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Thursday, 30 December 2010

1912 Verdelho

1912 D'Oliveiras Verdelho;
Brown with orange green rim, intense as few, almonds, roasted nuts, grapey notes, caramel, minerals, leafs, tea, both black and green, dried apricots, figs, so complex it's almost impossible to describe. Acidity is perfection, so lively and powerfull, makes you're tongue dance in pure joy, so refreshing, yet still so old and ancient, extremmely long finish, last's for minutes on end. I remember the first time I tasted this wine, and I was mindblown by it's freshness, the 1912 Verdelho. The year both of my grand mother's were born actually! That gives it some perspective, doesn't it? Now, many years later, I'm mindblown again by it's freshness, it still manages to catch me off guard, even after several tastings. It's almost like the island itself, with the flavours as complex and different as the landscape, and the acidity like the steep mountains and cliffs, charging up from the sea. Perfect! I hope it will surprise me once more, because I'm out of stock! 95

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

08 Mugnier Clos Marechale

2008 Mugnier, Nuits-St-Georges, Clos de la Marechale;
Bright ruby, wild strawberries, some spices and vanilla, even floral touch, leather hint, very pure and open now. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, refreshing and elegant, drink right now while young and seductive, or forget ten years. 91

99 Di Gresy Camp Gros

1999 Marchesi di Gresy, Barbaresco Martinenga, Camp Gros;
Bright ruby, leather, tar, some roses and violets, even cherries. Immence acidity, high of ripe tannins, not as powerfull as some vintages and has lost it's baby fat somehow, very long length, starting to drink very nicely. 91

07 Schloss Johannisberger Silberlack

2007 Schloss Johannisberg, Riesling Silberlack EG;
Pale straw yellow, extremelly closed as usual, needs decanting, apples, minerals, some lemons and hints of tropical fruits. Elegant, perfect balance, body has started to open up a bit, seems to widen with age, very elegant, perfect balance and long finish. It seems it's starting to show a tiny hint of where it's heading, and it will be even more gorgeous. 92

03 Niepoort LBV

2003 Niepoort LBV;
Deep ruby, dark berries and fruits, Christmas spices, cinamon, nuts and white chocolate. Very fresh and lively, pure, elegant and refreshing, long length. The best LBV? 91

04 Taylor's LBV

2004 Taylor's LBV
Deep ruby, some alcohol slightly overshadowing the dark berries and fruits on the nose. Good acidity, nice balance, alcohol does not show in the mouth luckily, on the sweet side, fruitwise, elegant long length. 89

95 Coutet

1995 Château Coutet;
Golden, botrytis, apricots, some vanilla, apples, grapes, elegant fruit, pineapple. Fresh acidity, complex, nice balance, slightly bitter finish, more together the day after, elegant and long finish. 90

06 Peter Nicolay WS Spätlese

2006 Peter Nicolay, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Riesling Spätlese;
Pale straw yellow, raspberries, honney, minerals and canned apple. Fresh acidity, nice balance, elegant, honney and apricots in finish, very elegant balance between acidity and sweetness, good length. 87

07 Spreitzer Kabinett

2007 Spreitzer, Oestricher Lenchen Riesling Kabinett;
Pale straw yellow, minerals, lime, lemon, ripe and fruity, but not too intense, seems to have closed up a bit. Good acidity and balance, raspberry touch and yellow apples, elegant, refreshing finish. 88

06 Baron 'Arques

2006 Baron 'Arques, Limoux;
Deep ruby, more spices and herbs, like a Provence summer evening, dark fruits and cassis. Fresh acidity, again massive ripe tannins that needs time, leave in the cellar for some years more. 87

07 Baron 'Arques

2007 Baron 'Arques, Limoux;
Dark ruby, more open, spices, herbs, floral over dark berries and fruits. Exotic, yet elegant. Fresh, lively acidity, ripe tannins, more open and elegant body than 08 at this point, just a bit short length. 85

08 Baron 'Arques

2008 Baron 'Arques, Limoux;
Deep ruby, very closed, needed a few hours to open, spices, herbs, dark fruits, spicy and almost piney.... Elegant, leanish body, good acidity, ripe and enormous tannins, needs time in the cellar, good length and fresh finish. 86

