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Friday, 27 May 2011

1985 Château Margaux (magnum) in Trondheim

Superb Norwegian lamb cooked to perfection, stunning with the wines of Château Margaux

Roar Hildonen, owner of To Rom og Kjøkken in inspired talks with Mr Pontallier and his wife

1985 Château Margaux;

(Magnum) Ruby, garnet rim, floral, violets, blackcurrant's, black tea, so layered, like the tea department at Fortnum & Mason, so many nuances and different notes. Fresh acidity, pure, ripe tannins, perfect balance, refreshing, mouthwatering even, complex, layers and layers, gorgeous finish. 96

1995 Château Margaux in Trondheim

Heaven can really be on earth as well

Some of the best virgin lobster's I've tasted, at To Rom og Kjøkken in Trondheim. Stunning with Pavillon Blanc!

1995 Château Margaux;

Ruby, garnet rim. Floral, violets, cassis, tobacco, cigars, showing some tiny development, anise, very complex. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, mouthwatering, pure and gorgeously put together, absolutely superb, seductive and very long finish. I would wait another ten years. 95

1999 Château Margaux in Trondheim

Going out in the Norwegian fjords for some really fresh shellfish and seafood for lunch

1999 Château Margaux;

Ruby, leather, floral, vanilla, cassis, dark berries, some chocolate, very elegant and seductive. Strange how young this feel after the 86 and 85 last night, as it felt like some development had started yesterday. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, pure, beautiful balance, refreshing and long finish. 93

01 Pavillon Rouge in Trondheim

1950's inspired at Bakklandet Skydsstasjon, with no nonsence, home made apple cake.

2001 Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux;

(2nd Ch Margaux) Ruby, floral notes, leather and tobacco, some herbs and mint, cassis, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, very well balanced, and long finish. 92

08 Pavillon Blanc, in Trondheim

Gunvor Bizard of Château Margaux (from Norway) enjoying freshly made fish cakes

Gunvor and Mr Pontallier in front of Nidelven, with the Nidaros Cathedral behind.

2008 Pavillon Blanc du Château Margaux;

Maybe you think is boring to read notes on the same wine over and over again, but for me, I find it interesting as the setting and ones personal mood has something to say about the joy and enjoyment of the experience. Different things get noticed.... maybe.

So, pale lemon yellow, citrus, vanilla, some tropical notes, complex nose. Fresh acidity, pure, playfull, pure and great balance, long length. 91

Magnum 85 Ch Margaux

1985 Château Margaux;

(Magnum) Ruby, floral and perfumed, more open than the 86 now, stunning nose, more youthful than expected, probably the format. Perfect structure, pure elegance and balance, fresh acidity, velvety tannins in decline, gorgeous length, very different expression than the 86, both lovely, this one is getting perfect now, tremendous pleasure to drink. 96

1986 Château Margaux

1986 Château Margaux;

Ruby, perfection on the nose, Mr.Pontallier stated that this vintage was so tightknit and tannic that it is only in the recent year or so that it has really opened up and started to shine. It is probably my favorite vintage in the 80's, I find so many of them with a stunning fruit, still very youthfull expression with a fantastic texture, this one no different. Youthfull, elegant, floral, so complex and layered I'm lost for words. Nothing jumps out again, red and darker berries, some tobacco and fine leather, ripe tannins, pure, and gorgeous length. Another 86 favorite, not quite the Lafite or Mouton, but superb. 97 Served with beautiful deer at Bagatelle.

99 Château Margaux

1999 Château Margaux;
Ruby, leather, floral, cassis, complex, a touch of herbs, yet again a wine showing slightly more nuance than earlier in the day, is it the restaurant mood and atmosphere? Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, mouthwatering feel to it, beautiful and very long length. 94

2001 Pavillon Rouge

2001 Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux;

(2nd Ch Margaux) Ruby, floral, elegant tobacco, blackcurrant's, violets, pure and complex. Seems more open than the one earlier in the day, more expressive. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant, beautiful texture, long length. 92

08 Pavillon Blanc

2008 Pavillon Blanc du Château Margaux;

Served during Château Margaux Winemakers dinner in Oslo, Norway. Pale lemon yellow, tropical touch, floral, feels closed now. Fresh acidity, almost exploding minerality and citrus, balanced, very refreshing, long length. 91

