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Thursday, 26 June 2014

One 83 Riesling and two 1974 Muscat's from Alsace

1983 Kuentz Bas Riesling
Pale golden. Spicy nose, apple cake, cinamon, detailed if lighter nose. Fresh acidity, apples, fruity, fresh and elegant, lively, bit lean finish. 88

1974 Kuehn Muscat
Pale golden. A fairly oxidized note that blew away after ten minutes leaving some apples and spices on the nose. Medium acidity, ripe note, bit lean, mature and drying, hanging on with it's bare life. 84

1974 Preiss-Henny Muscat
Pale golden. Anise, peach, candied pears and cinamon nose. Freshish acidity, ripe, fruity, bit sweet. Leaner, some dried apricots, good length. 87

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