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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

78 Gruaud Larose

1978 Château Gruaud Larose;
Ruby, thin orange rim, B level fill, some sediments. Fresh blackcurrants, cool fruit, some green paprika, very fresh and youthfull, some earth and hung game with air, but even so, it feels even fresher somehow, tobacco. Refreshing acidity, ripe tannins, great balance, cigars, good fruit, tannins still grips, long finish. 88

64 Conterno

1964 Aldo Conterno, Barolo Monforte Perno;
Bright garnet, some sediments, A level fill. Anis, tar, mahogany and lacquer, sour cherries, even unripe strawberries and raspberries. Fresh acidity, mouthwatering, ripe tannins, building a wall, complex, refreshin for it's age, fantastic finish. 94

88 Meo

1988 Meo Camuzet, Vosne Romanée;
Ruby with garnet rim, strawberries, vanilla and spices. Fresh, good acidity, some ripe tannins, mouthwatering, vanilla and too much oak ruins the beautifull fruit, youthfull still, only the colour giving hint of the age. 87

71 Giacosa

1971 Bruno Giacosa, Montefico Barbaresco; (Riserva, stated on cork only, white label)
Bttl 7611 A level fill, cork soaked. Very bright ruby, towards orange rim, leaps out of the glass, with floral notes, anis, coffee, leather, some overtones of iodine. Very high acidity, heavy but ripe tannins, cherries, raspberries, transparent and layered, long finish, slightly hollow. Bottle open for five hours. 92

75 Mouton Rothschild

1975 Château Mouton Rothschild;
Soaked cork, A/B level fill. Ruby, brick rim, not dull, not bright, lot of fine sediments. Leather, cassis, blackcurrants, very seductive nose, intense and complex, prunes, touch of bondfire and dust, anis. Good texture and structure, ok acidity, not to high, but do the job, tannins ripe, still grips, some metallic tones comes and goes, redcurrants, very complex, always something happening, better than expected, sour cherries, stable, fantastic length. 94+

06 Quintarelli

2006 Quintarelli Bianco Secco;
Pale lemon yellow, nose towards Grüner, kind of sweetish touch, ripe, not very complex. Feels more like a good Soave in the mouth, like Pieropans Calvarinho with less minerals, some green touch, ok acidity. (Served blind) 79


1949er Kempinski & Co, Alsheimer Sonnenberg, Riesling-Sylvaner Spätlese;
A label reading Riesling Sylvaner means Müller Thurgau! At 60 years of age! Most aren't drinkable when young even. Bright amber, B lebel fill, caramel, minerals, candid apples, some botrytis, touch of nuts and raisins, no petroleum. Dry, fresh acidity, a bit lean and hollow, brown, and way overripe apples, almost rotten. This is way beyond any expectations, old, very mature, but alive and kicking. Good length. 84

04 Plantiers

2004 Les Plantiers du Haut-Brion;
(2nd Haut-Brion Blanc) Pale lemon yellow, honney, oxidized apples, slight volatile touch, nuts and butter, some vanilla, minerals and flint. Fresh, lively acidity, great balance, hazelnuts, a bit lean, long length. 88

02 Cristal

2002 Roederer Cristal;
Pale straw yellow, very small bubbles, touch of toast, minerals, plaster, lemon, ripe apples, complex. Finally starting to open and show some character, elegant, great balance, complex underneath, still secretive, very long finish, lasts a long time, keep for another 5-10 years. 92 for now, will get better.

07 Raveneau Chablis

2007 Raveneau Chablis;
Pale straw yellow, some floral notes, kind of flabby honneyed nose, a bit hard to descipher. Fresh and good minerality in the mouth, elegant even, good acidity, flinty, lemon and slightly bitter finish, slightly fat, needs some time to adjust the oak. 87

Sunday, 11 July 2010

1918 Léoville Poyferré

1918 Château Léoville Poyferré;
B level fill! Clear, Bright, towards deep ruby, orange rim. Has some VA, figs, prunes, raisins, very old, but very alive. Lots of acidity, still tannins, a bit dry, tar and roses, very old Barolo in the mouth, with more air (about 10 minutes) more chocolate, more intensity, morellos, coffee, fruit cake, dark and white chocolate, tannins feel softer with the more pronounced fruit, medium minus and ripe, acidity feels softer too, many minutes of aftertaste, a beauty! 96

I found this note while looking through one of my older tastingnote books. This note is from around 2005, and is still the oldest light wine I've tasted. (Fortified, 1795) And it was superb! Thanks to Arne Ronold MW for serving this.