1989 Château Margaux

1989 Château Margaux;

Decanted for two hours, "-You help to make the wine to be revealed." as Mr.Pontallier stated.
Ruby, thin brick rim, pure joy, floral, tobacco, leather, maturing beautifully, so complex it's impossible to describe, "-Nothing jumps out." as Mr. Pontallier said. Texture is perfection, so fresh, mouthwatering with ripe tannins, layer upon layer, starting to drink really beautifully now, but will age another twenty years easily, gorgeous length. 97

99 Château Margaux

1999 Château Margaux;

Decanted for two hours, ruby, floral, tobacco, cedar, blackcurrant's, finest leather. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, just starting to show some evolvement, beautiful texture, refined, gorgeous, like velvet, very long finish. 94

01 Pavillon Rouge

2001 Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux;

(2nd Ch Margaux) Decanted for 1,5 hours, ruby, garnet rim, floral, touch of anise, blackcurrant's, ripe, spices, perfumed, leather, refined. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, beautiful texture and balance, mouthwatering and very pure, tannins like falling snow, great length. 92

04 Pavillon Rouge

2004 Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux;

(2nd Ch Margaux) Decanted 1,5 hours. Ruby, elegant, some floral notes, vanilla, minerals and spices over cedar and blackcurrant's, some mint and herbs in the back. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, perfect balance, mouthwatering, realy elegant, gorgeous freshness, long length. 91

93 Pavillon Blanc

1993 Pavillon Blanc du Château Margaux;

Lemon yellow, honey, apricots, peach, minerals, heavier floral notes, almost petroleum hint, like older Riesling's, this would be difficult in a blind tasting! Pure, elegant, fresh acidity, perfect balance, minerals, pear, very long finish. 92

09 Pavillon Blanc

2009 Pavillon Blanc du Château Margaux;
Served during Château Margaux Masterclass with Mr.Pontallier in Norway. Pale lemon yellow, some vanilla and tropical fruits, floral highnotes, touch of gooseberries, lime and citrus. Elegant acidity, remarkable minerality, easy going attack, then an astonishing blend off all the above, beautiful balance, complex and very long finish. 92

08 Dom. Chevalier Blanc

2008 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc;
Pale lemon yellow, tropical, vanilla, lemon, lychee, melon, some honey, layered and intense minerals. Fatter texture and body, and broader nose than the 07, still high and refreshing acidity, mouthwatering minerality, very long finish. Slightly more easy going than the 07, and an exceptional wine, superb length. 95

07 SHL rouge

2007 Château Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge;
Deep ruby, elegant nose, leather, minerals, vanilla, that smoky, Pessac minerals mixed with blueberries and blackcurrant's. Fresh acidity, elegant tannins, beautiful texture, very long length. 90

04 Meyney

2004 Château Meyney;
Dark ruby, chocolate, coffee, leather, blackcurrant's, fresh and lively St Estephe. Playful acidity, ripe tannins, needs time in the cealler still, long finish. 90

08 Gaja Sito Moresco

2008 Gaja, Sito Moresco, Langhe Rosso;
Ruby, some vanilla and hint of tar, floral, anise and fine leather. Good acidity, high of ripe tannins, elegant texture, long finish. 88

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

95 Pontet-Canet

1995 Château Pontet-Canet;
Ruby with brick rim, floral, coffee, chocolate, blackcurrant's, some anise and vanilla. Fresh acidity, nice texture, stone fruits and prunes in the finish, some mineralty, very good length. 91

90 Pontet-Canet

1990 Château Pontet-Canet;
Ruby, garnet rim, decanted for one hour, tobacco, anise, leather, some peppers, perfumed and nice development. Fresh acidity, elegant but somewhat rougher tannins, still mouthwatering texture, good length. 92 (From the cellars of Pontet-Canet)

00 Pontet-Canet

2000 Château Pontet-Canet;
Decanted for 3 hours, dark ruby, tobacco, leather, tiny hint of prunes, cassis, some vanilla, very complex, gorgeous nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, beautiful texture and balance, mouthwatering and very long length, a beauty! 94

02 Pontet-Canet

2002 Château Pontet-Canet;
Decanted for two and a half hours. Ruby, coffee, starting tea, leather, cassis, bell-peppers, very elegant. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, more body, elegant texture. Needed decanting, still too young, mouthwatering finish. 90

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Why do people score wines?

