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Friday, 16 May 2014

Bellavista in new colours

Bellavista Alma Cuvée Brut
Pale lemon yellow, small bubbles. Apples, light yellow plums note, some yeast and brioche notes. Fresh acidity, rounded mousse and texture, creamy, some yellow fruits, rounded palate, good length. 88

2009 Bellavista Satén
Pale lemon yellow, small bubbles. Apples, yeast, minerals, some layers, ever so slight nutty and butter note nose. Fresh acidity, elegant mousse, creamy with more nuances on the texture, long if slightly lean finish.89

2008 Franciacorta Brut Gran Cuvée
Pale lemon yellow, small bubbles. Light apples note over more intense yeast, brioche, minerals, light floral high note with air. Fresh acidity, elegant mousse, some yellow fruits, smooth texture, fresh and elegant, fruity finish. 90

2008 Bellavista Rosé
Pale salmon pink, small bubbles. Light strawberries note, apples and some brioche nose, brioche. Fresh acidity, rounded mousse, fresh and nuanced, fairly delicate, lighter body, good length. 89

2007 Bellavista Pas Operé
Pale lemon yellow, small bubbles. Minerals, yeast, apple core and pears nose. Almost flinty note. Fresh acidity, elegant mousse, fresh, fairly nuanced, slight bitter note, creamy texture, long. 90

2006 Bellavista Vittorio Moretti
Pale lemon yellow, small apples. Yeast, apples, minerals, focused, narrower nose, slight plums touch. Fresh acidity, lively mousse, refreshing and mouthwatering, pears finish, long. 92

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