09 Baron 'Arques Chardonnay

2009 Baron 'Arques, Le Chardonnay, Limoux;
Pale lemon yellow, fruity, some apples, lime, yellow fruits, creamy and elegant texture, slightly fleshy body, nuts, butter and slightly warm finish. 78

01 Potensac

2001 Château Potensac;
Deep ruby, leather, licquorice, vanilla touch, cedar, spices, starting to mature, some prunes showing as well. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, slightly lean finish. 86

08 Potensac

2008 Château Potensac;
Dark ruby, young, needs time to open, dark berries and vanilla, more classical with air. Fresh, lovely balance, ripe tannins, elegant body, tannins a bit rough at the moment, needs a few years, a bit short at the moment. Keep five years before opening. 86

05 Vinha Paz Reserva

2005 Vinha Paz Reserva; (Dao)
Deep ruby, spices, dark fruits, chocolate and morellos, almost peppery touch. Good acidity, fresh feel to it, elegant body, has finally lost that extreme oak that it had when young, still some far back in the aftertaste, leave for another year in the cellar. 88

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

07 Senejac

2007 Château Senejac;
Ruby, floral, almost seductive nose in a way. Has a hint of that green and herbal so typical for the vintage, but very balanced and elegant, fresh, almost mouthwatering and ok length. What a little treit. 82

02 Lilian Ladouys

2002 Château Lilian Ladouys;
Deep ruby, blackcurrants, leather, paprika, blueberries and vanilla. Elegant texture, good texture and body, nice acidity and maturing tannins, slightly sour cherries in the finish. 83

Stylistically typical Médoc for a very decent price.

01 Tenuta Carette

2001 Tenuta Carette, Barbaresco;
Deep ruby, lots of tar, some roses and dark berries with anis. Good acidity, ripe tannins, on the more elegant side for Barbaresco, still gripping, elegant and good length. 85

Awfull sweet wines, what are they thinking?

2005 Peck, Zantho, Eiswein, Burgenland;
Golden, the most plump wine I've tasted in years, with no complexity or length. 39

2006 Peck, Zantho, Beerenauslese, Burgenland;
Golden, a hint of acidity, but still just boring, through and through. 41

Still, better than most Bag in Box.......

Beautifully balanced Chateauneuf for once

2004 André Brunel Les Cailloux, Chateauneuf du Pape;
Ruby, sweet anis, plums, and dark fruits. Meaty, well hung game, vanilla and touch of spices (after about two hours in decanter). Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, mellow and elegant, licquorice touch, served a bit on the cool side (my fault) but that really did not matter, the mos elegant Chateauneuf in years, with no signs of the 14% alcohol. 91

03 Osvaldo Viberti Barolo

2003 Osvaldo Viberti, Barolo Serra dei Turchi;
(Magnum) Deep ruby, violets and roses, touch of tar, fruity with red berries and licquorice with more air. Good acidity and ripe tannins, more balanced and easy drinking style than many, still has correct flavours, good length, do not keep too long, drinking well now and for some years more. 84

02 Michelot Meursault Genevrieres

2002 Domaine Michelot, Meursault 1er Cru Genevrieres;
(Magnum) Pale lemon yellow. Closed first, flint, lemon and smokey touch, minerals, opens up after decanting, but needed 30-40 minutes. Fresh acidity, medium body, refreshing and mouthwatering lemon feel, with slightly bitter touch at the end, elegant structure, good length. 84

06 Le Moine Puligny Champ Gain

2006 Lucien Le Moine, Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Champ Gain;
Pale lemon yellow, lots of vanilla minerals and flint. Butter, lemon and spices on the palate, a bit much toast in the finish, oaky, butter and popcorn finish. Still a bit much oak, but this is the best Le Moine this year. 88

1966 PG, Mosel

1966er Bischöfliches Konvikt Trier, Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Auslese;
Good fill, but cork went into bottle hardly touching it with the pulltap. Deep golden colour, orange hue, dried aprocots and apples, not very complex, ok acidity, oxidized touch, short finish. 60

Grapevariety unknown.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

99 Fieuzal Blanc

1999 Château de Fieuzal Blanc;
Lemon yellow, lemons, vanilla, tropical and intense minerality with some mustard. Pure, fresh acidity, flinty, intense, slightly bitter mid palate, elegant long finish. Drinking beautifully now. 92