So, I'm at it again. One thing that is really strange to me is why people that have little or only some experience, score wines, in public. When I started tasting and enjoying wines, I never wrote about them. Most people I know think I'm crazy when I pick up my note book, and they ask, why don't you enjoy the wine instead? I taste several thousand wines a year, for me, it's about nuances. I'm not literary well enough equipped to do it otherwise. (Or have the time to write the short novel on each wine, that the wine probably deserves). I only started having some public views in writing after about 10.000 wines, way more than most people ever try in a life time. I reached more than 15.000 before considering a wine blog. Ad some more thousand before I actually made one. That doesn't mean I'm in any way more correct, or that my voice is more important than others, but I have some experience at least.

When I started out I had a few remarks on the wines after a few years, and after I started working in the Wine Monopoly in Norway. Simple ratings, like good fruit, not sour, long aftertaste. That would be it. Later on I took the WSET Advanced Certificate, and found out I needed to be more nuanced, and started with stars, one star was simple, six stars fantastic. Then I learned from an MW that you needed to be able to put all wines in a line of quality, especially important during blind tastings, say from one to ten. You needed to know what the best wines in the world would taste like, how they behaved, otherwise it's plain stupidity to try to rate anything. You cannot imagine how a 100 point or 20/20 wine is, if you haven't tasted some of the best wines there is, now can you?

When I read a lot of TN's on wine blogs etc. I see so many who have never tasted a wine that for them would be great enough to merit 100 points. (There are actual criteria that needs to be met for a more or less correct quality assessment of a wine, but that is another (huge) discussion). Well, if that's the case, how on earth can they know that the glass they have in the glass is a, say 92? 92 out of what? 92 out of the moon? 92 out of the feelings I get while I drive fast? You have to know the limits, don't you? What's the limits you say? I don't know! I have yet to try some of the possible limit crushers like the 1870 Lafite in magnum from a castle in Scotland, or a 1945 Mouton fetched from the private cellars of Baroness Philippine de Rothschild. But I have tasted some absolutely incredible wines that I really could not deduct anything from, they were pure perfection, and had everything, often in abundance.

So my first issue is then that without knowing the edges, the world is still..... let's say flat. I tasted some amazing wines early on, and gave them my full six stars. Then that wasn't nuanced enough, I started the half stars as well, then a wine came that really wasn't a four and a half, but not five either, so it was a plus as well, it all became quite complicated. To make it even more complicated, a 1962 Vega Sicilia Unico came my way. That was a easily seven stars, it opened another world. Still, the whole time, from my first six star wine, I think it was the 1993 Royal Tokaji Aszu Escenzia, I always had some sort of feeling where the roof was (at least my roof). Now I hear people stating that they will never taste a 100 pointer, if that is your outlook, how, I ask again, how do you know that the wine in your glass, the one in your mouth is a 92? It's like if you're driving a Fiat Uno, and you have never driven anything else, (a Fiat Uno would fetch way below 92 by the way) never even been a passenger, and still you try to convince the rest of us that we should listen to you when you try to explain how a Ferrari 599 goes arround a corner compared to your Uno?

Bizarre! Then it's the sheer nonprofessionality that is mostly more embarrassing for the ones who write about it, when it's so clear that things go beyond their understanding. Because they like a simple wine, they rate it high, and because they don't understand, or don't have the capacity to differentiate the nuances, length or sheer complexity of a truly great wine, they give it lower scores. The problem with this is that other people read it as some kind of truth, because it's in writing. The fool sort of teaches the fool, isn't it?

I don't score music, I know quite a few things about it, but not enough. I have seen thousands of films, I have favorites, but I can't score them either. I have no clue. I score wines, to see the nuance between two similar looking tasting notes. But it's not descriptive of the feeling, texture, balance, it's supposed to be the assessment of quality. That something inside this wine has an edge over the other. That does not mean that it has to be better, for better is personal, with a twist, depending on mood, who's around the table, weather etc. It's about Balance, Length, Intensity, Complexity and Consentration. How are the tannins? The use of oak? Or not? The acidity, texture, structure, body, the components that makes the wine what and how it is, not my pleasure, or lack of it while drinking it.