85 Ausone

1985 Château Ausone;
A level fill. Bright ruby, garnet rim. Youthfull nose, black- and blueberries, some vanilla, cigars, touch of herbs and spices, very clean and pure, good acidity, ripe and maturing tannins, very elegant, but could be, and really should be more complex, more intense and have longer finish. A very good wine, but not an impressive Ausone! 90

92 Dalla Valle

1992 Dalla Valle, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon;
Dark ruby, garnet rim., Some hint of paprika over cassis, coffee, cigars, blackberries, even touch of cedar, very complex and balanced. Good acidity, ripe tannins, maturing beautifully, elegant, seems younger somehow, very long length. 93

99 Carruades

1999 Carruades de Lafite;
2nd Ch.Lafite Rothschild. Clear, deep ruby, garnet rim. Closed, developing nicely, some cigars, cassis, bellpeppers, some vanilla, cedar. Good acidity, ripe tannins, good intensity, balanced, nice texture, blackberries, long length. 88

01 Latour Figeac

2001 Château Latour Figeac;
Deep ruby, thin garnet rim. Bell peppers and cigarbox, cedar, blueberries and darker fruits. Good balance, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, slightly green and herbal finish, velvety texture, long length. 85

96 Comtes de Champagne Rosé

1996 Taittinger, Comtes de Champagne, Rosé;
Pale salmon pink, minerals, some red berries, apples, not as fruity as some rosé Champagnes. Very refined, perfect balance, great acidity, beautifull structure and mousse, very elegant, så seductive, fantastic length, one, if not the best rosé champagne I've tasted. 97

98 Grange

1998 Penfolds Grange;
Deep ruby, lots of sediments. Pronounced nose, very intense, anis, wallnuts, vanilla, leather, cedar, spices, dakr berries. High acidity and high of rope tannins, very complex, very youthfull, perfect balance, and you don't even notice the 14,5 alcohol, very long finish. 98

Saturday, 10 July 2010

99 Yquem

1999 Chateau d'Yquem;
Golden, apricots, peach, botrytis, tropical fruits and bisquits. Clean and fresh acidity, great balance, fresh fruits, very complex, elegant, great texture, extremelly long finish, keep a long time! 95

93 Pichon Baron

1993 Château Pichon Longueville Baron;
Dark ruby, garnet rim, blackcurrants, cigars, cedar, elegant, lacks a bit of structure and complexity, good length. A simpler Baron. 86

83 Mouton

1983 Château Mouton Rothschild;
A level fill. Bright ruby with garnet rim, blackcurrants, leather, anis, cigars, cedar, very elegant and complex, great structure, nice, almost velvety texture, fresh acidity, maturing tannins, great and long finish, a very good 83! 93

84 Mouton

1984 Château Mouton Rothschild;
A level fill. Garnet, hint of mahogany rim, very developed nose, cedar, tobacco, cassis, well balanced, if lean, very mature, good acidity, tannins almost gone, drinking way better than expected, elegant and nuanced, even if not too complex. 86

93 Mouton

1993 Château Mouton Rothschild;
Ruby, with garnet rim. More open than the 94, more mature, quite at peak now, will last another five years, but will not get better, coffee, anis, black tea, prunes and cassis, good length, complex and layered, if slightly lean. 89

94 Mouton

1994 Château Mouton Rothschild;
Ruby with garnet rim, clean, a bit closed first, great if a bit lean Pauillac, great acidity, ripe tannins, starting to mature, drinking very nicely now, and a another five, maybe ten years, blackcurrants, leather, some prunes, long, elegant finish. 92

00 Figeac

2000 Château Figeac;
Ruby, cherries, touch of paprika and herbs, blackcurrants, blueberries, leather, developing beautifully. Good acidity, ripe tannins, vanilla, anis, great texture and balance, long finish. Keep another ten- 15 years. 93

03 Gazin

2003 Château Gazin;
Ruby, tobacco, prunes, leather, complex, good acidity, ripe tannins, velvety texture, clean and elegant, fresh, balanced, very elegant, in this kind of layered and super elegant Gazin style, long length. 93

03 Angelus

2003 Château Angelus;
Ruby, plums, prunes, blackberries, some leather, sweet tobacco, vanilla. Good acidity, fresh and lively feel, ripe tannins, elegant, complex, grippy tannins, even so texture like silk. Very long finish. 93

Lesser wines

Many probably ask themselves, does this guy ever taste lesser wines?