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

1957 Dr.Pauly Bergweiler BL Riesling Naturrein

1957 Dr-Pauly Bergweiler, Bernkasteler Lay, Riesling Naturrein;
(Directly from the cellar of the estate) Golden colour, fill only 3 cm below cork. Cork in very good condition. Lemons, ripe apples and a touch of honney. Difficult to pinpoint the aromas as this is a wine of grace more than intencity, it barely whispers to you, but how seductive and flirting it does it. Elegant, pure, fresh acidity, a bit lean, hay and rotting apples, with nice mineral finish with very long finish. 92

09 Dr Pauly Bergewiler BB Kabinett

2009 Dr.Pauly Bergweiler, Bernkasteler Badstube, Riesling Kabinett;
Pale straw yellow, apples, some minerals and citrus, needs some minutes to open. Fresh acidity, pure, elegant, not too complex but showwing it's beauty in the pureness and clen style. 83

If I have understood correctly, made by ungrafted Riesling vines, and possibly the last vintage ever made from these wines, what a shame!

88 Latour

1988 Château Latour;
(Bottle directly from cellars of Latour, fill only 3mm below cork and cork absolutelly untouched by age) Bright ruby, some herbal notes of the vintage and paprika, lots of blackcurrants, leather, tobacco, refined and pure, extremelly complex. True thoroughbred. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, very good balance, texture like snow falling, led and pencil shave in beautifull finish. 93

1988 Château Latour;
Herbal, green and paprika, leather, vanilla, prunes, mint, now so complex it's hard to describe, anis, even leafy touch and cigars and cedar on top of the above. Perfect balance, fresh acidity, after five hours all the green notes are gone and the length is never ending. The best 88 Bordeaux I've tasted! 95

To decant or not, part three

2004 Cordero de Montezemolo, Barolo Monfalletto;
Ruby, tar, roses, licquorice, vanilla hint and violets. Beautifull aromas. High acidity, ripe tannins, nicely balanced, mouthwatering and long finish. 88

3 hours decanting as before.
Sweet notes, not nearly as elegant, tar, roses and anis, vanilla and notes gone, but so are the beautifull and nuanced notes of violets and other floral highnotes. 86

To decant or not, part two

2005 Duckhorn, Napa Valley Merlot;
Deep ruby, chocolate, vanilla, blackberries, coffee and mocca. Sweetish fruits, ok acidity, ripe tannins, good length. 86

3 hours decanted, left in cool room as before.
Swwt feel, plums, blueberries, anis and vanilla, alcohol shows, ok acidity and tannins, sweeter and bigger with air, lacks nuances.... 79

To decant or not, part one

Here is the same wine before, and after decanting, and teher is differences, not always possitive.....

2006 Felettig Chambolle-Musigny;
Bright ruby, red berries, vanilla and leafy notes mixed with spices. Good acidity, tannic grip, not all of them ripe, some green and herbal notes again, ok length. 84

After two hours and 45 min in decanter, left in a cool room (15 degrees C)
Strawberry jam, spices and cinamon, still brutal tannins and raw, but more nuanced, not necessarily better.... 85

1988 Molitor

1988 Markus Molitor, Zeltinger Sonnenuhr, Riesling Spätlese Trocken;
(magnum) Towards golden, petroleum, old notes, very developed. Good acidity, honney, still feels flat and short finish. Overrated winery.... 77

06 Dönnhoff

2006 Dönnhoff, Delchen Riesling Trocken;
(magnum) Pale lemon yellow, some lemon, apple, citrus and minerlas. High acidity, balanced, tropical notes to balance acidity, not the most complex Riesling, but elegant. 83

06 Fongraves

2006 Château Fongraves;
Deep ruby, some sweet blueberries, eucalyptus, touch of raspberry at first and vanilla touch. Fruitdriven, easygoing, quite elegant structure, nice acidity, and tannic structure, ok length. 77