The more I taste, the more difficult it get's to give a score. Did I oversee something, is it something I don't understand in this wine? Etc. If you rated the wine 92 points, and Robert Parker did the same, does that make you proud, or have you only tricked yourself? If you move to the Vatican, learn Latin, start reciting the bible and dress up in all white, that still doesn't make you the Pope now does it? If wine is so important for you that you have to shout about your last experience from the rooftops, to the rest of us, have the decency to spend, as much as it takes, to find that one bottle, that for you is a perfect score. Then, only then will the rest of your effort give a meaning, both to yourself, and the rest of us. Otherwise it's a lucky guess. One thing I do know is, if you have never tasted a wine that is, for you a 100 pointer, and a 0, or 50 or wherever your scale starts or ends, it's very likely you have never tasted a 92 pointer either!

And to quote a fellow taster and writer on wines, Norwegian Piedmont guru Rune Rake, very few, if any foodies rate the topings of frozen pizza, for years on end.

Monday, 16 May 2011

08 Petit Mouton

2008 Le Petit Mouton de Mouton Rothschild;
(2nd Ch.Mouton Rothschild) Ruby, coffee, cassis, vanilla, very Pauillac on the nose. Fresh acidity, elegant style, a bit more heavy and darker finish somehow. Long length. 91

05 Rieussec

2005 Château Rieussec;
Golden, botrytis and pineapples, intense nose, fruity. Good acidity, but should easily be higher to really refreshen and balance the body, long finish. Is it the amount of Semillion that always make me feel this way about Rieussec? Everything always seems perfect, except the boring acidity, and that it could always be a bit fresher.... 89

06 Larrivet HB Blanc

2006 Château Larrivet Haut-Brion Blanc;
Lemon yellow, minerals, flint and the smokey Pessac minerals, refreshing, good texture, one of those wines that seems perfectly made, but still never quite grasps the imagination. Good length. 88

08 Aile d'Argent

2008 Aile d'Argent;
The white of Mouton Rothschild, pale lemon, some vanilla, ripe, tropical, oak in this vintage seems more refined than earlier vintages, good acidity, minerals, creamy texture towards finish, long length, but maybe some alcohol showing.... 90

08 Canon

2008 Château Canon; (Canon-Fronsac)
Ruby, Some dark fruits and cherries, vanilla is a bit showy on the nose, fine leather. Refreshing palate, lovely texture and just the right amount of fruit intensity, fresh acidity, ripe tannins in the back, lively feel, a beauty for the price. 87

Sunday, 15 May 2011

88 Mouton Rothschild

1988 Château Mouton Rothschild;
Another fine bottle shared bu Mr Danjoy, Director of Clerc Milon. Ruby with garnet rim, leather, cigars, cassis, superb, elegant and complex nose. Elegant structure, refreshing acidity, ripe tannins, evolving beautifully, leaner style, showing a lot of nuances, probably not the style for everybody, I simply adore it. Elegant and very long. 94

98 Clerc Milon

1998 Château Clerc Milon;
Served by Jean-Emmanuel Danjoy, the Director of Clerc Milon during the Ban du Millésime dinner, ruby, elegant fruit, beautiful acidity, ripe tannins, very enjoyable Pauillac now on the elegant and charming side, long length. 92

00 Pontet-Canet

2000 Château Pontet-Canet;
Some days are really tough, having already had this wine for lunch, then again at the Ban du Millésime dinner, now chocolate, blackcurrant's, leather and cedar, a deeper and slightly more evolved feel than the château bottle, this one not decanted, I don't know about the château one, that was also served by from the bottle. Fresh acidity, tannins ripe, perfect Pauillac texture, refreshing finish going perfectly with the duck. 93-94

00 Pontet-Canet

2000 Château Pontet-Canet;
Had at the 2010 Pontet-Canet Primeur lunch at the château. Ruby, elegant Pauillac, starting to open, blackcurrant's, leather and bell peppers. Fresh acidity, beautiful texture, ripe tannins, long length. 93

01 Kirwan

2001 Château Kirwan;
Ruby, herbs and paprika, the normal rusticity and greenness of the property, rough fruit. Fresh acidity, a bit hollow, astringent. 84

Saturday, 14 May 2011

06 Cissac

2006 Château Cissac;
Ruby, quite intense and Médoc typical, and feels refined if not very complex. Nice body and texture, good acidity, ripe tannins, drinking beautifully now, good length. 85

