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Thursday, 31 December 2009

83 Haut-Brion

1983 Chateau Haut-Brion;
Bright ruby, brick rim. Quite evolved, very complex, cassis, cigars, leather, chocolate, mocca, some pepper and well hung game. Very elegant, lots of dark berries, explodes in the mouth, very intence and fragrant, still such elegance, great ballance, fresh acidity, very mature tannins, almos gone, perfect now. 95

Our small "76-tasting" Reds

1985 Chateau Lafite Rothschild;
Bright ruby, garnet rim, exceptional nose, jumps out of the glass, elegant, very complex, thoroughbred, violets, roses, cassis, perfume, blackcurrants, paprika, some cigars in the back, very well balanced, one of a kind, very elegant and long finish. 95

1985 Chateau Latour;
Bright ruby, garnet rim, more mature fruits, prunes, cassis, leather, coffee, cigars, very fresh acidity, ripe and mature tannins, extremelly complex and elegant, fantastic finish. More mature than the Lafite. 93

1995 Chateau Cos d'Estournel;
Ruby, garnet rim, very elegant, floral, dark berries, leather, liquorice, paprika, cassis, roses, perfumed notes, very elegant and complex. Tannins like velvet, acidity could be a bit fresher if I'm picky, coffee, long finish. 92

1976 Joseph Phelps Insignia;
Dark ruby, orange rim, cassis, prunes, warm fruits, blackberries, leather, liquorice and intence coffee. Lots of fruit, elegant, dry tannins, fresh acidity, this bottle was not in perfect condition. 84

1990 Dalla Valle Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon;
Ruby with thin garnet rim, great nose, some spicy notes, cassis, coffee, blackberries, quite intence. Very sweet fruit, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, then a very elegant and truly long finish. 91

1994 Ridge Montebello Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet Sauvignon;
Deep ruby, garnet rim, heavy cabernet nose, cassis, liquorice, paprika, leather, cigars, very complex. Sweetish fruit, great acidity, ripe tannins, very elegant, long finish. 92

1995 Joseph Phelps Insignia;
Deep ruby, garnet rim, warm cassis, blackcurrants, blackberries and coffee. Massive fruit, still elegant, needs time, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, long finish. 89

1975 Chateau Gruaud Larose;
Garnet with brick rim, took a long time to open, very mature, some prunes, raisins, cassis, liquorice, leather. Fresh acidity, some tannins, very elegant, could be longer. 88

1994 Dominus Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon;
Ruby with garnet rim, very elegant nose, cherries, tar, leather liquorice, sweet spicy notes, complex. Very soft texture, a bit dry and astringent tannins, I'm not shure it will come round. 88

1999 Domaine de Chevalier;
Ruby, garnet rim. Dark berries, eukalyptus, or is it pine, quite closed. Ok acidity, very elegant, some minerals and rocks, ok length. Keep. 89

Two spoiled wines, 99 Nicolas Catena Zapata (Cork unlike I have ever smelled) and 90 Ducru Beaucaillou, oxidized, probably stored to hot.

Our small "76-tasting" last year

2003 Ramonet Bienvenue Batard Montrachet;
Pale golden yellow, watery rim, butter, cream, nuts, some floral notes, vanilla, minerals and apples. Medium acidity, walnuts, some oak, long finish, a bit warm. Quite fresh for the vintage. 91

1999 Kistler Les Nosetieres;
Pale golden, minerals, smoked salmon!, vanilla and oak. Fresher acidity, a bit closed, very complex and elegant, great balance, very long and intence finish. 92

1999 Bonneau du Martray, Corton Charlemagne;
Golden yellow, banana, vanilla, some floral notes, fresh acidity, light minerality, a bit steely, but elegant, lacks complexity. Ok length. 84

Domaine Leflaive, Puligny Montrachet Les Pucelles;
Pale lemon yellow, floral, elegant, very carefull, hints of minerals and oak. Great acidity, balanced, more minerals, some vanilla, very elegant finish. 91

1997 Peter Michael Cuvee Indigiene;
Golden yellow, big, heavy nose, butter and nuts, minerals and burnt wood. Acidity a bit low, not to intence, quite tender, a bit warm finish, very long. 84

???? Jermann Vintage Tunina;
Straw yellow, apples, light floral notes, very elegant and fruit driven, great acidity, very elegant, fresh and a bit lean finish. 91

2001 Shafer Carneros Chardonnay;
Golden colour, very tropical, hints of botrytis, think Monbazillacish, one dimentional. Medium acidity, a bit uballanced, ok finish. 80

Tasting was done blind, my scores behind, the tasting group had to put the wines from 1-8 and the bottle with the lovest score won. The last wine was a corked Jura.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

99 Ridge

1999 Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet Sauvignon;
Deep ruby, great cabernet fruit, paprika, cassis, even minerals, pepper, blackcurrants, hints of vanilla, great acidity, lots of ripe tannins, complex, good balance, very long finish. Keep. 90

Quintarelli And Dal Forno

1999 Quintarelli Valpolicella Classico Superore;
Bright ruby with garnet rim. Very complex, some tobacco, cherries, chocolate, truffles, perfume, violets and roses, later on anis, pepper, very complex. Great acidity, mature tannins, elegant, complex and balanced, very long finish. 94

1998 Dal Forno Romano Valpolicella Superiore;
A bit darker ruby, again complex, chocolate, dark fruit, cherries, intence, cherries, red plums, chocolate, not as transparent as the one above, more intence, lots of fruits, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, very long finish. 93

67 Barolo

1967 Borgogno Barolo Riserva;
Brick-brownish colour, very developed nose, aired for two hours, light and elegant body, fresh acidity, quite carefull aproach, tar, roses, dried fruits, some mature tannins left, quite complex, very long finish. Good balance and length. 88

Two La Spinetta's

2005 La Spinetta Vigneto Starderi Barbaresco;
Deep ruby, great fruit intencity, intence of roses, tar, liquorice, cherries, dark berries, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, complex, very intence in everything, especially as a Barbaresco, no elegance at this stage. How will it age? 91

2005 La Spinetta Gallina Barbaresco;
Deep ruby, and a very different animal, this is still in the style of the above, such intencity and complexity, dark fruits, liquorice, but it manages to be elegant somehow, and a truly fantastic aftertaste. 93

1985 Barbaresco

1985 Marchesi di Gresy, Barbaresco Martinenga Gaiun;
Bright garnet, brick towards thin orange rim. Leather, cigars, liquorice, tar, roses, cherries and prunes, complex, very elegant, ripe tannins, very fresh acidity, intence, great balance, mature, great length. 95

From dinner outside Verona last year

Lessini Durello;
Charmant method, old local variety, appelation Durello. Fresh and fruity, some Champagne flavours, light, fresh and simpler style, elegant mousse and acidity. 74

1993 Leroy, Chassagne Montrachet Premier Cru Morgeot;
Lemon yellow, minerals, melon, lichie, ripe fruits, flint, quite developed, somenuts and butter, great acidity, balanced, complex and elegant Morgeot, veru long finish. 90

2001 Jermann Vintage Tunina;
Pale lemon yellow, some petroleum and minerals, ripe yellow fruits, yellow plums, apples, hints of citrus, complex and fresh, great acidity, long length. 89

1957 Leroy, Nuits Saint Georges Premier Cru Les Porets;
Beautifull pale ruby, broad brick rim. Very mature and fantastic nose, roses, tar, floral, with more air red berries, so elegant, leaps out of the glass, very fresh acidity, mouth watering, waves of flavours, tobacco, hand rolled cigars, cinamon, orange peal, ripe sweet morellos, cherries, hints of prunes. Amazing old Burgundy. Aftertaste for minutes. 98

1982 Chateau Gilette;
Golden yellow, very youthfull, some botrytis, honney, apricots, minerals and pineapple. Still quite closed it seems, great acidity, complex and very elegant, great balance, very long and great aftertaste. Keep. 93

Biondi-Santi times two.

2003 Biondi-Santi Brunello di Montalcino Annata;
Bright ruby, very elegant nose, a bit closed, no signs of cooked fruits, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, cherries, tobacco, raspberries, transparent, and elegant, yet complex and quite intence, great balance, long finish. 90

1998 Biondi-Santi Brunello di Montalcino Riserva;
Bright ruby, great nose, very complex, fruitdriven at the moment, cherries, redcurrants, cigars, chocolate, some liquorice, hints of vanilla, extremelly elegant, balanced and complex. Fresh acidity, very ripe tannins, can keep a long time. Save. 97

Vie di Romans

2006 Vie di Romans, Vieris Sauvignon;
Lemon yellow, heavy, fat, very oaky, very big sauvignon, alcoholic and big body, not a style for me. 70

3 Barbeito's

1885 Barbeito Verdelho;
Light amber colour, raisins, citrus, touch of coffee, nuts, almonds, marsipan, orange marmalade, very complex, quite intence, great acidity, very refreshing, very long finish. 94

1863 Barbeito Boal;
Amber colour, raisins, figs, hints of apricots, nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, well balanced and complex, very fresh and livelly acidity, extremelly long finish. 95

1830 Barbeito Malvazia;
Tasted at Barbeito outside Funchal, served by Ricardo Freitas froma bottle he has in his office. He recons it to be one of the best Madeiras Barbeito has ever had, and he has this bottle open in his office for many years, taking a small sip a few times a year to have a taste of perfection. I was lucky enough to have a small sip. Amber with orange hints, light oxidation, raisins, figs, almost sweet nose, nuts, citrus, even the small amount in the glass fills the room with aromas, massive nose, extremelly complex. The palate is as extreme as the nose, the acidity dances back and forth on the tongue for minutes, always with new flavours, aftertaste for many minutes, extreme wine. 100

Two unknown producer(s), old Madeira

1910 Malvazia;
Deep amber, complex, raisins, citrus, almonds and nuts, big and intence, lacks acidity, a bit warm finish. Long length. 78

1880 Malvazia;
Deep amber, this one, has some typical aromas, but lacks intencity, complexity, not too bad balance, but better than all the simple styles Madeiras still. 74

Visit at D'Oliveiras, Funchal

I visited D'Oliveiras in January 2005. Not the busiest season, and for me this was perfect. I was out walking in Funchal, had just been to a rather disappointing visit at the Madeira Wine Institute, where history seemed more important than showing the quality of the wines. I was walking down a narrow street and there was a door in the wall that I just walked right past.