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

1967 Yquem, the legend

1967 Château d'Yquem;
Fill bottom neck, very deep, almost amber colour with cognac hue. (picture is darker than actual colour because of lighting in the room) Caramel, botrytis, apricots, burnt banana, even slightly salty like a rainy seaside morning. Also raisins, ripe grapes, but caramel overshadows a bit. The acidity is pure perfection, so fres and lively, cleansing and pure, intense wine, big somehow, a touch of citrus to refreshen. Fantastic wine, the length is superb, great but still slightly dissapointing. After one hour, more subtle and elegant, even better balance, caramel not so show off and dried apricots and raisins. 95-96

Hill of disgrace

1998 Henschke Hill of Grace Eden Valley Shiraz;
Deep ruby, sweet vanilla, blackberries and if I'm kind, some floral highnotes. Almost charcoal and smokey touch. Again this boringly low acidity that make the wine even sweeter, overripe tannins that cannot hold any structure, like lazy teenagers who can't stand upright, plump, and Mike is still trying, and still failing....... 79

Hole of Grace

1996 Henschke Hill of Grace, Eden Valley Shiraz;
Deep ruby, eucalyptus, some sweet notes and fruits with a touch of tobacco. Lacks acidity, some ripe tannins, boringly sweet, almost plump and nowhere near refreshing, like a 8€ Crozes from a bad producer. Mike Tyson trying on pantyhose, still not working out very well...... 77

Hell of Grace

1993 Henschke Hill of Grace, Keyneton Shiraz;
Deep ruby. Sweet anis and plums, cassis, intense and BIG. Extemelly sweet and alcoholic nose and the alcohol is not showing that well in the mouth, but it's so sweet and unrefined, just blockbuster. Mike Tyson trying on a ballet dancer's outfit, it just doesn't work out that way. 73

1989 Château Margaux

1989 Château Margaux;
Absolute perfect fill, 5 mm below cork. Ruby, tobacco and o touch of floral notes. Extremelly closed. After one hour it starts to open revealing tobacco, leather, blackcurrants, roses and violets, refind, elegant and subtle. High of ripe tannins, like silky snow in the mouth, refreshing yet subtle acidity, almost velvety texture, a beautifull wine, opened but not decanted three and a half hours before serving, and still needed two hours to open fully in the glass, and it became astonishing. If you finished it early, maybe a 92, if you waited, and just let it open in the glass, 95 with a possible higher potential. Keep another ten years or more.

96 Beychevelle

1996 Château Beychevelle;
Ruby, hard and young. Tobacco, cigars, somewhat closed and you feel it want's to tell more. Good acidity, ripe tannins, long length, needs time. Wait another five years, maybe more. 89

88 Beychevelle

1988 Château Beychevelle;
Bright ruby, vanilla and some spices, dark fruits, raw tobacco, some green and herbal notes and a touch astringent, typical of the vintage. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, a bit young and slightly hollow mid palate, nice texture, good length. 87

86 Beychevelle, a beauty!

1986 Château Beychevelle;
Deep ruby, blackcurrants, floral, cigars, cinamon, spices, strawberries, anis and sweet tobacco. Intense, complex and pure. Perfect acidity and balance, the tannins are ripe, beautifull texture, long finish. 86 is way better than 82 at yet another château. 93

82 Beychevelle

1982 Château Beychevelle;
Bottom neck fill, figs, licquorice, plums, violets and vanilla. Fruity body, cooler fruits on palate than nose, and you actually just enjoy this wine so much that you forget to write anything sensible about it. Can keep, drinking perfectly now. 89

78 Beychevelle

1978 Château Beychevelle;
Above mid shoulder, C level fill. Ruby with thin brick rim. Cedar, anis, cassis, herbs, red paprika, even some violets and leather. Ok acidity, ripe and little tannins left, ok finish. More complex than last bottle, similar in texture. 85

76 Beychevelle

1976 Château Beychevelle;
B elevel fill, very top shoulder. Bright ruby, leather, prunes, leaf, anis, herbal and sweet tobacco. Good acidity, highish tannins, short finish. 77

72 Beychevelle

1972 Château Beychevelle;
Bottom neck fill. Bright ruby, orange rim. Leather, prunes, leafy, with touch of cigars. Good acidity, some dry tannins, short finnish, somehow velevety texture. 73

67 Beychevelle

1967 Château Beychevelle;
Top shoulder, Mähler-Besse bottle. Really bright ruby, lean, metallic, then anis after five minutes with more herbal and bell peppers and blackcurrants. Lean body, ok acidity but short, only acidity keeps on. 73

1959 Château Beychevelle

1959 Château Beychevelle;
Above mid shoulder fill (C) Ruby with brick rim, truffles, tea, mint, hint of blackcurrants. Good acidity, some tannins left, a bit lean body, more fruit, not too complex, fruit driven, playfull acidity, good but not long length. 85

Wine archeology: 1921 Mouton Rothschild?

