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Sunday, 1 May 2011

1902-1907? Château Kirwan

1902-1907? Château Kirwan;
Gorgeous bright ruby, brick rim. Fill 1 cm below neck, leather and visteria highnotes, rotten wood. Good acidity, OK texture, tannins gone, minerals, not very long, ads body and texture, long and lean. Still impressive considering the likely age of the wine. 88

Bottle is marked Schröder & Schÿler, Ancne Propriete de la Ville de Bordeaux, Cantenac-Margaux. There is no vintage stated on the cork either, but the cork is not in the best condition, but gaux of possible Margaux is possible to read. The estate was given to the city of Bordeaux when Camille Godard (former Mayor of Bordeaux) died childless in 1881.

In 1902 Oscar Shÿler, contracted with the city of Bordeaux for the exclusive distribution rights to the wines of Kirwan. In 1907 the city sold the estate in an auction to Daniel and Georges Guestier. It's a bit strange maybe that S&S did not buy it at this point, but they bought it in 1926.

So, with this information, it seemed likely to me that this bottle could be from the time when Kirwan was still under Bordeaux' ownership, and after S&S got the full distribution, so 1902-1907. I contacted Château Kirwan to ask if they had any idea, and the response from Nathalie Schÿler is that she agrees with my views and findings. The bottle was glued.

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