Yes I do, but I do not have the time to put them in here. The blog is something like the top 15-20% of what I taste, and it still takes a lot of my time, writing all the notes. But I will put in a few ones from a recent Sauternes tasting, just so you see that it is not all glory and halleluja.

2001 Caillou, golden, quite big nose, good acidity, and quite fresh, but bitter and short finish. I gave it 85. In a vintage like that, this is not impressive.....still, at 85, its a good wine. Then a Piada 2005 from Barsac, sweet, ok acidity, simple, fresh, short finish, 62, still decent, but you wan't a bit more.

Now, for the worst part, to vineyards close to Climens. 03 Simon, sweet, simple, some canned mushrooms, no acidity to balance, some tropical fruits. 42. Then 05 Liot, simple, boring, nothing sticks out, no complexity, simple, easy, well.... boring. 49

So, its not only great stuff tasted, lots of good wines, that are great for the price, but also a lot of normal everyday wines, and those worse than that, those awfull commercial things that people for some reason feel the need to get into their body. When a bottle of wine gets close to a bottle of milk (that I would guess would be something like 1,3€), or even worse, bottled water!, alarm bells should be ringing! It takes many months, maybe a year to make a wine, of any quality, if you did the job, how much effort would you put into it at 3€ in the shop? That would probably mean half the price from the producer.

Life is to short for bland and simple wines!

02 La Tour Blanche

2002 Château La Tour Blanche;
Golden, apricots, lemon, pineapples, very fresh and pure fruit, very fresh acidity, lovely berry and fruitiness, great balance, could have more botrytis and intensity, but I also think it wins out beeing this elegant and refreshing. Very good length. 92

85 Chevalier Blanc, impressive demi bottle!

1985 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc;
(Demi) A/B level fill, lemon yellow, lemon, smoke, nuts, complex and youthfull, think Mersault 2002. Fresh acidity, heavy minerality, smokey, flinty, great structure, complex, incredibly long finish, lasts for minutes. 94

95 SHL Blanc

1995 Château Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc;
Lemon yellow, smoke, lemon, minerals, apples. Fresh, good acidity, very lemon minerality in the mouth, then some sweet, ripe yellow plums, fresh and fruity finish. 87

96 SHL Blanc

1996 Château Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc;
Golden, very closed nose, some smokey minerals, lemons. Fresh acidity, lots of nuts, some oak, again this feeling that the oak has stolen the fruit away, very lemony finish. 77

99 SHL Blanc

1999 Château Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc;
Deep lemon, smokey minerals, flint, some apples and lemon on top. Good acidity, too much oak has killed of otherwise excellent fruit, otherwise balanced, long finish. 82

96 L'Esprit de Chevalier Blanc

1996 L'Esprit de Chevalier Blanc;
(2nd Domaine de Chevalier) Lemon yellow, minerals, apply lemon touch. Fresh, apple peal bitterness, smokey, good acidity, complex for a 2nd label, good balance and length. 78

95 Aile d'Argent

1995 Aile d'Argent;
(White of Mouton) Deep lemon, some vanilla, lemon, apples, touch of nuts behind. Very soft texture, acidity could be better, the oak overpowering the fruit. A bit short. 58

A second bottle, same fill (A level), bought in the same store, more power, more minerals, heavier, better acidity, still short. 65

04 Pontet-Canet

2004 Château Pontet-Canet;
Ruby, blackcurrants, leather touch, anis, hint of vanilla, blackberries, complex and young. Fresh acidity, high of ripe tannins, touch of cherries, anis, great texture and structure, typical Pauillac, very long finish. Somehow a bit more evolved on the palate. Keep another 15 years. 92

02 Lagrange

2002 Château Lagrange;
Ruby, blackcurrants, starting to evolve, touch of leather, tobacco, tea. Good acidity, high tannins, slightly rustic feel (petit verdot tannins), very good length. 87

06 Beychevelle

2006 Château Beychevelle;
Ruby, elegant, racy blackcurrants, dark berries, even floral touch behind. Fresh acidity, high of ripe tannins, soft texture but good structure, good balance, complex, very long finish. 90

06 Dönnhoff BA

2006 Dönnhoff, Niederhäuser Hermannshöle, Riesling Beerenauslese;
Golden, pineapples, peach, pears, apples, pure, minerals and citrus. Fresh, great acidity, elegant, very refreshing, elegant, acidity cleans very well, very long finish. Short note, beautifull wine! 94

