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Saturday, 5 November 2011

40 years of Dom Perignon, meet the aperitifs!

Every vintage of Dom Perignon for 40 years, 1962-2002. And later on, two more bottles of Cristal (we had 30 years of Cristal a few weeks back) to make 40 years of Cristal as well (if not every vintage). This means there is actually only 7 or so vintages of Dom Perignon, not tasted at this event.

As some felt there might be a little to few wines to try, we were given a mix of different aperitifs.

1975 Dom Perignon;
Let's try bottle variations, this will come later on as well! Golden, no bubbles, butter, minerals, nuts, oxidized apples, elegant texture, mousse almost gone, good acidity, a bit lean and slightly dry, OK length, not optimal bottle. 89

2006 Comte Lafon Montrachet;
Opened nine days! Still minerals, lime, apples, quite refreshing, feels like decanted for a few hours only. Fresh acidity, lively and playful, stunning length.... Must have been amazing to follow during those days. 96

1999 Bollinger Vielle Vignes Francaises;
Pale golden, toasted bread, yeast, minerals, doesn't give too much on the nose. Elegant mousse, refined acidity, vinous, beautiful balance, subtle, subdued, gorgeous length. 95

1964 Roederer Cristal
Another nine days bottle, golden, still a fine Champagne, but oxidized (after beeing opened for such a length) and good enough still, and a long length. 88

2002 Marie-Noelle Ledru Ambonnay Grand Cru;
Pale lemon, tiny bubbles, yellow fruit and a touch of strawberries. Fresh acidity, elegant mousse, lively, transparent, good length. One of Frank Herfjord's secrets..... 92

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