long but a bit lean length. 84
2007 Trembaly Chablis;
Pale straw yellow, crayfish, minerals, with tropical overtones, quite intence nose. Dry, medium acidity, flinty minerality, lobster and crab, not too complex but very long length. 78

2007 Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Kabinett Trocken;
Pale straw yellow, minerals, tropical touch, apples, pears, lychee, needed many hours to fully open in the bottle, the day after a slight petroleum touch. Lean, fresh acidity, cleansing, apples, pears and lime, very good balance, freshness and length. 81

What the f.....

2002 Antinori Solaia;
Deep ruby, ruby rim. Intence of sweet plums, jammy, chocolate and liquorice, very sweet, didn't dry up even after days of being open. Medium acidity, medium tannins and oak tannins, woody notes and dry finish because of it, high alcohol that ads to the sweetness, even so a bit rustic. Not well balanced, and I can't understand that the label says 13% alcohol when the wine feels this sweet and alcoholic. This is the by far worst Solaia I have had....81

98 Cos

1998 Chateau Cos d'Estournel;
Ruby with garnet rim, slightly farmyardy first, later blackcurrants and cigars, a much better expession, but not too complex. Medium acidity, ripe tannins, not too much expression, plums and woody highnotes, some cedar with even more air, a fresher and leaner style Cos, that I enjoy, even if it lacks some complexity and length for a second growth, at least at this stage......88

05 Phelps

2005 Joseph Phelps, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon;
Deep ruby with ruby rim, paprika, some herbal notes over coffee, blackcurrants and a touch of leather, extremelly young, almost barrel sample. Medium acidity, ripe tannins, good balance, some alcohol sweetness, very long length. 87

Friday, 7 May 2010

01 Riscal Reserva

2001 Marques de Riscal Reserva;
Deep ruby with garnet rim, blueberries, liquorice, some vanilla and oak, floral highnotes, violets. Medium minus acidity, even so quite mouthwatering, low and ripe tannins, good balance, not too long, the nose promised more.....but then, after 20 minutes or so, all oak dissapears, prunes turn into plums, fresher and much better length. 88

Different language

2005 Felettig Chambolle-Musigny, 1er Cru-Les Charmes;
Bright ruby, vanilla and strawberries, wood, some earthy notes and a touch of leaves, even jam. Fresh acidity, and fruity style, cleans palate well, some vanilla shines through to the aftertaste, some oak tannins, needs time. 84

2004 Gianfranco Alessandria, Barolo;
Deep ruby, garnet rim. Intence of tobacco, tar, roses, liquorice, needs air to open, later floral touch and blueberries and black tea. Massive acidiy, high and ripe tannins, some woody high notes, very long finish. 87

05 Andrew Will

2005 Andrew Will, Horse heaven Hills, Champoux Vineyard;
Deep ruby with ruby rim, dark plums, chocolate, slightly jammy, vanilla and very complex. Fresh acidity, good balance and structure, very elegant and lively and good intensity on the fruit, ripe tannins, very long finish. Ad easily another ten years to this one. 90

2000 La Lagune

2000 Chateau La Lagune;
(magnum) Dark ruby with garnet rim. Maturing nose of tobacco, prunes, blackcurrants, touch of coffee and leather touch. Good acidity, ripe tannins, quite evolved to be honest, good balance, and a pleasure now, but slightly hollow mid palate though, but then a good length. 83

Gimonnet Oenophile

2000 Pierre Gimonnet, Premier Cru, Extra Brut Oenophile;
Bright pale lemon yellow, elegant bubbles, brioch, yeast, lime, minerals, medium intensity and tades that for elegance. Fresh acidity, creamy, some bitter touches in the finish, good balance, very persistant, still youthfull. 88

The blancs of Chevalier

2009 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc;
(Barrel sample) Pale lemon yellow, so closed, but the body reveals a superb elegance, acidity in perfect balance with the body and fruit, the fruit I detect, and an aftertaste of pure lemon and minerality, I look forward to tasting this some years ahead......now 94-96

2008 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc;
(Barrel sample) Pale lemon yellow, mineral, lime, apple, peachy hint, complex, seductive and super elegant. The balance again is superb, minerals even more flinty on the palate, flirts increadibly, and a great finish. 93-95

2007 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc;
Pale lemon yellow, dear God!. Minerals, smokey, flinty overtones and droplets of lemon and pear, with overtones of honey, such complexity, intensity and elegance. Such pureness in a way....think the fourth movement in Mahler's fifth symphony, beautifull acidity, lively and mouthwatering, great balance, concentration, some tropical overtones and gorgeous length. Legend in the making? 95

Visit at Domaine de Chevalier

2009 Domaine de Chevalier;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, ruby rim, spicy, mineral, dark plums, some cassis and pine forest. Fresh and lively, such elegance, beautifull texture, ripe tannins, even if many, so elegantly done, very good length. 89-91

2008 Domaine de Chevalier;
(Barrel sample) Ruby red, so closed it is almost impossible to detect anything, some dark fruits and vanilla lurking underneath. Fresh, lively acidity and texture, elegant and you feel a great texture underneath......87-89

2007 Domaine de Chevalier;
Ruby red, fresh nose, some herbal overtones, blackcurrants, touch of pines and vanilla, fresh acidity, soft and ripe tannins, a pleasure allready, a bit on the lean side, but lively and elegant, good length. 86

They were sulfuring the casks the day of the visit, and it blurred my head and nose, so if anything, all the wines should prove even better than my notes.

09 Chateau Lespault Martillac Rouge & Blanc

2009 Chateau Lespault-Martillac Rouge;
(barrel sample) Ruby red with thin purple rim. Spicy, mineral and dark fruits of cassis and plums. Great structure, complex, lively, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, refreshing in a way, balanced, very good length. 85-87

2009 Chateau Lespault-Martillac Blanc;
(barrel sample) Pale lemon yelow, fresh, lively, lemony and mineral. Refreshing acidity, quite increadible actually, great minerality, super elegance, lovely, pure and ambitious, never tasted this estate before, but great things happening under Domaine de Chevalier's management. 86-88