06 Von Schubert BA

2006 Von Schubert, Maximin Grünhaus, Abtsberg, Riesling Beerenauslese;
Golden, towards amber, pure nectar, tropical, lemon, apple, pineapple, minerals, intense. Increadibly fresh, pure and elegant, perfect acidity, balanced, beautifull, very long finish. 95

1958 Gaja Barbaresco

1958 Gaja Barbaresco;
A level fill, perfect cork. Leather, intense, almost leaping out of the glass, not as expressive as the 61, but more nuanced, has another dimention about it, tar, roses, tobacco, pure, refined, black tea, ads more for every sip and smell. Fresh, high acidity, very ripe of high tannins, pure and increadibly refined and complex. Very similar to the 61, one would almost expect them to just be bottle differences of the same vintage, very pure, amazing finish and gorgeous length. But the 58 has a little more nuance and facetts about it. 98

61 Gaja Barbaresco

1961 Gaja Barbaresco;
A/B level fill, perfect cork. Garnet with broad brick rim. Leaps out of the glass, liquorice, roses, tar, leather, very complex, touch of coffee beans. Very fresh acidity, ripe tannins, lively fruit, vey pure, great balance, fantastic mature texture, stable, hardwood, increadible long length. Fantastic wine. 97

My twin Müller spätlese

1979 Egon Müller, Scharzhofberger Riesling Spätlese;
AP 17 80, A level fill, lemon golden colour. Apricots, apples, minerals, lemon, slight dusty touch. Fresh acidity, pure, ripe, balances sweetness perfectly, sweet strawberries, extremelly delicat and elegant, feminine, very long length. 94

89 Lynch Bages

1989 Château Lynch Bages;
Ruby, garnet rim. Leather, cedar, pencil, blackcurrants, touch of bell peppers, extremely complex. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, maturing nicely, even if a bit mature for a 89, very intense, very Pauillac. Long length. 94

1975 Biondi-Santi Riserva

1975 Biondi-Santi, Brunello di Montalcino Riserva;
B level fill, bright garnet, brick rim. Violets, fresh anis, leather, cherries, strawberries. Perfect balance, lively acidity, ripe and high tannins, extremelly complex, chocolate, truffles, so intense, gorgeous, perfection, and this very curious touch like a riesling BA's tropical touch, and minutes of aftertaste, closer to ten minutes actually. The nuances in this wine is beyond description, their so subtle, so discreet and comes in many waves of new flavours, almost youthfull, kan keep 40 more years. 99

99 Vigna Rionda

1999 Massolino Barolo Vigna Rionda;
Ruby, leather, tar, roses, herbs, spices, a touch volatile. High acidity, ripe tannins, some alcohol shows through, ripe plums, long length. 88

67 Barbaresco

1967 Mascarello Guiseppe é Figlio, Barbaresco;
Pale, clear brick. Floral, roses, jasmin, leather, anis, leaps out of the glass, tar, leather, pure nebbiolo, so intense and complex. High acidity, ripe tannins, just starting to let go, great texture, fruit holds well, very long finish. 94

61 Gattinara

1961 Mario Antoniolo, Gattinara;
Brick, intense, roses, anis, some metallic and iodine, fresh vanilla (not oak), forest floor, chanterells. High acidity, medium tannins, a bit lean mid palate, very long length. Perfect a few years ago. 91

94 Beychevelle

1994 Château Beychevelle;
Ruby with garnet rim. Tobacco, leather, anis, morellos, cassis, complex, perfect maturation now. Fresh, good acidity, mature tannins, plums, cherries, very elegant, a beauty, good length. 88

95 Lafite

1995 Château Lafite Rothschild;
Ruby, amazing complexity, cedar, leather, blackcurrants, so seductive. Fresh acidity, ripe and high tannins, perfect balance, complex, intense and elegant, amazing how delicious and youthfull it is, its just starting to evolve slightly, increadible length. Keep 20 years. 95

04 Doisy-Däene

2004 Château Doisy-Däene;
Lemon yellow, apricots, pineapple, vanilla, fresh, complex, very pure. Fresh and sweetness/ acidity balance near perfect, complex, elegant, refreshing, fruity, great texture, long length. 91

