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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Five from Peter Michael

2009 Peter Michael Chardonnay Knights Valley La Carrière:
Towards lemon yellow. Apples, fruity, vanilla, oaky, some popcorn, ever so slightly floral on top. Freshish acidity, then vanilla, velvety vanilla palate, rounded vanilla and at the end, alcoholic finish, warm. One of the ladies at the table loved this barrel extravaganza. 87

2011 Peter Michael Pinot Noir Fort Ross- Seaview Ma Danseuse:
Ruby. Fruity, red berries, bit sweet nose, slightly spicy. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, rounded and again bit vanilla influenced, ripe, fruity, and velvety. Why all the barrels? 88

2011 Peter Michael Sauvignon Blanc Knights Valley L'Après-Midi:
Towas lemon yellow. Gooseberries, yellow fruits, quite intense, vanilla background. Fairly fresh acidity and pretty soon the alcohol shines through and creates unbalance. Warm and yellow fruity, ripe. 87

2007 Peter Michael Les Pavots Knights Valley:
Almost black with red rim. Ripe, fruity, sweet, alcoholic, intense, some Port's smell less sweet. And this is served very cool! Medium avidity, high of ripeish tannins, some herbal notes, grippy, unbalanced, alcoholic. I'm really not impressed. Vulgar and tries to rape the palate. Sir Peter Michael himself is quite the oposite, a funny, charming and articulate man, he seems far more nuanced than his wines. 84

2011 Peter Michael Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville Au Paradis:
Deep ruby, red rim. Some herbs, dark berries, vanilla and toasty nose, barrels. Freshish acidity, ripe tannins, alcoholic and unbalanced, massive, rich, how can people say that these wines are great? Have they lost their palate? Thank God I had some Champagne to rinse tha palate. And everyone at the table were not able to finish these glasses. Not released yet, but cannot remember to ever have tasted such unbalance in a barrelsample from Bordeaux. 86

After tasting these it's terrible how long the burnt toast from the oak, the warmth of the alcohol and the slight unripe roughness lingers on in the mouth. James Laube calling these wines gracefull? What was he smoking?

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