96 Leoville Barton

1996 Château Leoville Barton;
Ruby, garnet rim, this bottle seems a bit cooked, some around the table feels that this is the style of the LB in 96. Prunes, leather, cooked plums, fresh acidity, few but almost bitter tannins. 88

96 Montrose

1996 Château Montrose;
Again during the Ban du Millésime dinner, ruby, garnet rim, tobacco, fine leather, chocolate, cigars and blackcurrant's, superb texture, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, beautiful balance, very long length. A beauty now, but should be kept. 94

00 Calon-Segur

2000 Château Calon-Segur;
This one was served during the Ban du Millésime dinner with the Commanderie du Bontemps. Ruby, some coffee, blackcurrant's, perfumed and classic nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, good balance, great texture, needs another five years. 92

88 Yquem

1988 Château d'Yquem;
Served at the 2010 Yquem Primeur tasting at the Grand Theatre in Bordeaux, golden with amber hue, apricots, caramel and heavy notes. Fresh acidity, but oxidized style that I feel is typical not only for Yquem in 88, but also Suduiraut and a few others, lacks freshness, a lot older feel to it now than the 86 as an example. 86

02 Henri Gouges NSG

2002 Henri Gouges, Nuits-St-Georges;
Watery ruby, some strawberries and spices on the nose, not very pronounced. Lean body, luckily more flavors on the palate, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, and feels on the tannic side for a Burgundy, good balance and length. 87-88

03 Loosen Eiswein

2003 Dr.Loosen Bernkasteler Lay Riesling Eiswein;
(Demi) Pale golden, very elegant and refined nose, tropical and pineapples in abundance. To my surprice (the vintage) its fresh acidity and quite lively. Pure, elegant and nicely balanced, long finish. One of the few 03's from Mosel that seems to be able to age very well still. 92

75 Pontet-Canet

1975 Château Pontet-Canet;
Superb fill, 7mm below cork. Unfortunately that did not help, a old and dusty Pauillac, tired and drying out. 65

01 La Tour de By

2001 Château La Tour de By;
Ruby, thin brick rim, elegant wine but a bit on the lean side and feels a bit mature for the vintage, a bit lean and not very exciting either. Normally I like his estate better, maybe not a optimal bottle. 81

07 Ferran Blanc

2007 Château Ferran Blanc;
Straw yellow, tropical and yellow fruits on the nose, fresher on the palate with citrus and minerals, some oak shines through. Fresh acidity, and refreshing finish, long. 89

06 Phélan Segur

2006 Château Phélan Segur;
Deep ruby, cassis, coffee, that refined roughness of St Estephe. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, also quite fresh in style, fresh fruit, long length. 91

05 Ormes de Pez

2005 Château Les Ormes de Pez;
Ruby, coffee, cassis, feels deep, leather, complex but maybe also a bit extracted on the nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, superb freshness, not extracted, great length. 92

99 Sarget de Gruaud Larose

1999 Sarget de Gruaud Larose;
Ruby, some prunes and leather, developing, cassis, maturing nicely, going in the direction of the 96 it seems, but with a somewhat lighter body. Fresh acidity, high of ripe tannins, good length. 88

07 GPL

2007 Château Grand Puy Lacoste;
Ruby, the typical paprika and herbs of the vintage, classic Pauillac on the elegant side. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, good length. 88

08 Peyre Lebade

2008 Château Peyre Lebade;
Ruby, lovely Médoc nose on the elegant side, nice texture and structure, good acidity, ripe tannins, nicely balanced, quite good length. I've not come across this one before, owned by the Lafite Rothschild's and seems to be difficult to find. This one was bought taxfree at Gardermoen airport. 84

Monday, 9 May 2011

07 Diane de Belgrave

2007 Diane de Belgrave;
(2nd Ch Belgrave) Ruby, quite intense for a Haut-Médoc second wine, also feels ripe for the vintage, little green and herbal notes to detect here, more fruit and chocolate. Nice texture, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, balanced, nice length. 86

