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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

White R&W May news, Duplessis and more

Legras Champgane Cuvée Hommage
Pale lemon yellow, small bubbles. Yeasty, minerals, unripe apples and pears nose. Fresh acidity, fuller mousse, fruity, quite intense, slightly bitter, fresh, fruity, long. 90

2009 Albert Bichot Long-Depaquit Chablis Grand Cru Vaudesir
Pale lemon yellow. Butter, nuts, minerals, almost creamy nose. Freshish acidity, fruity, rounded, some minerals, fruity, butter finish. 89

2009 Duplessis Chablis 1er Cru Vaugiraut
Pale lemon yello, green tinge. Apples, cool nose, minerals and chalk nose. Freshish acidity, fruity, rounded, fairly elegant, probably helped by the vintage, fairly smooth. 89

2009 Duplessis Chablis 1er Cru Montée de Tonnerre
(Magnum) Towards lemon yellow. Floral, citrus, minerals, elegant nose, subdued. Freshish acidity, minerals, pears, lemons, vanilla and spices, flinty finish. Long. 91

2009 Duplessis Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons
Towards lemon yellow. Apples, richer flint, chalk, some almonds and slight caramelized butter nose. Freshish acidity, rounded, fruity, quite lively, detailed, buter and citrus, almost savory finish, long. 90

2012 Leflaive & Associes Bourgogne blanc
Pale lemon yellow. Flinty, smoky, minerals and apples nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, fresh, less barrel notes on the palate, refreshing. 87

2012 Castel Tiefenbrunner Chardonnay Trumhof
Towards golden. Some yellow apples and plums on the nose. Freshish acidoty, richer and fairly rounded body, bit soapy finish. 86

2012 Castel Tiefenbrunner Sauvignon Kirchleiten
Pale lemon yellow. Fresh nose, some citrus and gooseberries. Freshish acidity, fruity, rounded, slight honeyed finish. 85

2013 Solar das Boucas Solar das Boucas
Pale lemon yellow. Apples, fruity, light, slightly floral nose. Fresh acidity, bit lean, sligjtly metallic, light, fresh finish. 85

2012 Waterkloof False Bay Chenin Blanc
Pale lemon yellow. Rich and honeyed nose. Wax. Freshish acidity, rounded, waxy texture, slightly sweet finish. 82

2013 Waterkloof False Bay Chardonnay
Pale lemon yellow. Somewhat ripe yellow fruits nosefresh acidity, fresh, leaner, fairly rounded, easy going. 83

2013 Waterkloof False Bay Sauvignon Blanc
Pale lemon yellow. Gooseberries, touch of cats pie and nettles. Fresh acidity, fruity, rounded, easy. 83

2013 Waterkloof Peacock Ridge Sauvignon Blanc
Pale lemon yellow. Apples, fruity, some ripe gooseberries. Freshish acidity, fruity, rounded, slight bitter touch far back, good length. 86

2013 Hoopenburg Sauvignon Blanc
Pale lemon yellow. Apples, herbs, fresh nose. Fresh acidity, rounded, fruity, bit sweet fruity. 85

2012 Waterkloof Circle of Life White
Pale lemon yellow. Some apples, vanilla and spices nose. Fresh acidity, fruity and rounded, bit anonymous but fresh. 85

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