But wasn't there some barrels inside? I walked back. D'Oliveiras it said. I had not even heard of the producer. I was a starting fan of these great wines. I had had some great Barbeito’s, some Henriques & Henriques and some Blandy's. I walked in to this to me unknown house and saw this amazing line up of old bottles, going back to 1850. There were some American tourist sitting around some tables tasting.

They talked loudly, dressed as tourists, more or less like me in fact. A kind lady asked me if I wanted to have a taste, and if I preferred dryer or sweeter style. I answered that normally Verdelho was my favorite while taking out pen and some paper (actually a tired roadmap) to write on. She nodded to me and had a long look. Did this young tourist actually know something?

I sat down and she found a medium sweet Madeira, and I notet. The Americans left. "-Are you a journalist?" she asked. "-No, just a wine fanatic." I answered. Then she asked if I wanted to taste some real Madeira and we were off. Then she took out some 70's Madeira’s. After a tasting of about 15 wines going down to the 1940's I had to leave. My palate was numb from the intense flavours. I was told I had to come back. These notes are unfortunately missing from my archive as I stored most of my loose paper TN’s on Madeira in a book that got soaked by water, so it’s just a blurry white and blue mess, and or pages glued together.

The day after I was back, with my notebook. I was welcomed as family. Some German and Dutch tourist's this day, all was quite astonished when they pulled out all the wines notet bellow to me, all those marked as JAN 05. I was probably even more astonished. They commented on that I now finally had a proper book. The other tables wondered who this young man was, with this treatment. Nobody else had a table covered with bottles older than anybody in the room. Even the boss came over and sat for a talk about wine in general, and the styles of the Madeira grapes.

25 years old back then, dressed in t-shirt, shorts and sneakers, just showing interest, and treated like Michael Broadbent.

Visit at D'Oliveiras, 3 Malvazia's

1907 D'Oliveiras Malvazia;
90 years in barrel (Note gone) 88

1895 D'Oliveiras Malvazia;
More than 100 years in barrel. Deep amber, very closed, some sweet raisins, extremelly elegant, transparent and tender, great balance between acidity and sweetness, long length. 89

1875 D'Oliveiras Malvazia;
Deep amber, again lighter oxidation, some citrus, floral notes, tar, raisins, reminds me of an old Barolo in it's flavours, massive acidity, very complex and quite intence, very long finish. 90

My notes from this trip was damaged by water, both during some heavy rains on the trip to Madeira, and also after a leak in my kitchen back home in the apartment I lived at the time, so some notes are gone, others not complete.

Visit at D'Oliveiras, two Moscatel's

1900 D'Oliveiras Moscatel;
This variety is also almost gone from the island and not so easy to find anymore. Red-brown colour, reminds me of a very old Samos Nectar, sweet raisins, quite fresh acidity, very fruity and sweet aromas, but not as sweet as it seems on he palate, a bit heavy, quite intence, very long finish. 88

1875 D'Oliveiras Moscatel;
More than 100 years in barrel, deep amber, not as sweet as the 1900 either on palate or fruity flavours, heavy moscatel fruitiness, concentrated, lots of acidity, rushes through the mouth, long length. 87

Visit at D'Oliveiras, Two Boal's

1968 D'Oliveiras Boal;
Deep amber, very young actually, concentrated, some coffee, citrus, nuts, extreme acidity, very refreshing, (rest of note lost!)

1903 D'Oliveiras Boal;
Deep amber, very oxidized style, raisins, citrus, orange marmalade, figs, almonds, complex and intence, but not too elegant, a bit heavy body, big. Very long finish.93

Visit at D'Oliveiras, one Bastardo

1927 D'Oliveiras Bastardo;
Now almost extinct grape variety on Madeira, a rare treat. Pale amber or not to caramelized Cognac on the colour, with red hue. Smells of old port almost, more dark fruits and berries than most Madeiras, some citrus, a bit volatile, but just charming, fresh and youthfull somehow, fresh acidity, some Cointreauish to it. Great finish. 89

Visit at D'Oliveiras, four Verdelho's

1966 D'Oliveiras Verdelho;
Pale amber, marsipan, almonds, floral, some citrus, very elegant, almost transparent and layered, some sweetness balance perfecly with the acidity, very fresh, a very elegant Madeira. 89

1912 D'Oliveiras Verdelho;
Deep amber with orange glow, fantastic nose, caramel, marsipan, almonds, hazelnuts, citrus, some orange peal. Great acidity, perfect balance, very complex, intence, lots of things going on at the same time, fantastic finish. 94

1900 D'Oliveiras Verdelho;
100 Years in barrel! Deep amber, towards red hue, even more intence, seems deeper somehow, oxidized caramel, if that even exists, then rose hips and citrus, needs time in the glass to open, then nuts and figs, orange marmalade and lemon, great balance, a marvel in it's complexity, great acidity, but somehow the 1912 seems more charming and elegantly put together. 92

1850 D'Oliveiras Verdelho;
More than 100 years in barrel. Deep amber, sweet of figs, nuts, not as oxidized as normal, hints of orange peal, super soft on the palate, still very livelly acidity, some coffee, citrus and floral notes, sems more nuanced with the lesser oxidative notes, very long and elegant. 90

Visit at D'Oliveiras,Madeira four years ago, two Sercials

1971 D'Oliveiras Sercial;
Pale amber, some smoke, minerals, flint, orange peal, citrus, nuts, sweet fruits, but dry mouthfeel, exceptional acidity, really fresh, a bit short finish. 85

1910 D'Oliveiras Sercial;
Amber orange colour, bottled 24 years ago, smoke, nuts, vanilla, some floral notes, more on the nose than one the palate, again this incredible acidity, they dance on the tongue, lacks a bit complexity, but still beautifull. 88

40 year old Mosel

1969 Dr. Pauly Bergweiler, Bernkasteler Badstube, Riesling Hochfeine Auslese;
Golden yellow, petrol, maybe even diesel, apricots, intence, very complex, some ripe yellow apples, flint, not so sweet anymore, very elegant, fresh acidity, very clean fruit, long finish. 94

Two very different Rieslings

2007 Knappstein Ackland Vineyard, Watervale Riesling;
Lemon yellow, minerals, apricots, heavy of oxidized apples, some tropical notes, ok acidity, could have fresher acidity and fruit, ok finish. 84

2006 Joh. Jos. Christoffel Erben, Ürziger Würzgarten, Riesling Auslese***;
Pale lemon yellow, fresh, apples, minerals, slightly spicy notes, lemon, pineapples, great balance, transparent and elegant, complex with a very long finish. Keep. 93

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Two fantastic Yquem's from the Bruun Rassmussen tasting last year

1996 Chateau d'Yquem;
(magnum) Pale golden colour, great botrytis, some apricots, apples, pineapples, citrus, orange marmalade and orange peel, very complex even if a bit closed, real thoroughbred, elegant, balanced and complex, fantastic length. 95

2001 Chateau d'Yquem;
(double magum) Pale golden colour, botrytis, perfect balance, such complex flavours, still elegant and yet again intence, citrus, apricots, pineapples, raspberries, tropical, figs, you could go on and on, fantastic long aftertaste, this is a legend in the making. 100

Two Filhots

1971 Chateau Filhot;
Deep golden, just some apricots and honey, simple and sweet. 77

1967 Chateau Filhot;
Deep Golden, orange hints, not to complex, some honey and apricots again, what really holds this bottle is the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. 89

Two Suduirauts

1985 Chateau Suduiraut;
Pale golden, honey, apricots, ripe fruits, seems a bit unballanced for this estate, not as elegant as usual, could also be more complex, quite bitter finish, like chewing grape pulps. 80

1961 Chateau Suduiraut;
Deep golden, apricots, prunes, raisins, honey, some botrytis, cooked apples, some spices, minerals, perfect balance, not too intence, pure elegance as I so often find from this estate, very complex and balanced, a true beauty, better than the 61 Yquem, seems fresher somehow, and more elegant, even a bit sweeter, very long finish. 93

3 shortnotes from Bruun Rassmussen tasting last year, war time Sauternes

1942 Chateau Doisy-Däene;
Deep golden, gunpowder!, minerals, flint, some dried fruits, great acidity, not too sweet, dried apricots and raisins, good balance, long finish. 93

1945 Chateau Doisy-Däene;
Deep golden, again fresh acidity, some dried fruits again, unfortunately lacks complexity and length. 82

1942 Chateau Climens;
Golden colour, canned mushrooms, not too pleasant. 65

Thursday, 24 December 2009

1978 Beaucastel

1978 Chateau de Beaucastel, Chateauneuf du Pape;
Bright garnet, what a beauty, such complexity and intencity, pepper, mature fruits, cherries, prunes, raisins, well hung game, some leafy notes, minerals, great balance, truly amazing Rhone, fresh acidity, mature tannins, one of the greatest Rhones I have tasted, and better better than the other bottle I have tasted of this wine. 98

03 La Turque

2003 Guigal Cote-Rotie La Turque;
Deep ruby. Intence of pepper, liquorice, meat, vanilla, lots of oak, a bit much at this stage, like chewing oak, complex, but not balanced, to open one up when the oak is at this stage is a complete waste, keep for a long time, just hope the fruit and acidity in this 03 keeps. Now. 90

85 Lafite Rothschild

1985 Chateau Lafite Rothschild;
(magnum) Deep ruby, thin garnet rim. Very closed, then some blackcurrants, paprika, later cedar and pencil, then leather, cigars, liquorice hints, cherries, medicin, still some vanilla, chocolate, coffee. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, still quite youthfull for 25 years, secondary aromas on it's way, but still primary fruits, keep another 20 years. 94, probably higher later.