Friday, 6 May 2011

08 Valandraud

2008 Château Valandraud;
Deep ruby, vanilla, sweet tobacco and some dark fruit. I'm not sure if Valandraud still does the 200% new oak treatment, meaning they put the wine in new cask's twice, once a year or so, before bottling! Because there is a lot of wood here, not on the texture, and thats remarkable, but on the nose and flavours. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, also some alcohol showing in the finish. Hopefully there is some more fruit hiding in the forest that will come out some day and shine on its own. There is more refinement, and the quality of the fruit seems impeccable, than in most wines, it's just seems to be wrapped in the wrong paper. It's like receiving a Hermes scarf, and the gift paper is cardboard. For now, 86

08 Chérubin

2008 Château Chérubin;
Deep ruby, dark fruit, spices, cinnamon, fine tea. fresh acidity, lots of structure for a St Emilion, still elegant, feels refined, ripe tannins, good length. 91

09 Ch Chérubin

2009 Château Chérubin;
Deep purple, dark fruits, vanilla, complex nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, ripe tannins, refreshing, beautiful balance, precise feel, long finish. 91

06 Giscours

2006 Château Giscours;
Ruby, floral, elegant, blackcurrant's, violets, minerals, leather, beautiful nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, great balance, superb texture, long length. 92

05 Chasse Spleen

2005 Château Chasse Spleen;
Ruby, coffee, cassis and deeper notes, ripe and deep style of Moulis, fresh acidity, much texture, ripe tannins, good length. 88

Thursday, 5 May 2011

2004 Valandraud

2004 Château Valandraud;
Dark ruby, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, intense nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant fruit, more elegantly textured and structured than the nose suggests, needs time still. Some sweetness in the finish pulls the impression down, is it too much alcohol? 90

08 Pontet-Canet

2008 Château Pontet-Canet;
I've tasted this a few times now, and every time it mesmerizes me with its beauty. Very Pauillac in texture and structure, with a beautiful acidity and perfect balance, very complex and refined, absolutely gorgeous. 94

00 Lynch Bages

2000 Château Lynch Bages;
Ruby, very youthful and refined Pauillac, just starting to let go of it's childhood, fresh acidity, perfect balance, refreshing, ripe tannins, I would easily wait another five to ten years for this, it will pay you back, gorgeous length. For now, 93

96 Gruaud Larose

1996 Château Gruaud Larose;
Ruby, garnet rim, prunes, leather, anise, blackcurrant's, maturing beautifully. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, lively, just starting to show it's potential, long finish. I would keep this a few more years before pure enjoyment. 94

01 Yquem

2001 Château d'Yquem;
Botrytis, pineapple, tropical, honey, peach, apricots, eberything in abundance, so seductive, so complex, so refined. Stunning balance, acidity is perfection, ever lasting, extraordinary. 100

06 Petit Mouton

2006 Le Petit Mouton de Mouton Rothschild;
Ruby, opulent, leather, anise, cassis, cigars, gorgeous nose, ripe feel to it. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, nice texture and structure, well balanced, good length. 90

04 Château Palmer

2004 Château Palmer;
Ruby, floral, blackcurrants, cigars, sweet tobacco, complex. Fresh feel to it, good acidity and ripe tannins, beautiful texture, elegant and mouthwatering, very good length. 93

06 Leoville Barton

2006 Château Leoville Barton;
Ruby, very closed now, takes time to open, some coffe, floral notes and cassis, but that underlying Saint-Julien elegance is very evident. Great texture, fresh acidity, pure, ripe tannins, elegant and long finish. 94

03 Sigalas Rabaud

2003 Château Sigalas Rabaud;
Golden, tropical, pineapples, vanilla, quite good acidity for a 03 Sauternes, on the verge of being fresh, not merely adequate. Long length, pure fruit. 89

97 Sigalas Rabaud

1997 Château Sigalas Rabaud;
Golden, apricots, honey, wax and pineapples, very tropical fruit. Perfect balance, refreshing acidity, pure, beautiful, long length, just perfect with the foie gras at the Troplong Mondot luncheon. 93

06 Troplong Mondot

2006 Château Troplong Mondot;
Ruby, dark berries, cigars, ripe fruit, fresh acidity, lively feel, good balance, long length. 90

99 Troplong Mondot

1999 Château Troplong Mondot;
Ruby, garnet rim, cigars, chocolate, some figs, maturing nicely. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, perfect balance, long length. 93