1921 Château Mouton Rothschild?;
Note on the bottle states 1921 Mouton Rothschild, second Grand Cru. Label badly damaged, half a castle barely visible, resembling that on Lynch Bages label on top of label, and below MOU N ROTHS LD barely readable and Rothschild arrows show in bottom left corner (see pic 3). Mid shoulder fill, nothing stated or visible on old and soaked cork. Rubyish colour with orange rim. Pencil, cedar and whiff of leather, anis with some fine Earl Grey tea notes. Fresh acidity, thin body and palate, but the acidity carries it like a nerve holding it together, hollow, lean and short finish. 80

Deffinitely an old Médoc, and likely to be Pauillac, maybe even Mouton. Vintage was not or barelly visible initially, but after extremmely carefull cleaning of the label, 19 and space and then 1 can be seen if not clearly, it's visible. (Se pictures one and two) In the 2 space there are spots of colour in places that would be natural for a number two. All the three different hand vritten notes on the bottle states 1921, with one of them also stating Mähler-Besse. Bottle is likely to be hand blown as there is lots of air bubbles and its not even surface. No signs of two halves glued together.

1969 DRC Richebourg

1969 Domaine de la Romanée Conti, Richebourg;
J.-L.-P. Lebègne & Co Ltd London, bottle no 07468, fill 6,4 com bellow cork. Garnet with almost orange rim, nuts, sweet & sour sauce, leaf and iodine. Lean body, lacking everything. Faulty storage? More experienced old Burgundy taster sitting next to me was shure about this.

59 Vosne-Romanée

1959 Patriarche Vosne-Romanée;
Fill 4 cm below cork. Bright garnet with orange rim. Earthy, some metall, touch of coffee and a wiff of red berries dissapearing as quicly as it came. Ok acidity, some drying tannins, lacks fruit and short finish. 70

04 Milan Terres de Noel

2004 Milan, Terres de Noel Brut;
Pale straw yellow, small bubbles. Very young and almost fully closed, just some butter and minerals. Crisp and lean at the moment, needs time. 85 now, will deffenitely improve a lot with a few years cellaring.

Doquet Extra Brut BdB

Pascal Doquet Blanc de Blanc Extra Brut NV;
Pale straw yellow, tiny bubbles. Crisp, apply and minerals, almost bitter, not very complex and ok length. A bit to dry for the body, giving a acidic and slightly unballanced feel to it. Much better Champagne is made by this estate. 80

04 JJ Christoffel Erben Eiswein

2004 Joh.Jos.Christoffel Erben, Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling Eiswein;
Golden, apples, tropical, yellow plums and some minerals. Mindblowing perfection between acidity and sweetness, so refreshing and the flavours go crazy in the mouth, carried by the acidity, shattering like glass with honney as glue. Fantastic and very long length. 94

78 Duhart-Milon-Rothschild

1978 Château Duhart-Milon-Rothschild;
Bright ruby, thin orange rim. Green tea, hint of cigars, prunes and raisins, not very intense. Ok acidity, tannins gone, slightly towards metall, lean body and short finish. 68

I have no experience with older wines from this estate, but I haven't tasted such a old flavoured and behaving 78 unless it's had bad storage, so that could easily be it.

64 Brane Cantenac

1964 Château Brane Cantenac;
Soaked cork, C level fill. Ruby colour, earthy and rotting leaf aromas, lean and acidic. Storage is likely to have been poor.

