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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Monsanto flight

2010 Monsanto Chianti Monrosso
Ruby. Red berries, some anise, slight herbal touch nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fruity, fresh, blueberries, good length. 86

2010 Monsanto Chianti Classico
Ruby. Red berries, some blueberries, licquorice, fruity nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fresh and fruity, slight rosemary note, blueberries finish, good length. 88

2010 Monsanto Chianti Classico Riserva
Ruby. Red and darker berries, anise, some vanilla and spices, some thyme and a touch of hung meat in the back. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fresh palate, somewhat textured, long. 90

2007 Monsanto Chianti Classico Riserva Il Poggio
Ruby, thin garnet rim. Fresh nose, liquorice, some figs, blueberries and morellos nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fruity, textured, some vanilla. Needs some ageing to hone down. Long. 92

1995 Monsanto Vinsanto La Chimera
Bright orange. Rich nose, nuts, spices, dried apricots and raisins nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, fresh, lively, playful, some caramel notes and pineapples, playful. Long. 93

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