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Monday, 12 May 2014

Superb range of Vinho Verdes from Aphros

A for me new Vinho Verde producer. These wines set a new benchmark for what can be made in the region. Light and transparent wines, but detailed and delicate, very nuanced. The Coche-Dury of Vinho Verde?

2011 Aphros Pan Sparkling
Pale lemon hellow, small bubbles. Light apples and lime nose, transparent. Fresh acidity, light and elegant mousse, fresh and detailed, easy going but never boring, delicate. 87

2012 Aphros Ten
Pale lemon yellow. Fresh citrus nose, orange blossoms, delicate and detailed. Fresh acidity and juicy palate, again citrus, delicate and lovely, good length. 88

2013 Aphros Loureiro
Pale lemon yellow. Citrus, fresh green applesa nd floral nose, detailed. Fresh acidity, rounded texture, water melons, slight bitter note, good length. 88

2009 Afros Loureiro
Towards lemon yellow. Apples, almost petroleum note, like ageing riesling on the nose. Fresh acidity, lively, apply, slight apple core bitterness, rounded and elegant texture, good length. 89

2011 Aphros Daphne
Pale lemon yellow. Apples, orange blossoms, light citrus note, delicate and detailed. Fresh aciditu, pears, honey melon and light minerality, transparent and delicate, good length. 90

2012 Aphros Aether
2030 bottles made. Pale lemon yellow. Transparent, detailed and nuanced nose, roses, orange zest, delicate. Fresh acidity, lively,mtransparent, elegant and refined, good length. 90

2012 Aphros Vinhão
Ruby. Light and delicate red berries and slightly floral nose. Frsh acidity, ripe tannins, rounded and fruity for red Vinho Verde, elegant, delicate and fresh. Good length. 89

2009 Afros Vinhão
Ruby. Slightly fuller nose of red berries and a few blueberries, little development. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, somewhat fuller bodied than the 2012 but lacks some of the charming details, good length. 88

2006 Aphros Yakkos Grande Reserve
Ruby, small bubbles. Dark berries, red currants touch and raspberries nose. Fresh acidity, elegant mousse, detailed and fruity, fresh and lively, good length. 88

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