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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

1979 Veuve Clicquot and Henriot 79, 96 and 96 Enchanteleurs

1979 Veuve Clicquot Brut Vintage Carte d'Or:

Pale bright amber with golden hue, tiny bubbles. Nuts, oxidized notes, mature nose, earthy nose. Fresh acidity, elegant and leanish mousse, fresher palate, some dried fruits and oxidized apples, good length. Tiering if not fully tired bottle, coffee finish. Dying off in the glass. 84 at best.VP

1979 Henriot Brut Millésime Vinotheque:
Deep golden, tiny bubbles. Burnt bread, some yast, caramelized apples and coffee notes on the nose. Fresh acidity, elegant mousse, creamy texture, lovely balance, smooth and almost silky, if not that complex, charming more than interesting. Tiering a bit to quickly in the glass. 87 at its very best. München

1996 Henriot Brut Millésime:
(Magnum) Pale golden, tiny bubbles. Yeast, freshly baked bread, gingerbread, minerals beneath, apples touch nose. Fresh acidity, rounded mousse but quite intense first and the more delicate. Elegant body and texture, fairly fresh, elegant balance, long finish. 90

1996 Henriot Cuvée des Enchanteleurs:
Pale golden, tiny bubbles. Apples, yeasty, some chalk, tighter nose. Fresh acidity, elegant mousse, almost a bit tender, rounded, almost creamy texture, long if a bit lean. 92

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  1. Nice notes.
    The 79 Henriot was bought at Vinmonopolet.



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