00 Montrose

2000 Château Montrose;
(Magnum) Deep ruby, garnet rim, vanilla, cassis, tobacco, cedar, very youthfull, darker fruits behind. Fresh acidity, high of ripe tannins, even if nothing like the 09 tannins, balanced, complex, great structure and texture, very long finish. Evolving perfectly, keep 15 years more in bottle. 94

00 La Lagune

2000 Château La Lagune;
(Magnum) Deep ruby, garnet rim. Maturing nicely, liquorice, prunes, very mature all ready. After 30 minutes in the glass, younger, fresher and more lively style, blackcurrants, violets, anis, touch of spices, leather and cigars. Good acidity, ripe tannins, well balanced, elegant, could be more complex, but long finish. 87

04 Rauzan-Ségla

2004 Château Rauzan-Ségla;
Ruby, blackcurrants, vanilla, cherries, tobacco, liquorice. Good acidity, ripe tannins, some bell peppers, good balance, complex, very refreshing texture, elegant finish and long length. 92

09 Bordeaux

So, how good are they?

Answer is, mostly extremelly good, at least in Medoc, Graves and Sauternes/Barsac. Some fantastic ones on the east bank as well, but some more heavy and extracted. I have not tasted all, but about 70 different wines in one really bussy week. Favorites is Ch. Margaux, Mouton, Latour, Las Cases, Léoville Barton and Montrose, at the top. Also La Mission and Haut-Brion are fantastic, even if huge in structure. Lascombe, Lagrange, La Lagune, Rauzan Ségla all was better than expected, I feared that the last would be huge and Cos like, and luckily it wasn't. The other three outperformed what I expected them to.

Brainaire Ducru made a really good wine, without the slightly green and rustic notes I tend to find at this estate, Beychevelle fresh as always, and what surprised me maybe the most was the really fantastic elegance of Saint-Juliens, but also in Latour. Comtesse de Lalande was very elegant as well.

Figeac stands out as one of my favorites on the east bank, of the few tasted, together with Tertre Roteboeuf. In Sauternes Barsac, Doisy-Däene has a beautifull, almost riesling like acidity, its so fresh and vibrant, La Tour Blanche, Lafaurie-Peyraguey also great together with Fargues. The wines of this vintage will outlive most of us, with the structure, acidity and fruit concentration, these are some of the best barrel samples I have ever tasted, Margaux, and Mouton probably are the best ones tasted. I just hope I can afford some!

09 Lascombes

2009 Château Lascombes;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, purple rim, cassis, vanilla, touch of floral, elegant, plums, blackberries, fresh acidity, very elegant ripe tannins, great structure, soft fruit and big, and still velvety tannin structure, good length. 91-93

09 Giscours

2009 Château Giscours;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, pink rim. Elegant, dark fruits, blackberries, vanilla touch, some coffee and leather. Very fresh acidity, refined, high of ripe tannins, complex, great balance, elegant and intense, very long length. 94-96

09 Du Tertre

2009 Château Du Tertre;
(Barrel sample) Ruby, fruity, elegant, fantastic nose, floral, even citrus, roses. Very elegant texture, and acidity, ripe tannins, layered, great balance and long finish. 91-93

09 Rauzan-Ségla

2009 Château Rauzan-Ségla;
(Barrel sample) Ruby, vanilla, cassis, leather, floral, roses and jasmin, fresh acidity, high of ripe tannins, beautifull texture and structure, very elegant, balanced and complex, blackberries, and fruit driven long finish. 95-97

09 Léoville Barton

2009 Château Léoville Barton;
(Barrel sample) Ruby, complex, elegant, blackcurrants, dark fruits, fresh acidity, high of ripe tannins, gorgeous elegance, finesse and balance, refined and pure, very long length. 95-97

09 Langoa Barton

2009 Château Langoa Barton;
(Barrel sample) Ruby, blackcurrants, some vanilla and leather, very elegant. Fresh acidity, pure, nice high tannins, great balance, good texture and very long finish. Pure. 90-92

09 Las Cases

2009 Château Léoville Las Cases;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, purple rim. Vanilla, chocolate, leather, blackcurrants, complex, secretive. Fresh acidity, high of ripe tannins, fantastic structure and texture, never ending and truly elegant 09, like the Latour, even if different expressions and true to their respective communes, it is very interesting that these two neighbours are both the two most elegant 09's I've tasted. 97-99

09 Clos du Marquis

2009 Clos du Marquis;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, purple rim, vanilla, dark berries, cassis, touch of spices, very fresh acidity, high of ripe tannins, very elegant, goes on and on, lots of new flavours comming in waves. Long finish. 92-94