1986 Château d'Yquem

1986 Château d'Yquem;
Golden, complex, intense, pure and refined, botrytis, pineapples, apricots and marzipan. Superb complexity, gaining with air, astonishing texture and structure, gorgeous length, stunning Yquem. I tasted this for the first time in about 2003, and fell in love with it. Then again in 06, still exceptional and pure, and the sad ruined by storage last autumn, and happily now this one. Love it! 96

07 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc

2007 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc;
Pale lemon yellow, fresh and elegant nose, citrus, minerals, flint, some grapefruit. Lively and towards high acidity, mouthwatering, refreshing, layered and nuanced, very long finish. 95-96

09 Carbonnieux Blanc

2009 Château Carbonnieux Blanc;
Watery yellow, minerals, citrus, apples, gooseberries, refreshing and refined nose. Fresh acidity, elegant texture, minerals and grapefruit in the very long finish. 93

06 Haut Corbin

2006 Château Haut Corbin;
Ruby, herbs, spices, mint, eucalyptus, fresh acidity, ripe tannins and good length. One doesn't feel extravagant oak use on the texture, but somehow that is still the impression..... 86

04 Clos St. Martin

2004 Clos St. Martin;
Ruby, tiny brick rim, elegant and maturing Saint-Emilion, fresh acidity and nice balance, elegant texture, good length. 88

08 Fonroque

2008 Château Fonroque;
Ruby, mint and eucalyptus over dark berries and chocolate. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant finish. 86

2002 Soutard

2002 Château Soutard;
Ruby, thin brick rim, maturing nose, cheese and blueberries. Fresh acidity, cherries, ripe tannins, starting to drink very well now. 88

08 Grand Pontet

2008 Château Grand Pontet;
Ruby, floral and elegant nose, darker berries. Beautiful fruit and body, fresh and lively acidity, ripe tannins, elegant and mouthwatering. 92

07 Yon Figeac

2007 Château Yon Figeac;
Ruby, elegant nose, red berries and darker fruits, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant texture, nice balance and a long finish. 91

05 Corbin

2005 Château Corbin;
Ruby, fruit driven and a bit sweetish. Still fresh acidity and fresher feel on the palate, ripe and big tannins, needs time. 88

07 Ch Bergat

2007 Château Bergat;
Ruby, closed and gives little on the nose. Fresh acidity, elegant style and ripe tannins, pure, long length. 89

04 Franc Mayne

2004 Château Franc Mayne;
Ruby, lots of coffee, intense dark fruit and chocolate. Nice acidity, ripe tannins, good length. A bit of a blockbuster and not that refined. 87

04 Dassault

2004 Château Dassault;
Ruby, fruity, starting to show some development, very elegant, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, nice balance and texture, long finish. 88

07 l'Arrosée

2007 Château L'Arrosée;
Ruby, vanilla, floral notes and jasmine over dark fruits. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant body and good length. 89

07 Clos des Jacobins

2007 Clos des Jacobins;
Ruby, deep fruity nose, chocolates. Very elegant texture, fresh acidity, ripe tannins and herbal finish so typical of this vintage. 88

02 Ch Larmande

2002 Château Larmande;
Ruby, fruit driven, morellos and strawberries. Fresh acidity, lively and very elegant, beautiful balance, long length. 89

05 La Tour Figeac

2005 Château La Tour Figeac;
Ruby, dark berries, chocolate and vanilla, fresh acidity, elegant style of Saint-Emilion, elegant texture, ripe tannins, long length. 90

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

06 Chauvin

2006 Château Chauvin;
Ruby. Closed, needs time to open, elegant nose, dark berries, needs a few years still, the oak is a bit showy, good acidity, ripe tannins but a bit short. 87

Sunday, 1 May 2011

2002 Château Cadet-Piola

2002 Château Cadet-Piola;
Ruby, starting to mature on the nose, ripe berries, elegant, some cedar hints and spices, a faint hint of prunes. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, very nice texture, beautiful balance, long finish. 91

07 Balestard la Tonnelle

2007 Château Balestard la Tonnelle;
Ruby, barrique still holding it's grip on quite ripe 07 fruit with red and darker berries. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant texture, good length. Needs time to swallow the oak. 89

07 Corbin Despagne

2007 Château Corbin Despagne;
Ruby, fruity nose, some vanilla, fresh acidity, leaner body, spicy peppery finish. Not very herbal, so a perfect 07 for those who are sensitive to green notes in Bordeaux. 89