78 Palmer and 82 Branaire-Ducru

1978 Chateau Palmer;
Bright ruby, brick rim. Evolved and beautifull nose, hints of anis, leather, floral and violets, blackcurrants, cedar, pruneas and cherries, not very intence, but such balance and complexity, and real elegance, very fresh acidity, very mature tannins, fantastic, drink now before it dries up. 94

1982 Chateau Branaire-Ducru;
Ruby with garnet rim, good and ripe nose, prunes, cassis, sweet licquorice and leather. Good balance, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, lacks a bit in complexity and length. 87

75 & 76 Bdx

1975 Chateau Latour a Pomerol;
Garnet with brick rim, very rustic, a bit dry, some prunes and dust, very tannic, earth, seems to be drying up. 75

1976 Chateau Lynch Bages;
(magnum) Garnet, some cedar, medicinal, prunes, cigar, Earl Grey tea, very mature. Fresh acidity, mature tannins, complex and elegant, but a bit lean body, long length. Drink now. 88

Old St-Emilions

1967 Clos Fortet;
Garnet with broad brick rim, some leather, cherries, prunes, fresh acidity, tannins gone, surprizingly well kept for the vintage, a bit lean fruit, but quite charming, good length. 82

1970 Chateau L'Angelus;
(magnum) Garnet with brick rim, quite closed, then some blueberries, cherries, prunes, later leather, a bit leafy notes, anis. Tannins more or less gone, I would have like some more acidity, and a bit short fiish, but a very good wine still. 88

66 and 70 Beychevelle

1966 Chateau Beychevelle;
(magnum) Bright garnet, brick rim, gorgeous nose, leather, cigars, some blackcurrants still, transparent and layered, anis, cedar, medicinal, prunes, fresh acidity, very mature tannins, perfect balance, complex and fresh. Seems very fresh for a St-Julien, acidity makes the mouth water, could have a bit longer finish, otherwise just great. 92

1970 Chateau Beychevelle;
Bright garnet, brick rim, very much like the 66, but a bit more rustic and less fruity, a bit more but still mature tannins, still the very fresh acidity, has kept very well, some mineral notes, leather, cigars, stable and hay, again the aftertaste could be a bit longer. 90

3 times Coche-Dury

2001 Bouchard Pere & Fils, Chevalier Montrachet;
Pale golden yellow, apples, lemon, minerals, some butter, hints of almonds, fresh acidity, balanced and very elegant, but could be more complex for this vineyard, good length. 88

2004 Coche-Dury Meursault;
Lemon yellow, intence yet elegant, minerals, flint, a bit smokey, some butter and nuts behind, lemon, apples, complex, intence, and transparent at the same time, great balance, great acidity, fresh and youthfull, long aftertaste, can keep. 90

2002 Coche-Dury Meursault Rougeot;
Lemon yellow, even a bit more intence, so complete, well balanced, layers of flavours, maybe a bit more fruity and apple than the one above, great complexity, long length. 91

2002 Coche-Dury Meursault Perrieres;
Lemon yellow, now even more of everything, but now the minerals plays a bigger role somehow, and it's a bit fatter on the body, maybe some more butter and nuts also, again this intence and transparent feel which is intoxicatingly elegant, just fantastic. 94

Leflaive Batard

1999 Domaine Leflaive Batard Montrachet;
Pale golden yellow, great aromas of some smoke, minerals, flint, apples, lemon, butter and nuts. Fresh acidity, complex and big as a Batard should be, but still this Leflaive elegance, not too much butter and nuts yet, perfect maturity for my taste, long length and great balance. 93

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Mysterious Erling probably solved.

The bottle and note from Simonshof tasted a few days back caused a small stir when people tried to find an explanation to this unheard off grape variety, Erling, as well as the vineyard Trierer Carlströpfchen.

It is most likely to be a for fun bottling as the vineyard does not exist, nor the grape variety. The founder of the importing company Chris Wine in Denmark is called Erling Carl, and the wine comes from their cellar. Tröpfchen can be translated to drops, meaning Erling Carls Drops. This is such a likely explanation, that this seems to be the case.

Thanks to everybody who helped solve this question.

3 times Montrachet

2001 Drouhin, Montrachet, Marquis de Laguiche;
Almost golden, some vanilla aromas still, minerals, butter and smoke, yellow apples, actually hints of botrytis. Fresh acidity, very young, great complexity and balance, keep five years, maybe more if you love older and nutty ones, 94

2004 Bouchard Pere & Fils, Montrachet;
(double magnum) Deep straw yellow, some butter, apples, citrus, minerals and smoke. Good acidity, quite complex and fresh. A really good wine, but lacks the complexity and lengh it should have from this vineyard. 88

1998 Olivier Leflaive, Montrachet;
Golden yellow, mature in my vieuw, minerals, smoke, butter, nuts. Good acidity, a bit short length, and lacks complexity again for this vineyard. Is there some oxidation lurking behind it all? Beware, I would drink now if I had it. 89

Two Clos de Vougeot's

2003 Prieure Roche, Clos de Vougeot;
(double magnum) Ruby, actually a very fresh and perfumed 03, acidity is fresh and alive, very fruit driven, good balance, soft structure, maybe more fruit than finesse, charming now, but will it age with grace? I do not know. 85

2005 Denis Mortet, Clos de Vougeot;
Ruby, great acidity, structure and fruit, strawberries, some leather, darker fruits, well balanced, complex and elegant. Youthfull, needs time in the cellar, some tannins, some vanilla from oak. Keep ten years. 93

Two 98 Grands Echezeaux

1998 Domaine de la Romanée Conti, Grands Echezeaux;
Uncertain storage. Garnet, but a bit cloudy and lots of sediments. Very acidic, not to much fruit, some strawberry jam, not very complex, short finish. Most likely stored to warm. 77

1998 Domaine de la Romanée Conti, Grands Echezeaux;
Totally different bottle, Bright garnet, very closed, opened up beautifully after two hours in decanter, very soft texture, like velvet, very seductive, some strawberries, tender and transparent, such elegance, fantastic balance, remarkable finish, texture and the mouthfeel is so special, I hardly notice the flavours, just truly pure and elegant Pinot. Will keep. 94

02 Romanee St-Vivant

2002 Domaine de la Romanée Conti, Romanée St-Vivant;
Bright ruby, pure youth, quite closed, some strawberries and this peppery-spicy note, still some barrel notes, very young, did not open up. Fresh acidity, very elegant, balanced and somewhere in there, quite complex. Keep 15-20 years is my best guess. 92

88 La Tache

1988 Domaine de la Romanée Conti, La Tache;
(Normal bottle) Bright garnet, tiny brick rim, again peppery, strawberries, roses and something more heavy fruity and earthy notes behind. Fresh acidity, very complex and elegant, great balance, even if more mature on the colour, and more smell and flavours than the Jeroboam, it does not sem that much more developed. Keep this another ten years. 92

88 La Tache

1988 Domaine de La Romanée Conti, La Tache;
(Jeroboam) Bright ruby, some sediment, not very open, then some spices and pepper before strawberries, then more berries and fruits, no signs of any secondary aromas yet, very elegant and rounded mouthfeel, fresh acidity, great aftertaste. This was way to young, especially from this format, kind of a waste. Keep at least ten years, for now 91.

Las Cases Vertical, short notes

2003 Chateau Leoville Las Cases;
Very fruit driven, very ripe tannins, almost gone, acidity could be fresher, how will it age? 88

2000 Chateau Leoville Las Cases;
Closed, very youthfull, dark berries, complex and fresh acidity, ripe tannins, keep 10 more years or more. 92

1996 Chateau Leoville Las Cases;
Even this one closed, not much more developed than the 2000, and even more tannins, acidity not quite as fresh, needs time. Keep ten more years. 91

1990 Chateau Leoville Las Cases;
Starting to mature, what a wine, fantastic freshness and acidity, perfect balance, maturing tannins, complex and elegant, long finish. Can keepanother ten years or more. 96

1978 Chateau Leoville Las Cases;
(Magnum) Great structure, fresh acidity, lots of mature tannins, mature aromas, and still going strong. Have had bottle variations on the 78, this was one of the best. Fantastic finish for the vintage. 92

1970 Chateau Leoville Las Cases;
(Magnum) Again bottlevariations, this is not the best 70 I have had of Las Cases, not quite togheter, and I suspect slightly corked. 87'ish

76 Conseillante

1976 Chateau Conseillante;
Deep garnet with brick rim. Mature, prunes and plums, some leather and Earl Greyish notes, great balance and complexity, very elegant, this great Conseillante acidity, very fresh, tannins gone, fantastic wine, good aftertaste, but could be longer. 89

66 Pichon Lalande and 66 La Conseillante

1966 Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande;
Deep garnet with brick rim, such elegance, mature of cigars, chocolate, blackcurrants, leather, perfumed black tea, some prunes, cedar, some very mature tannins still hangs on, fresh acidity, perfect balance, seductive as few. Drink. 98

1966 Chateau La Conseillante;
Garnet with brick rim. Red plums, blueberries, liquorice, cigars and leather, fantasic and fresh acidity, tannins gone, so fresh and vibrant, very complex and balanced, elegant, one of the best Pomerol's I have had. Very long and elegant finish. The freshness of the acidity is truly remarkable. 97

61 Mouton, three bottles side by side.

1961 Chateau Mouton Rothschild;
Bright garnet with brick rim, all bottles fill level B to B/C as I could see. Fantastic nose, mature, prunes, liquorice, cedar, pencil, minerals, hay, medicine, blackcurrants, cigars, white chocolate, some coffe and perfumed black tea. Such complexity and elegance, very mature, perfect now, fresh acidity, ripe and mature tannins, will probably keep another maybe 15 years, but no reason to wait. 99

1961 Chateau Mouton Rothschild;
As the above, but even a bit more intencity and freshness, perfection? 100

1961 Chateau Mouton Rothschild;
This last one was a bit leaner again, more like the first. Everyone of them would get a 100 from me if not tasted side by side. 99

Tasted at a Bruun Rasmussen tasting, they had 3 bottles during the tasting, and I just had to taste all three. You just never get the chance to compare such wines and they're bottle variations, which in this case was very small. Exceptional wines.
The 88's and 89's that follow was tasted at a fantastic Bruun Rassmussen tasting last year in Copenhagen. I hope they will arrange another in the future.