Alcohol bomb

2005 Dominio de Atauta;
(Ribera del Duero) Black colour! Sweet licquorice, vanilla, alcohol and artificial blueberries. Ok acidity, high of ripe tannins, sweet, unballanced and alcoholic. There was no chance on could finish the bottle, far to unpleasant. Over extracted and horrible...... 55

05 Vinha Paz

2005 Vinha Paz, Colheita,
(Dao) Rark ruby, spicy and vanilla, chocolate and dark fruits. Good acidity, ripe tannins, velvety texture, ripe, elegant, complex and good length. 88

05 Gresy Martinenga

2005 Marchesi de Gresy Barbaresco Martinenga;
Beautifull bright red, tar and roses, touch of vanilla, licquorice, settled down since last bottle, more in focus and better put together now, even elegant in style. High acidity and high of ripe tannins, balanced, and long length. Wait another few years. 89

07 Latour trio

2007 Château Latour;
Ruby, vanilla, blackcurrants, leather again closed. Fresh, elegant, good acidity, a wall of ripe tannins and fresh, long finish. Not a big Latour, but I find it very typical in flavours and structure. 93

Very interesting excersize to taste taste all tre levels of wines from Latour side by side, and the selections made. All are very Pauillac on flavours, even if very closed at this stage. Structure, complexity and length is very different.

07 Les Forts de Latour

2007 Les Forts de Latour;
(2nd Ch. Latour) Ruby, vanilla and dark berries, blackcurrants and good intensity. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, very elegant, again somewhat closed, long length. 90

07 Paulliac de Latour

2007 Pauillac de Latour
(3rd Ch.Latour) Ruby, elegant, a bit closed, mostly vanilla and blackcurrants at this stage. Good acidity, fresh fruits, very ripe tannins, good length. 80

01 Lynch Bages

2001 Château Lynch Bages;
Ruby, cedar, tobacco, blackcurrants, ripe fruits, plums, complex and marvelous nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, mouthwatering, great texture, long length. Classy Pauillac, starting to drink well, will easily last another ten fifteen years. 92-93

01 Haut-Bages Averous

2001 Château Haut-Bages Averous;
Ruby, maturing nose, very complex, leather, blackcurrants, plums and prunes. Very elegant, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, maturing very nicely, good and fresh finish with some sour cherries. 88

02 Cos

2002 Château Cos d'Estournel;
Ruby, starting maturation, plums, leather, touch of blackcurrants and coffee with vanilla overtones. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, very elegant, great texture and good length. Again more elegant and less "over" ripe style of Cos, I preffer this style, some are just a bit too sweet and big. 92

07 Cos of elegance

2007 Château Cos d'Estournel;
Ruby, fresh, ripe red and darker fruits. Fresh acidity, elegant tannins, some vanilla, refreshing, nice texture, a more elegant and fresher style of Cos. 91

07 Yquem

2007 Château d'Yquem;
Pale golden, lots of apricots, some vanilla, apples and botrytis. Fantastic purity, balance and acidity, very elegant, increadible freshness, honney, somewhat leaner body than most Yquem's so feels even more refreshing, very long finish. 94

02 Guiraud

2002 Château Guiraud;
Golden yellow, pure, botrytis, vanilla and honney over tropical fruit and orange, refreshing acidity, very clean, good length, apple peal towards finish, long length. 90

97 Tertre Roteboeuf

1997 Château Tertre Roteboeuf;
Deep ruby, garnet rim. Some plums, licquorice, cherries, touch of black tea and coffee beans. Sour cherries and fresh fruit, tannins starting to fade, refreshing acidity, drinking very well now, elegant, long finish. 90

Friday, 3 December 2010

1986 Tertre Roteboeuf

1986 Château Tertre Roteboeuf;
Bright ruby with brick rim and lots of sediments. A beauty on the nose, licquorice, cherries, redcurrants, stable and fine leather. Good acidity, ripe tannins, maturing nicely, very complex, a Barolo of a Bordeaux, almost rose petals, long finish. 94

07 Roc de Cambes

2007 Roc de Cambes;
Bright ruby, slightly closed. Elegant of tobacco, chocolate, blue- and blackberries underneath and a very slight red paprika touch. Very good acidity, great texture, ripe tannins and lots of them, very good length. 92

06 Tertre Roteboeuf

2006 Château Tertre Roteboeuf;
Bright ruby, a bit closed closed, needs time to open, dark berries. Great structure, very lively acidity, very elegant, flavourfull, fresh, velvety texture, refreshing and very long finish. Wait at least ten years. 94