09 Le Petit Lion

2009 Le Petit Lion;
(Barrel sample) 2nd Léoville Las Cases. Deep ruby, purple rim, pure fruit and elegant cassis, vanilla, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, very elegant and lively feel, not too complex, but playfull somehow. 83-85

09 Potensac

2009 Château Potensac;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, purple rim. More complexity, elegant vanilla, white chocolate, raspberries, touch of cassis, elegant structure, fresh acidity, high of ripe tannins, fruit driven and pure, good length. 87-89

09 Chapelle de Potensac

2009 Chapelle de Potensac;
(Barrel sample) 2nd Château Potensac. Ruby, pure, elegant, vanilla and blackberries. Good acidity, high of ripe tannins, good texture and balance, good length. 84-86

09 Nenin

2009 Château Nenin;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, purple rim, more vanilla, white chocolate and blackberries. Slightly rustic texture, surprising, fresh acidity, high tannins, long length. Not so fleshy as some Pomerols. 85-88

09 Fugue de Nenin

2009 Fugue de Nenin;
(Barrel sample) 2nd Château Nenin, Deep ruby, purple rim, intense, floral, blackberries, touch of vanilla, very seductive. Good acidity, ripe tannins, good texture and elegant paprika touch at the end, good length. 83-85

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

09 Latour

2009 Château Latour;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, pink rim. Coffee, vanilla, cassis, leather touc and cedar feel behind. Fresh acidity, pure, high of ripe tannins, increadible elegance, one of the most elegant of the 09's tasted, fragrant, layered, fantastic length. 97-99

09 Les Forts de Latour

2009 Les Forts de Latour;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, pink rim. Elegant nose, vanilla, cassis, pure fruit. Elegant acidity, high of sof and ripe tannins, textbook structure, elegant finish. 88-90

09 Pauillac de Latour

2009 Pauillac de Latour;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, pink rim. Pure, fresh, elegant, cassis, good acidity, ripe tannins, very elegant and balanced. 83-85

09 Blanc de Lynch Bages

2009 Blanc de Lynch Bages;
(Barrel sample) Pale lemon yellow, fresh nose, slight of cats pie and gooseberries, vanilla, honney, apricots behind. Very fresh, good acidity, pure, great balance, good length. 88-90

09 Lynch Bages

2009 Château Lynch Bages;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, purple rim. Dark berries, cassis, touch of cedar and coffee. Fresh acidity, high of ripe tannins, great structure, intense and complex, classic and modern at the same time somehow, very long finish. 94-96

09 Montrose

2009 Château Montrose;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, pink rim. Liquorice, cassis, touch of chocolate, some coffee, complex, seductive. Fresh acidity, huge and ripe tannins, mount Everest of ripe tannins would be the term. What a texture, then the tannins falls like snow from the back of your lips, very elegant actually, even if it might sound as it wasn't. Blackberries, very intense and long finish. For the ages..... 96-98

09 La Dame de Montrose

2009 La Dame de Montrose;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, pink rim. Vanill, blackberries, chocolate touch, dense. Fresh acidity, very lively, high of ripe tannins, good texture, quite pronounced, very long length. 90-92

09 Tronquoy-Lalande

2009 Château Tronquoy-Lalande;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, pink rim. Darker berries, plums, vanilla and a touch of minerals. Elegenat, fresh acidity, high of ripe tannins, grippy texture, ripe, blackberries, long finish. 88-90

09 Tronquoy de Sainte-Anne

2009 Tronquoy de Sainte-Anne;
(Barrel sample) 2nd Tronquoy-Lalande. Deep ruby, pink rim. Chocolate, red berries, good fruit, some vanilla. Good acidity, ripe tannins, good structure, elegant fruit, touch of herbs in the finish. 83-85

09 Tertre Roteboeuf

2009 Château Tertre Roteboeuf;
(Barrel sample) Ruby, beautifull colour. Very complex, coffee, chocolate, plums, even minerals, blueberries, vanilla, very pure fruit. Soft texture even if high of ripe tannins, good acidity, pure and elegant, very long length. Can't notice the 15,6 alcohol! 94-96

09 Roc de Cambes

2009 Roc de Cambes;
(Barrel sample) Deep ruby, ruby rim. Pure fruit, intense, vanilla, blueberries, touch of chocolate, elegant. Good acidity, refreshing, even mouthwatering, very soft texture, velvety, coffee and dark chocolate finish. Long length. 91-93