89 Cheval-Blanc

1989 Chateau Cheval-Blanc;
Deep ruby, garnet rim, paprika, blackcurrants and blackcurrant leaves, some herbal notes, cigars, leather, plums and blueberries. Absolutelly fantastic complexity, great acidity, ripe tannins, very balanced, powerfull, yet elegant, fantastic finish, great length. Future legend? Still youthfull. Keep. 97

88 Haut-Brion

1988 Chateau Haut-Brion;
Deep garnet with garnet rim. Fantastic nose, a bit closed, but underneath, cedar, rocky minerality, blackcurrants, leather, cigars, cherries and ripe plums. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, perfect balance, very elegant and complex, a beauty. 94

88 Mouton

1988 Chateau Mouton Rothschild;
Deep garnet with garnet rim, cedar, blackcurrants, leather, cigars, herbal notes, maybe some minerals lurking in the back. This bottle never had the time to show unfortunatelly, and I have tasted it later with greater sucsess. This one was a 87

88 Margaux

1988 Chateau Margaux;
Deep ruby, garnet rim, again very closed 88, tannins are a bit of a handfull at this stage, so much in fact, this wine needs at least ten years, good acidity, some blackcurrants and violets over cigars, not telling to much. Keep. For the moment. 88

88 Ausone

1988 Chateau Ausone;
Deep ruby with garnet rim, a bit closed, then some prunes and sweet red plums, then minerals and blueberries, and later even cigars and leather. Tannins a bit harsh, acidity could be higher, a bit plump actually, and to short finish for the houses reutation and this vintage. Still a very good bottle. 88

1989 Chateau Latour

1989 Chateau Latour;
Deep ruby, garnet rim. Leather, cigars, blackcurrants, some blackcurrant leaf notes, cherries, cedar and pencil. Great balance, complex, ripe tannins and fresh acidity, great finish, long and complex, keep another 10-15 years. 95

88 Petrus

1988 Chateau Petrus;
Deep ruby, garnet rim. Very closed, some bluberries and plums, hints of cigars, great balance, very elegant, tender in it's all to closed fashion. Very long and elegant finish, tannins ripe, good acidity. I hope it improves, for now. 89

87 Petrus

1987 Chateau Petrus;
Deep garnet. Very mature nose, complex, leather, cigars, plums, prunes, some fresh dirt and blueberries. Drying out in the mouth, tannins are getting harsh, acidity a bit high for the fruit, but still manages to have quite a long and elegant, if not to intence finish. As the other 87's tasted latelly, the nose is far better than the body and taste. Drink. 82

Grapevariety Erling, which to me is unknown.

1975 Weingut Simonshof, Trierer Carlströpfchen, Erling Auslese;
Golden orange, camphor, honey, some botrytis, hints of strawberries on the nose. Drying a bit, dusty, some cooked apple, honey and "hylleblomst" (elderflower I think), quite elegant, lingers on for a while, ok acidity and freshnes somehow, but not very noticable. 75
If anyone knows this Erling grape, please contact me with some info. I do not know the vineyard either.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Eastern Peloponnese

The notes that follow, is from a trip in May of this year to the Eastern Peloponnese and it was very interessting. First thing that really was showing was how many truly great grape varieties Greece has. I knew Agiorgitiko and Assyrtiko and some more like Mavrodaphne from before, the two A's above are favorites of mine in the Greek wine world, but some more has come in to light.

Roditis, Moschofilero, Aygoystiatis, to some extent Malagouzia, but not all are as good, although very "inn" in Greece these days. Robola of Cephalonia was another interessting grape to get to know, only grown on the island of the same name. Other Greek varieties generally showed well. The surprise was to see how badly some international varieties was showing. Chardonnay was generally without acidity, but flavours was good enough, Cabernet Sauvignon did fairly well, especially in blends with loclas, but why dilute the true Greek grape flavours.

Merlot did really badly, so overripe, cooked and so little fresh that they are almost impossible to like. Syrah was better, but not exciting. Sauvignon Blancs like this can be made all over the planet. To me it's clear that the way forward, even if hard, is the local varieties. That is how Greece can have a voice in the wine world. And I think they will soon. And deserved.

Where ever I tasted wines, at wineries, or restaurants, it seemed as the fruit is allready quite good, and many of the producers are just starting to really focus on the vineyards. They know what to do in the cellars, they have good education, now they need a few more vintages fine tuning the winemaking and use of oak. I hope to see some more available here in Norway soon.

Two very good ones from Inomessiniaki, Greece.

2008 Faré Mantinia;
This Moschofilero, very fresh and aromatic, lean body, good acidity, lime and citrus, again a fresh summer wine. 77

2008 Faré Rose, Regional Wine of Messinia;
Agiorgitiko, Grenache and Fokianos blend, pure berry fruits, elegant, fresh, strawberries in a bottle, one of the better Rosés this year actually, not that I am the biggest rosé fan, but this one shone. 78

One Domaine Brintziki

2005 Ktima Brintziki Bio;
This biodynamic Aygoystiatis has some flavours of plastic and swimingpool animals, then it opens with more minerals, some herbs and red berries and slight like Musar volatility. Good acidity, fresh fruit, lean body, elegant and well structured, nice finish. Enjoyed at lunch looking over the bridge at Patras, served with lamb. 82

Short Notes Domaine Mercouri, Greece

2006 Domaine Mercouri, Vdp of Latrina;
This Refosco/Mavrodaphne blend has dark fruits, spicy, fresh, good acidity, quite cool fruit, still ripe, not as green and tannins are not so showy as some refoscos. Some oak now, but I have tasted older ones and trust it will be perfectly integrated. Good length. 82

2005 Antares Vdp of Ilia;
Avgoustiatis and Moutvedre blend, fruity, lean body, dark berries, some spices, agaiin oak shines through, but again it integrates well in time. 80

2008 Foloi, Vdp of Pisatis;
Roditis and Viognier, the latter shows well in the blend, melon, light acidity, a bit fat body, sweetish fruity finish. 77

2008 Kallisto, Vdp of Ilia;
Assyrtiko, Robola blend, light floral touch, some minerals and citrus, ok acidity, fresh, lively aftertaste. 81

Oenoforos S.A.

2008 Asprolithi, Dry white of Patras.
Some flinty minerals, lemon and fresh, elegant, made of Roditis, very good, fresh white for summer. Inexpensive. 74

I have tasted other wines from this estate as well with international grapes. all quite fresh and ok, but not very interesting, and the likes are all over the place. The Roditis above on the other hand, is quite a charmer.

Short Notes from Parparoussis Winery, Greece

2004 Reserve, Epilegmenos Oenos, Nemea;
Some coffee and mint, fresh, good acidity, tobaco, coffee, dark fruits, very elegant, ripe tannins, juicy. Fresh finish. 100% Agiorgitiko. 81

2003 Reserve Mavrodapne of Patras, Vin de Liqueur.
Very fruit driven and fresh fruits, dark and ripe, unfortunatelly it does not have consentration and intencity for the alcohol and therefor is unbalanced. A pity. 74

Short Notes Patraiki Wines, Greece

2008 Ionios Regional Wine of Peloponnese;
A bit to oaky and fat, seem a bit off, lacks freshness. Muscat and Chardonnay. 69

2008 Ionios Cabernet Sauvignon Regional Red Wine of Peloponnese;
A bit greenish and herbs, typical Cabernet Sauvignon, think Bordeaux AOC in style. 72

2007 Ionios Merlot Regional Red Wine of Peloponnese;
Warm fruit, not enough acidity, plump, merlot is not the best grape in the Peloponnese. 67

Short Notes Stavropoulos Estate, Greece

2003 Elis, Regional Dry Red Wine of Elia;
Light, fresh, merlot, again simple Saint-Emilion feel, actually as fresh. 77

2008 Linon, Regional Dry White of Elia;
This Assyrtiko is light minerla, lemon, apples and melon, crisp and beautifull acidity, lively, fresh finish. 82

2008 Tesseris Poikilies, Regional Dry Red Wine of Elia;
Fresh, fruity, well balanced, elegant but a bit neutral. Made of Merlot, Aglianico, Avgoustiatis and CS. 78

Short notes Gentilini, Greece

2008 Robola of Cephalonia Dry White Wine;
Some fried onions, minerals, very balaned, elegant fruit, very carefull acidity, still fresh. Made of Robola of Cephalonia. 81

2008 Robola of Cephalonia Cellar Selection Dry White Wine;
Very much like the above, but slightly more complex and more body. 82

2008 Aspro Dry White Wine;
Simple, light, crisp and very fresh, summer wine. Made of Tsaoussi, Muscat of Cephalonia and SB. 71 (Lowish score, but the freshness and likeability of this wine is higher than it would seem)