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

04 Tertre Roteboeuf

2004 Château Tertre Roteboeuf;
Bright ruby, red rim. Coffee, blackberries and vanilla. Young and closed at the moment. The elegance of the vintage, fresh acidity, slightly leaner body, lots of ripe tannins,very elegant fruit, mouthwatering and long finish. Getting better and more subtle now than just a few years back, remarkable wine from a remarkable man. 94

07 Domaine de l'Aurage

2007 Domaine de l'Aurage;
(Côte de Castillon) Bright ruby, chocolate and vanilla, blueberries and some coffee. Elegant texture, soft and gripping at the same time, pure fruit, acidity cleans well, ripe tannins, good length. 89


2007 Gaja Rosj-Bass;
Pale straw yellow. Very sweet citrus and raspberry on the nose, with more melon, tropical and honney below. Good acidity, quite good balance except for a bit warm alcohol and tiny caramelly finish. A good wine that probably could, and deffinitelly could have been better. 83

07 Dom. Chevalier Blanc

2007 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc;
Pale lemon yellow, with lemon, orange peel and blossoms, minerals, lychee and almost smokey flint in an elegant manner. Crisp acidity, perfect elegance, mouthwatering and so fresh with gorgeous mineral and citrus finish with increadible length. So young, and such a beauty. 96

Gorgeous 04 Yquem as well!

2004 Château d'Yquem;
Golden, elegant of honney, melon, apricots and a touch of vanilla, very seductive. Such elegance, a BA of an Yquem, very fresh and lively, then eases down into perfect balance and huge complexity, transparent in the very best meaning, mouthwatering, layers upon layers, almost like mystic music and a fantastic long finish. 96

Gorgeous 04 Rieussec

2004 Château Rieussec;
Golden, botrytis, apples, pineapples, peach, vanilla, so complex and elegant. Fantastic acidity, my lasting issue with Rieussec, and here it balances the sweetness perfectly. Amazing texture, kind of fat, but that acidity just playing around, carrying flavours of different tropical fruits. Gorgeous! 95

Petit Cheval

2006 Le Petit Cheval;
(2nd Ch. Ceval Blanc) Deep ruby, coffee, vanilla, plums, cherries with lots of blue- and blackberries. Very elegant and balanced, fresh acidity, elegant tannins, structure is elegant, very long length. Flirting allready, but I would wait..... 89

Greek grape varieties.

Today I got a mail from a Greek wine estate wondering if this would be interesting for us to work with. I work for an importer specialising in Bordeaux, and Bordeaux only, so no, it wouldn't.

But I'm not casting it all over board for that reason, because personally I find Greek wine and grape varieties extremelly interesting. Some varieties like Agiorgitiko, Mavrodaphne and Assyrtiko can make some really interesting wines, with a lot of personality and typicity. The mail of today had some new varieties that is not of those I can taste when I read their names. That makes me very curious......

A red variety, Kotsifali, cultivated to a great extent around Heraklion on Crete, often mixed with other varieties because of low acidity and unstable colour.

The next out was Vilana, the most "famous" of the white varieties of Crete, ripens mid September with high acidity and moderate artic richness. Growing around Rethymnon and Chania, I find this curious, it's so hot there, and still it manages to attain high acidity.

Then came Dafni, something for Broadbent's wife maybe? Grown around Heraklion and the plains of Lassithi, it's of moderate acidity and fruity flavours and ripens in September.

Mandilari, the richest in colour of the Aegean varieties, ripening late September, with medium to low alcohol, moderate acidity and rich in tannins.

Now Plyto, white variety, lively and susceptible to botrytis and matures in early September with moderate acidity.

I have heard of some of them, but they haven't really attached to my mind. But I have to say, they would be interesting to taste. What are their potential? I hope the financial situation in Greece does not put on to big a break for the wine industry of the country, because there are some treasures to still be found, i'm shure. Go explore on your next holliday trip, and spend some money, not just buy the house wine for 3€ at the local restaurant, it clearly won't be that exciting, or any good at all. But explore, be curious! I remember having a good waitor at a restaurant just outside Chania ones, who made me pay 30€ for Gaia Estate Agiorgitiko. This was about six to seven years ago, and I thought, wait, I can find a good Bordeaux for that kind of money, and this is Greek!

But the wine was of real class, and I have never looked back, and many more positive surprises have been tasted since.