2007 Red Dry Wine
Elegant, light body, balanced intencity, fresh red fruits, fresh finish. Made of Agiorgitiko, Syrah and Mavrodaphne of Cephalonia. 78

2006 Syrah Dry Red Wine;
Minerals, aromas from barrel, red fruit, drying finish. a bit much oak on otherwise fine fruit. Made of Syrah and Mavrodaphne of Cephalonia. 74

Short Notes Domaine Dereskos, Greece

2007 Chardonnay, Regional Dry Wine of Messina;
Very oaky nose, butter nd nuts. Fresher body and fruit than expected from the nose. 74

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, Regional Dry Wine of Trifillia;
Leaner and fresh cabernet, good acidity, ripe tannins, quite elegant. 77

2005 I+I, Regional Wine of Trifillia;
Coffe, mocca, good acidity, elegant fruit, ripe tannins, fresh structure, good finish. 50%CS, 50% Agiorgitiko. 81

Short notes from Cavino, Greece

2004 Domaine Mega Spileo, Dry Regional Red Wine of Achaia;
Coffee, herbs, a bit dusty, fresh avidity, big body and quite intence. 60% Mavrodaphne, 40% Mavro Kalavritino. 76

2004 Domaine Mega Spileo Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Regional Wine of Achaia;
Extremelly ripe cab, warm fruit, jam and eucalyptus, overripe plums. 70

2003 Nemea Grande Reserve;
Vanilla, red berries, morellos, coffee, fresh acidity, medium fruit intencity and body, clean and elegant, but needs time to come round the oak. Made of Agiorgitiko. 80

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Short notes, Antonopoulos Vieyards, Greece

2008 Mantinia Dry White;
Good nose, fresh, crisp, a bit Moscatel sweetish, but dry, almost gewürz in the finish, roses and soap. Made of Moschofilero grapes. 78

2008 Adoli Ghis Dry White;
Light, fresh, some minerals, crisp, some winter apples and lemon. 60%Lagorthi, 30% Asproudes, Santameriana, White Volitsa, Mygdali, Brena and 10% Chardonnay. 76

2004 Private Collection Dry Red;
Quite lean, overripe plums, not enough acidity. 60% Mavrodaphne, 40% Merlot. 71

2004 Cabernet-Nea Dris, Dry Red Regional Wine of Achaia;
Almost like a simpler Saint-Emilion 2003, ok acidity and freshness. 70%CS, 30%CF. 76

2000 Mavrodaphne of Patras, Vin de Liqueur;
Dark fruits, mocca, coffe and chocolate, fresh on the fruit, but a bit low acidity and the alcohol shows a bit to well, even at 17,5. Made of Mavrodaphne. 77

Short Tasting Notes Achaia Clauss, Greece

2004 Chateau Clauss, Vin de Pays Cotes de Petroto;
A bit spicey cab nose, some dusty notes, fresh acidity, but a bit blunt somehow, fresh finish. Cab. S. and Mavrodaphne. 80

2008 Filambelo white, Patras;
Light, fresh, lemon, light minerality, a bit sweetish attack, good acidity, a bit fat and ok length aftertaste Made of Roditis. 76

2006 Filambelo Nemea;
Vanilla, spices, dar berries, good acidity and body, cherries, mocca and coffe, long finish. Made from Agiorgitiko. 82

1979 Mavrodaphne of Patras Grand Reserve, Vin de Liqueur;
Amber, slightly oxidized style, think great Madeira with a bit of fruitier vintage port, but a bit leaner body, very elegant, exciting acidity, and absolutely fabolous finish, great length. 89

Melissa White Sweet Wine, Vin de Liqueur;
Lemon yellow, pronounced muscat grapes and muscat nuts (Spice). Hints of roses. Great balance, good finish. 100% White Muscat of Rio Patras. 82

5 Krug's

1996 Krug Vintage;
Straw yellow, elegant bubbles. Biscquits, toast, minerals, oxidized apples and apple stones, chalk and some wet plaster. Very fresh and elegant mousse, comes in waves through the mouth, complex, extremely long finish. Keep another ten years or more. 97

1995 Krug Vintage;
Straw yellow, elegant bubbles, more closed, citrus, fresh and less toast, some apples, minerals, plaster, a somehow leaner 96, with less of everything, flavours, complexity, but maybe not elegance. But, the 96 is truly hard to beat, long finish. 95

1990 Krug Vintage;
Light golden and small bubbles. Oxidized apples, quite developed, lots of secondary aromas, very elegant, complex and balanced, great mousse, fresh acidity, minerals, some toast, plaster, very long finish. 94

1988 Krug Vintage;
Pale golden colour, a bit lighter than the 90, elegant and small bubbles. Fantastic nose, flint, minerals, slight og oxidized apples, yeast, extremely complex and elegant, great balance. Fresh and playfull acidity, beautifull mousse, extremely long finish. For my palate at peak and drink the next 5 to maybe 10 years, but I am not the biggest fan of older Champagnes (or white Burgundies), too often to much butter and nutty aromas, but there are exceptions. This, perfection at 98.

1985 Krug Vintage;
Pale golden, a bit fewer bubbles than 88, but might be the glass. Much lighter nose, minerals, some apples, great acidity, elegant mousse and body, complex and balanced. Very long finish, but the shortest of the five. 93

1990 Champagnes

1990 Salon;
Golden yellow, beautifull bubles. Such elegance and tenderness as always, still complex, minerals, citrus, lime, yellow apples, perfect balance, pure, fantastic mousse and acidity, very long finish. The flavours just last, and can actually come back after you have had a sip of another wine. 95

1990 Dom Perignon;
Golden, big bubbles for a prestige cuvee. Mature, minerals, plaster, yellow apples, very complex and balanced, quite intence, grapefruit. Good mousse, not as fresh acidity as expected, but very nice, very long finish. 92

Great Champagnes

1997 Laurent Perrier, Grand Siecle Cuvee Alexandra;
Salmon pink with orange hints, elegant small bubbles. Some bread in the oven, minerals, like walking when raining in a park, leaves, trees, fresh and mineral. Very elegant mousse, fresh acidity, elegant body, complex, great balance, some secondary aromas showing, oxidized apples, long finish. 93

1996 Dom Perignon;
Lemon yellow, tiny bubbles. Lime, citrus, apples, minerals, plaster, hints of leaves inthe rain, secondary aromas starting. Very elegant and balanced, great mousse, acidity more balanced and not as eager as it used to, harmonious and elegant, long finish. Have had more complex bottles and more intence. Bottle variations was discussed around the table. 91


2000 Giacomo Conterno Monfortino;
Bright deepish ruby, very complex and elegant, roses, tar, truffles, fresh soil, leaves, well hubg game, red berries and cherries. Great and fresh acidity, high and ripe tannins, very complex, great transparsncy, but also intence, very elegant and balanced. Layers upon layers of flavours. Long finish. 94

Monday, 14 December 2009

Massive perfection

Vega-Sicilia Unico Reserva Especial;
According to Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book, a blend mostly of 1962 and 1979, bottled in 1989. A/B level fill, perfect cork. Bright ruby with some brick rim. Chocolate, some spices, massive intencity, blackberries, hints of After Eight, roses and liquorice. Such elegance, complexity and balance. Acidity cleans extremelly well, but never to powerfull, tannins close to gone, a bit cherry stone, very ripe morellos, some cigars and leather. After an hour in the glass, candy aples, later on, some old vintage port notes. Evolves and develops through the two hours it was left in the decanter. A truly marvelous wine, and must be an absolute perfect bottle. Acidity dances on the tongue, bringing waves upon waves with new flavours. 100

97 Pomerol

1997 Chateau Latour a Pomerol;
Ruby with thin brick rim. Ripe dark berries, blackberries, morellos, hints of leather. Nice acidity and very ripe tannins, quite soft structure, very long length and elegance, but not to complex. 87

1983 Hansen Lauer, Bernkasteler Graben, Riesling Auslese;
Straw yellow, some petroleum, not much smell, hints of fermented fish, even acidity is almost gone......42

Amazing auslese

1982 Chateau Forcas Hosten;
Cork soaked, A level fill. Bright ruby, brick rim. Bell peppers, dark berries, chocolate, very ripe cherries, then more floral and coffee. Medium acidity, tannins stil there, some blackberries and stone fruits, opened up a lot with air, going softer and more elegant and fruity. Ok finish. 84

1995 Karthäuserhof, Eitelsbacher Karthäuserhofberg Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel #17;
Golden with crystals. Clean and fresh nose, sweet apples, botrytis, light hint of petroleum, some apricots. Great acidity, fresh and perfect, raspberries, ripe lemons, the elegance is extreme, long finish. 96

89 Palmer shines again.

1998 Chateau Gruaud Larose;
Deep ruby, thin garnet rim, bell peppers, blackcurrants, some floral notes and cigars. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, sweet mrellos and blackberries, very elegant and balanced. Keep. 88

1989 Chateau Palmer;
Ruby with brick rim. Fruit driven nose, tobacco, cigars, blackberries, violets and floral notes, some cherries, quite intence, very elegant and complex, almost exploding in fruit intencity, fresh acidity, lots of ripe tannins, keep another 10 years. Much more intence than the one at the Bordeaux tasting at Øyvind's last month. 95

1997 Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler, Bernkastel Lay Riesling Beerenauslese;
(demi) Golden colour, botrytis and petroleum, apples, pineapples and exotic fruits behind. Fresh and lively acidity, playfull and elegant, complex and balanced, long finish. 88

Great 62 Clos Fortet

1962 Clos Fortet;
B level fill, soaked cork. Bright ruby with brik towards almost watery rim. Red berries, liquorice, sweet morellos, prunes, lots of cherries. Soft attack, some nuts and almost smoked meat, tannins seems long gone, acidity seems fresher than it is, some raspberries and strawberries in the finish. Directly from the Estates cellar. 88


1997 Chateau d'Yquem;
(demi) Bright golden colour, a bit closed, botrytis, peach, figs, apricots, tiny hint of minerals, some honey and pineapple. Extremelly complex, still elegant and still very intence. Fresh acidity, slight bitter tone, very long and elegant finish with something reminding of apple cake. 93

1998 Lafite

1998 Chateau Lafite Rothschild;
Deep ruby, some sediments. Fantastic nose, bell peppers, cassis, chocolate, coffee, hints of barrel and vanilla, then some well hung game, seductive and elegant. Perfect structure, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, great velvety feel, fantastic, even when served from truly horrible wine glasses. Fantastic finish. 96

My twin Latour

1979 Chateau Latour;
Deep ruby with broad brick rim. Chocolate, hints of mint leaves, leather, some cherries, bell peppers, cigars and blackcurrants. Soft attack, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, well balanced, coffee and a bit dark chocolate bitter in the long finish with some citrus feel to it. Different and surpricing. 90

Mosel Eiswein

2004 Gerd Fritzen, Osanner Rosenberg, Riesling Eiswein;
Clear golden colour, fresh, hints of botrytis, fresh as dew, raspberries, apples, exotic fruits, pineapples, lime, very gentle and elegant. Perfect acidity, great mothfeel and balance, a bit short finish though. Very good Eiswein from an to me, unknown producer. 88

Napa and Sauternes

1991 Stag's Leap Cask 23, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon;
Bright ruby with brick rim. Cassis, coffee, cigars, even minerals, cedar, anis and some mushrooms. Great acidity, well integrated tannins, some spices, almost oregano and Mediteranian spices, complex, elegant, balanced and very long. 92

2002 Chateau Sigalas Rabaud;
Golden yelow, fresh, some botrytis and honney and peach. Light and almost riesling like feel of the acidity, medium body, very clean fruit aromas and fresh, but lacks complexity and length. 72

98 Les forts Latour and Bahans Haut-Brion

1998 Chateau Bahans Haut-Brion; (2nd Chateau Haut-Brion)
Deep ruby, thin brick towards rim. Fresh and a bit floral nose, slight of violets and some warm stones. Well hung game, blackcurants and cigars. Tender and elegant more than big, fresh acidity and ripe tannins and a lot of them, very balanced, great structure, good length. 86

1998 Les Forts de Latour; (2nd Chateau Latour)
Deep ruby, slight brick towards rim. Very elegant nose, close to real thoroughbreed. Cigars, some well hubg game, fasan, some vanilla, bellpeppers and blackcurrants. Soft attack, very integrated tannins, fresh acidity, soft and velvety structure, great finish. 89

Two Bdx

1985 Clos Beauregard, Pomerol;
Bright brick, some sediments. First, quite intence nose of beacon, then more of grilled meat and tomato puré. Ok acidity, very ripe tannins, with more air, lots of red plum meat, balanced, not very complex, ok length. 68

1998 La Dame de Montrose; (2nd Chateau Montrose)
Deep ruby, hint of brick rim. A bit light, but very Saint-Estephe on the nose, hint of vanilla, stable, liquorice, cigar, cassis and dark berries. Soft attack, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, balanced and quite complex, good velvety mouhfeel. Good length. 86

Sunday, 13 December 2009

2001 Chateau Haut-Brion

2001 Chateau Haut-Brion;
Deep ruby, such elegant nose, fresh as a rainy day, cedar, minerals, leather, bell peppers, blackcurrants, cigar, cedar, all wrapped in silk. The elegance is just marvelous, one of the most elegant I have tasted, acidity is fresh and integrated, tannins just perfect for the structure, exceptional finesse, complexity and balance. Great finish. 94

Napa, Piemonte and Bordeaux

2002 Far Niente Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon;
Deep ruby, liquorice, cassis, leather, coffee and floral notes of roses and violets and some spices. Soft and ripe tannins, quite soft attack and elegant, fresh acidity, balanced and a long finish. A very elegant Napa. 93

2001 Gaja Langhe Sperss;
Ruby. Very closed, but elegant nose. Then liquorice, roses, some vanilla, chocolate, tar, very complex and youthfull. Great acidity and massive, yet elegant and ripe tannins, cherries and leather, a true beauty. Keep. 95

1999 Chateau Gruaud-Larose;
Ruby red, outstanding nose, cigars, a bit of vanilla, cedar, blackcurrants, bellpeppers, cherries. Great acidity, well structured, good and ripe tannins, well balanced, plums, long elegant finish. 90

Great Cos and two US cab's

2001 Chateau Cos d'Estournel;
Ruby, bell peppers, roses, blackcurrants, cherries, cedar and cigar. Very elegant and velvety mouthfeel, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fresh fruit, complex and balanced. Fresher fruit than most Cos. Keep. 93

2002 Dominus, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon;
Deep ruby, some earthy tones, very Bordeaulike nose, just a bit more fruity. Great structure and balance, fresh acidity and ripe tannins, quite intence, coffee, mocca, white chocolate, cedar and blackcurrants. Keep. 91

1993 Dunn Vineyards, Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon;
Ruby, blackcurrants, cherries, leather, cigars, and cedar. Such fresh acidity, quite lean, but elegant body, intence fruit, ripe tannins. Very complex and balanced, long length. Drink or keep. 93

2 times 02

2002 Beaulieu Georges de Latour, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon;
Deep ruby, cassis, cigars, bell peppers, coffee and mocca, and some floral notes of violets behind. Fresh acidity and ripe tannins, well balanced, and complex, good length. 87

2002 Chateau Climens;
Golden yellow, botrytis, fresh, almost like Inniskillin on the nose with this freshness. Exotic fruits, pineapples, peach and honey. Some cinamon, great acidity, fresh all the way to a long finish. Keep. 93

Exceptional Rhone

1995 Chateau Tour du Haut Moulin Cru Bourgeois;
Ruby with brick rim, bell peppers, blackurrants, leather, some leaves. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, a bit dry in the finish, not to complex or long. 75

1998 Carruades de Lafite; (2nd Chateau Lafite Rothshild)
Ruby with brick rim. Cedar, cigars, leather, bell peppers, red berries, and a touch of vanilla. Very elegant and acidity seems low, or they are just so integrated that it seems so, they do the job, but you just do not notice. Tannins are ripe, some cherries, very elegant, like velvet, and outstanding finish with waves of flavours. 88

2001 Chateau de Beaucastel, Homage a Jacques Perrin;
Clear deep ruby, some forest floor, a bit spicey, dark fruit, leather, liquorice, very complex and still elegant. Good acidity, ripe tannins, very young still, great balance, long finish. Keep. 94

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Napa and Mosel

1996 Beringer Private Reserve, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon;
Dark ruby, ruby rim. Raspberries, blackberries, cherries, plums, a bit jammy and warm fruit, earth, chocolate and bell pepper. Medium body, ok acidity, soft very ripe tannins, a bit one dimentional on the palate compared to nose, very well made as always, but I cannot get excited somehow. 84

1994 Dr.Thanisch Müller Burggraef, Graacher Himmelreich, Riesling Auslese;
Lemon yellow, lime, minerals, apples and petroleum. Good acidity, medium fruit intencity, ok length. Good, but not great. 80

1999 Dr.Thanisch Müller Burggraef, Berncasteler Doctor, Riesling Auslese Golkapsel;
Lemon yellow, apples, lemonish, melon, petroleum, raspberries, hints of botrytis and minerals. Acidity makes it, just. Getting towards too sweet for it, good length. 84

Why can't they (any of the owners) make some truly astonishing Bernkastel Doctor?

2000 Pira Barolo and RWT

2000 Luigi Pira, Barolo Vigna Riondo Pira;
Brigth ruby, some development, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, plums, jam, earth and chocolate. Some rose and liquorice with more air. Medium body, almost crisp acidity, tannins are a bit much, at least at this tage, but I think it will come round, complex and good length. 90

2000 Penfolds RWT;
Ruby red, developing, dark berries, pepper, liquorice and leather. Soft attack, ok acidity, ripe tannins, good, but not the best RWT I have had. A bit dissapointed. 84

Fantastic Pesquera

1995 Alejandro Fernandes Pesquera Janus Gran Reserva;
Light ruby, thin brick rim. Not as intence as expected, blackberries, cherries, fresh dirt, leather, black pepper, chocolate, tobacco and liquorice. Medium intencity and body, fresh acidity, very ripe and soft tannins, well balanced and elegant, very long finish. The only Ribera to compete with Vega-Sicilia. 92

Mosel and Australia

1997 Karthäuserhof, Eitelsbacher Karthäuserhofberg, Riesling Auslese Golkapsel;
(magnum) Pale lemon yellow, pronounced, evolved, some petroleum, minerals, yellow apples, some floral notes, hints of tropical fruits and peach, then green and fresh apples. High acidity, well balanced and complex, a bit mature for a magnum, but probably this one bottle, still will age further. 90

2003 Wolf Blass, President Selection, South Australia Cabernet Sauvignon;
Deep ruby, pronounced nose, quite developed for it's age, medicins, green bell peppers, eucalyptus, bond fire, smoke, warm charcoal, vanilla and heavy sweet red berries. Sweetish attack, but dry wine, acidity just manage it, tannins still there, not to ripe actually, good length. 78

Great Barolo

1999 Vajra, Barolo Bricco delle Viole;
Clear medium ruby. Nice nose, a bit closed at first, then tobacco, anis, blackberries, later cherries, violets and a bit earthy. High acidity, high but polished tannins, medium body and intensity, balanced and elegant more than outright complexity, very long length, keep another 10 years. 91

1990 La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904;
(magnum) Colour like Merbau hardwood floors with brick rim, some sediments. Not so intence, some figs, leaves, warm strawberries, Christmas spices, medicin. Medium + acidity, dried fruits, tannins gone, balanced and medium length. A bit dissapointing actually as this is a favorite Rioja. 82

Fresh Rieussec

1999 Chateau Rieussec;
Deep golden, intence, fresh nose, some development, apricots,honney, pineapples, leache, botrytis, and bees wax. In the back aromas of plastic bading animals. Sweet attack, but quite fresh acidity for a Rieussec, full bodiedm melon, some oily notes and orange marmalade, well balanced, long length. 90

Seduction first hand

1985 Reserve de la Comtesse; (2nd Ch.Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande)
Garnet with brick rim, some sediment. A/B level fill. The nose climbes out of the glass, red plums, raspberries, cassis, some cigars, bell peppers, liquorice, elegant and quite seductive nose. Some well hung game and autumn leaves. Soft attack, fresh acidity, mature tannins, almost gone, acidity really refreshes the palate, a bit thin and lean body, but a great aftertaste and length. Really impressive second wine. 87

Two 95 Mosel's and a BA

2000 S.A.Prüm, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Riesling Beerenauslese Fass #5;
(demi) Dark gold colour, some crystals. Intence nose, apples, raisins, raspberries, canned tropical fruits, fresh and elegant. Acidity in perfect harmony and balance with the sweetness, botrytis, and some cinamon, minerals far behind, and pineapples. Long finish. 91

1995 Joh.Jos.Prüm, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Riesling Spätlese;
Lemon yellow, very fresh, hints of petroleum starting, wet schistes and apples. Great play with the acidity and sweetness, very elegant, quite complex, and good balance and length. 87

1995 Joh.Jos.Ehlen, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Riesling Spätlese;
Lemon yellow, petroleum, minerals, apples, fresh and starting to mature. Good acidity, could be more complex and longer, but well made. 82

Egon Müller

2001 Egon Müller, Scharzhofberger, Riesling Spätlese;
A.P.Nr.: 3 567 142-7 02 Pale lemon yellow, fresh and mineral nose, hints of steel and apples, not very developed. Tender attack, some raspberries with more air, fresh and lively acidity, seductive, very elegant and balanced, playing more on that than complexity at this stage. Long finish, keep. 89

Fantastic Schaefer

2004 Willi Schaefer, Graacher Domprobst, Riesling Auslese;
Pale lemon yellow, raspberries, apples, fresh, some pinapple and minerals behind. Great acidity and perfect balance, such tenderness, elegance and complexity, a pure beauty, long length. Still youthfull, keep. 92

2003 Willi Schaefer, Graacher Himmelreich, Riesling Beerenauslese;
Only 150 litres made. (demi) More golden colour, great fruit intencity, complex, raspberries, cinamon, botrytis, apples hints of minerals. Quite soft attack, then the acidity builds up, almost as the acidity brings the flavours, tender, mild, elegant and still fresh and complex. Long finish. 94

3 times Kesselstatt

2004 Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, Josephshofer Monopole, Riesling Auslese Fass #6;
Pale lemon yellow, beautifull fruit, sweetish nose, fresh, lots of berries, apples, some minerals and pineapple. Some cloudberries as well. Good acidity, full bodied riesling, very complex and elegant,very long finish. 88

1989 Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, Kaseler Kehnagel, Riesling Auslese Lange Goldkapsel;
Beautifull golden colour, intence, mature nose, botrytis, apricots, pineapples, exotic fruits, fresh, some raspberries. The acidity actually manages to be almost steely in this sweet wine, the aftertaste is absolutely fabulous, long length. 90

2003 Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, Josephshöfer Monopole, Riesling Auslese Fass #6;
Lemon yellow, very diferent from the 04, still sweetish nose and berries, but also some spices, maybe cinamon. Acidity could be higher, but not to bad for a 03, some minerals and more orange marmalade. Good length. 84

Clos de Lambrays

2001 Domaine de Lambrays, Clos de Lambrays Grand Cru;
Bright garnet, strawberries, jam, some wet earth notes, leves, prunes and anis. Good acidity, ripe tannins, would have liked it a bit fresher on the fruit, but very good still. Long finish. 88

Two eiswein's, side by side.

2001 Koehler Ruprech, Kallstadter Saumagen, Riesling Eiswein;
(demi) Golden colour, a bit of smoked meat!, some botrytis, oxidized apples, parafin, heavy petroleum and diesel, very exotic, but not to fresh, and older than expected. Long finish. 87

2002 Markus Molitor, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Riesling Eiswein;
(demi) Pale lemon yellow, tender and a bit closed, then sweet fruits, pineapple, raspberries and minerals, acidity is fresh and playfull, apples, very elegant, but I miss some more complexity. Good length. 89

Big lady and TBA

1996 Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame;
Lemon yellow, beautifull bubbles, some minerals, plaster, oxidized apples, fresh acidity, surprizingly young compared to my last bottle, balanced, integrated, complex and fresh, with long aftertaste, reminds me of when it was released. 93

2004 Leitz, Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg, Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese;
Deep lemon yellow, extreme botrytis, apricots, exotic and tropical, pineapples, very complex. Acidity cleans well, fresh, striking elegance, still young. Exceptional length. 95

2002 BdM Corton Charlemagne

2002 Bonneau du Martray, Corton Charlemagne;
Pale lemon yellow, still some vanilla and oak, starting to build body and momentum, some apples, butter and extremelly mineral. Very elegant though, very complex, the acidity is fresh and great length. One still get's the feeling, that it has not actually started showing yet. Keep. 93

Robert Weil

2004 Robert Weil, Riesling Kabinett;
Pale lemon yellow, racy nose, minerals, pears and apples, very elegant acidity, balanced and elegant, but a bit short finish for a kabinett. 79

2004 Robert Weil, Kiedrich Gräfenberg, Riesling Spätlese;
Lemon yellow, very elegant and a bit light nose. Some peach, pear, yellow fruits and pinapple. The acidity is fresh and balance the sweetne perfectly, elegant body, finish could again be longer. Is it too young? Hope so. 82

2004 Robert Weil, Kiedrich Gräfenberg, Riesling Auslese Golkapsel Auction wine;
Lemon yellow, slightly spicy, some minerals, pineapple, peach, hints of honey, botrytis, acidity feels like they fly around like snow flakes cleaning the mouth, exceptional elegance and complexity, fantastic aftertaste and long length. 300 litres made. 94

2004 Robert Weil, Kiedricher Gräfenberg, Riesling Beerenauslese;
Deep lemon yellow. Closed at first, then explodes in a carefull manner of apricots, botrytis, roses, strawberries, some minerals, pineapple, peach, pear, apples, exotic fruits, truly beautifull. Very elegant, again exceptional acidity, just perfect, great finish. 97

Four Mas La Plana's

2000 Torres Mas la Plana;
Deep ruby, the oak is a bit big, I hope the fruit will overcome it, some liquorice and cherries in the back, then some red plums. Good acidity, well balanced and good fruit behind the oak. 82

1994 Torres Mas la Plana;
Elegant ruby red, this is completely different, some smoked meat, dark fruits, fresh strawberry jam, elegant, the oak is integrated, fresh acidity, very ripe tannins, quite youthfull still, long finish. 89

1991 Torres Mas la Plana;
Garnet red. This is far simpler, the lean body and fruit makes the oak shine a bit through, but it has a certain elegance and finesse still that is refined. Drink. 80

1989 Torres Gran Coronas Mas la Plana;
Garnet, mahogany towards rim. Such an elegant nose. Hints of liquorice, cedar, white chocolate, cigars, som blackcurrants and blueberries, then over to cherries and prunes. Very elegant and well put together, complex, fresh acidity, long length. One of, if not the best Mas la Plana I've had. 92

Bellavista and spätlese

2000 Trimbach Cuvee Fredrick Emile;

Bellavista Cuvee Brut, Franciacorta;
Light lemon yellow, small and elegant bubbles. Some plaster, minerals, chalk, yeast, freshly baked bread and oxidized yellow apples. Medium and elegant mousse, good acidity, elegant and balanced, hints of pear and apricots in the aftertaste, good finish. 86

2004 Daniel Vollenweider, Wolfer Goldgrube, Riesling Spätlese;
Lemon yellow, elegant young nose of overripe gooseberries, apples and minerals, then lemon and exotic fruits. Fresh acidity, seems like it is just comming out of it's hibernation, great balance and elegance, and long length. 89

3 Bordeaux

2000 Chateau Batailley;
Deep ruby, some development, bell peppers, cassis, some cigars and actually some perfumed soap. Ripe and still a bit firm tannins, fresh acidity, some blackcurrant leaves. Just like a 99 I had this summer, Batailley develops much better than expected when tasting them young. Decent Bordeaux at decent prices. 86

2001 Chateau Hosanna;
Deep garnet, blackcurrants, hints of cigar, some truffles and chocolate and hints of fresh subsoil. Medium + acidity, ripe tannins, good fruit intencity, a bit vegetal towards finish. Good length, but alcohol show through. 89

2001 Chateau Cartier; (2nd Chateau Fonroque)
Ruby, developed, some stable, leather, chocolate and red currants.Acidity and a bit dry tannins does not balance the thin fruit, alcohol shows. 65


1998 Chateau Bergat;
Bright ruby, some sediments. Fruit driven St-Emilion, cassis, black- and blueberries, cigar and some chocolate. Acidity just makes it, ripe tannins, some cherries and red plums, could have longer finish. 88

1996 Chateau Lilian Ladoys;
Ruby with thin garnet rim. A bit tender on the nose, some liquorice, some blackcurrants and tobacco, and soome floral notes, after some minutes, lavendel, roses and violets. Very strawberries on the palate, , a bit simple on the palate, but elegant, ok freshnes and acidity, tannins gone, seems to be drink now.85

Two sweets

2001 Heymann-Löwenstein, Winningen Rötgen, Riesling Auslese;
(demi) Light gold. Heavy minerals on the nose, some yellow apples, ripe plums and yellow fruits. Very sweet attack, then almost bittersweet, raspberries, acidity has a firm grip on the sweetness, comes in waves, big, blind I would have thought a truly mineral Rheingau, long finish. 93

1997 Chateau Guiraud;
(demi) Amber, heavy botrytis, apricots, very clean and fruitdriven nose, raisins. Burnt almonds, something reminisence of petroleum almost, a bit bitter and somehow not quite together if I'm picky. Guiraud is always difficult for me. 82

Sauternes and Rheingau

1995 Chateau Coutet;
Dark golden colour, heavy botrytis, apricots, some minerals, canned tropical fruits, pineapples, very complex and intence. Rounded, good acidity, some raisins and burned almonds, long finish. Could maybe have been a bit more elegant and fresher, but will probably improve with age. 91

1990 Schloss Vollrads Riesling Charta;
Towards gold, medium intencity, cellar, dust, some petroleum, minerals and oxidized apples. Dry, acidity is there, but not as fresh as it could have been, a bit short finish. 80

3 times Bdx short notes

1998 Clos Canon; (2nd Chateau Canon)
Well made, ripe fruit, ok acidity, ripe tannins, getting mature, but can keep, quite complex and fresh finish. 85

1999 Segla; (2nd Chateau Rauzan-Segla)
Quite powerfull for a second wine and a Margaux, still flra, liquorice and lots of Blackcurrants, getting there, but will keep, good finish. 86

1996 Chateau Fonbadet;
Typical Pauillac, a not to complex one, but has it's style and charmes, blackcurrants, bell peppers, some medicine and soft of cigars. Can keep some more years. 88

West of the mountains

2003 Le Dix de Los Vascos;
(Domaines de Rothschild, Lafite). Deep ruby with ruby rim. Incredible nose of mint leaves, some green bell peppers, hints of liquoice, blackcurrants and white chocolate. Very pure and elegant, very good acidity, ripe tannins, well balanced, green notes like all Chilean wines it seems, fresh, minty, long finish. Keep. 86

I was served this wine blind, and found it to be a overly minty Carruade. I was nowhere near Chile, but it was not Bordeaux either, but it had such a resemblence with Carruade. At least the owners were right.

2002 Heitz, Martha's Vineyard, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon;
Deep ruby, almost opaque, thin ruby rim. Fantastic nose, somehow light and floral, but also complex and intence. Red currants as fresh as they get, black currants, herbs, fantastic pure nose, hints of sweet tobacco behind. Perfect mouthfeel, tannins need some more years, they are ripe but massive at the moment, cool fruit, a fantastic wine. Keep for ten years or more. 93

2 Beychevelles

1995 Chateau Beychevelle;
Ruby with thin garnet rim. Intence nose after ten minutes, cassis, bell pepper, herbs,some spices, young still, some floral notes, hints of jasmin and tobacco. Very elegant and balanced, good acidity, ripe tannins, great mouthfeel, keep. 88

1998 Chateau Beychevelle;
Deep ruby, ruby rim. Blackcurrants and cassis, some minerals in the back, sweetish anis, ripe fruit, elegant. Ok acidity, well balanced, very ripe tannins, very good length, keep another 5 years or more. 86

Mature La Mission and great Pibarnon

2004 Reignac, Y. et S. Vatelot Bordeaux Blanc;
Pale golden yellow, fat nose, some honey and apricots in the back, some minerals, oxidized apples, heavy nose. Big body, ok acidity, could be fresher, oak and vanilla and oak tannins, some spices from toasted barrels, quite complex. Long finish. 82

1987 Chateau La Mission Haut-Brion;
Ruby with thin brick rim. Very elegant nose, liquorice, expensive leather, some coffee and cigars, bell pepper, herbs and minerals, only secondary and tertiary aromas, very mature. Acidity seems fresher than it is because of lean body, very elegant and balanced, good length. Impressive 87. 88

2001 Chateau de Pibarnon;
Deep ruby, ruby rim. Slightly of spices, dark berries, hints of coffee, perfumed tea, herbs and liquorice. Slight hint of volatility in a beautifull way. Clean fruit, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, very elegant, fresh, almost Provence herbs towards finish, long aftertatse. 88

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Four 97 Bdx short notes

1997 Chateau Cantenac Brown;
Very elegant, violets and floral notes, typical, a bit mature Margaux. 86

1997 Les Tourelles de Longueville;
Good mature Pauillac, quite complex, mature and well balanced, good length. 85

1997 Chateau Pichon Longueville Baron;
Quite complex and somewhat more youthfull 97, this can keep another few years, not so much secondary aromas here. 88

1997 Chateau Tour du Haut Moulin;
Cru Bouurgeois. Very nice, mature nose, good structure, but to short and drying out a bit. 72

Aszu Essencia

1993 Diznoko Tokaj Aszu Essencia;
Deep amber orange, some crystals. Burnt almonds, raisins, botrytis, slightly oxidized fashion. Fantastic, beautifull acidity, cleans perfectly and elegantly, the sweetness is almost overwhelming, very complex and quite thick body. Fantastic long finish. Has both the fresh fruits and this oxidized, burnt feel at the same time. 95

3 rieslings

2002 Carl von Schubert, Maximin Grünhäuser Abtsberg Riesling Spätlese;
Still pale lemon yellow, a bit closed, fresh apples, citrus, very camuflaged, some minerals. Good acidty and balance, you really need to look for the flavours, and they are there in the back. Needs more cellaring. Best guess. 88?

2001 Freiherr Heyl zu Herrnsheim, Niersteiner Pettenthal, Rieslng Auslese;
(demi) Dark lemon yellow, intence nose, citrus, apples, more exotic notes, minerals. Great acidity, well balanced, complex and elegant. A bit full bodied for a riesling, some petroleum hints in the back. Long finish. 90

2002 Koehler-Ruprecht, Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Spätlese;
Lemon yellow, citrus, apples, raspberries, minerals, complex and a bit bigger body. Not as complex in the mouth as the nose, good acidity, fresh, very mineral. Good length. 87

2 beautifull von Kesselstatt's

2001 Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, Scharzhofberger Riesling Auslese Lange Goldkapsel Fass #19;
Golden, great nose of citrus, pears, pineapples and mature apples and some strawberries. Very elegant, complex and balanced, the acidity works perfectly with the sweetness, still young and fresh, keep if you're lucky. 93

1989 Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, Scharzhofberger Riesling Beerenauslese;
Golden colour with hints of orange, fantastic nose, no petroleum in sight, citrus, lots of apples of all sorts, raspberies and great botrytis. Wet schistes behind. Fantastic acidity that haunts the sweetness around the mouth, apricots, pineapples, such oppulence, balance, complexity and elegance on the same time, and aftertaste for minutes. 96

3 Pio Cesare 99 short notes.

1999 Pio Cesare Barolo;
Violets, blackberries, liquorice and some spices, good acidity, balance, good tannin grip and length. 86

1999 Pio Cesare Barolo Ornato;
Red berries, prunes and dark dried fruits, very complex, some tar and roses, good structure, acidity and tannins are ripe, long finish. 89

1999 Pio Cesare Barbaresco Il Bricco;
Intence nose, mature berries, some roses and liquorice, complex and elegant with ripe tannins and fresh acidity, the elegance wins the show. 90

Mature Napa and a Sauternes

1988 Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon;
Ruby with brick rim, lots of sediments. Big mature Cab nose, cassis, chocolate, tobacco, prunes and cigars. Soft as velvet on the palate, quite elegant, good acidity, tannins gone, a bit soft for a Napa, better alone than with the creamy mushroom sauce. Drink. 87

1997 Chateau Lafaurie-Peyraguey;
Golden colour, great and complex nose, botrytis, apricots, pineapples and peach. Fresh, good acidity, very elegant, still youthfull, great balance and complexity, give it time, a bit short finish for the moment, but I think it will improve with more maturity. 93

Tired Medoc Cru Bourgeois

1997 Chateau La Cardonne;
Pale ruby, slight brown rim. Good nose of bell peppers and blackcurrants and some spices, ok acidity, tannins almost gone, not very much happening in the mouth from this normally quite good estate. Well made, but a bit old, or a not perfect bottle. 72

Fantastic Auslese

1995 Joh.Jos.Prüm, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Riesling Auslese Goldcapsel;
Golden colour, very apple on the nose, both ripe yellws and fresh green. Some botrytis hides in the back, I'm shure there is more than I can detect, hints of petroleum somewhere behind the apples, and some wet schistes. Very elegant, fresh acidity, a bit more noticable than normal for JJ, but the true greatness and fascination here is the aftertaste, it almost explodes delicatelly of apples, peach and raspberries, fresh and sweet, pineapples, apricots and tropical fruits, perfect in it's harmony, balance and finesse. Extremelly long finish. 96

Two Greeks

1997 Chateau Carras, Cotes de Meliton;
Pale ruby with brick rim, bell peppers, blackcurants, hints of red plum and minerals. Mature, a bit more spicey than normal for Cab, but there is some other grapes in the blend as well, a bit lean body but good intencity, tannins lingers on, a bit short finish. 81

1999 Gaia Estate, Nemea Agiorgitiko;
True ruby, a bit closed first, some floral notes, then anis and red plums. Medium body and quite intence flavours, good acidity, very ripe and mature tannins, some pepper and blueberries. Quite complex and a good length. 89