08 Fonplegade

2008 Château Fonplegade;
Ruby, elegant and still fruity nose, not to intense, good acidity, nice texture, ripe tannins, balanced, nicely done and long finish. 88

03 Couvent des Jacobins

2003 Couvent des Jacobins;
Ruby, cherries and morellos, ripe style, maturing nicely, actually fresh acidity, lively for the vintage, ripe tannins, elegant fruit, a bit short. 89

07 Villemaurine

2007 Château Villemaurine;
Ruby, pure and fruit driven nose, fresh acidity, some herbal notes, many but ripe tannins, some vanilla, St-Emilion for those who like texture and vintage typicity. 87

1970 Château Latour, a dream come true

1970 Château Latour;
I have been dreaming about a chance to taste this one for a long time. Rune Rake had his generous trousers on (I think he only has that pair of trousers) and even after some sixteen other bottles this Cathedral of a wine out-shined them all. Only above mid shoulder fill made me slightly worried, but for no reason at all. Ruby with garnet rim, pure Pauillac, as mighty as they get, refined and has it all. Intense. Earthy, roughish texture still, hefty and together, masculine body, cassis in abundance, fresh acidity, ripe and still a wall, no a mountain of tannins, youthfull still needs time, what a potential. This is like tasting a only few years old Latour, say 08 body on 01 fruit! 98-100

1964 Château Cheval Blanc

1964 Château Cheval Blanc;
Fill just below neck, deep ruby, thin orange rim. Deep fruit, marzipan, fruity, tropical flowers, opulent and intense. Superb texture, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, lot's of structure and fruit, some alcohol notes brings it down a bit, very long and fruity finish. 94

Served blind, but I nailed both wine and vintage. With the 66 Cheval Blanc clearly in mind after tasting it only a few weeks back, the châteaux style was clearly evident, and the vintage was then easier to detect.

1964 Gaja Barbaresco

1964 Gaja Barbaresco;
Garnet with orange rim, lot's of sediments. Intense nose, intense acidity, ripe tannins, and caramel finish. Opulent, rich, sweet and sour, hefty, some bitter and herbal tones in the finish of the vintage, long length. Old Nebbiolo as it should be! 94

61 Gaja Barbaresco

1961 Gaja Barbaresco;
Garnet orange rim, leather, dark fruits, somewhat intense, some volatile notes, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, very nice texture, long length, concentrated and rich. 93

This bottle has a new style label, could it be a late release from Gaja?

1959 Produttori del Barbaresco

1959 Produttori del Barbaresco, Barbaresco Riserva;
Red/orange colour, lots of sediments, volatile, good acidity, lecks pretty much everything. Very old. 55

Pre 56 Gaja Barbaresco

This is a pre 1956 Gaja Barbaresco Vecchia Riserva;
Bottle 149620, orange colour and funky nose, high acidity, some sweetness in the finish. Tired. 69. According to Piemonte collector Rune Rake, this bottle was older than 1956 as that is the first year Gaja put the vintage on the bottles. Before that they were non vintage.

1947 Franco & Fiorina Barolo

1947 Franco & Fiorina Barolo;
Bright garnet, broad orange rim, shoe polish. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, beautiful and fresh at first, good length, then falling apart quickly after about fifteen minutes in the glass. At best 88.

1958 Monfortino

1958 Giacomo Conterno Barolo Monfortino;
Ruby with orange rim, coffee, floral, some dust, apple cake, quite intense. Fresh, lively and intense, beautiful acidity, ripe tannins soon gone, very long finish, but not that complex. 91

1990 Château Mouton Rothschild

1990 Château Mouton Rothschild;
Ruby, superb nose, floral, tobacco, intense, some herbs, refined and complex Pauillac. So elegant, superb balance, beautiful acidity, elegant texture, this is perfect Bordeaux on the elegant side, I can understand that some say it lacks power or concentration, but it gives in full on nuance, complexity and breeding instead, with a splendid length. Ads on weight for every hour. 94

64 Figeac

1964 Château Figeac;
Yet again a ruined Lauritz.com bottle.

Ruined 49 Figeac

1949 Château Figeac;
Unfortunately another faulty storage bottle bought trough Lauritz.com in Denmark, beware of this auction house, all the wines I've tasted from there has been badly stored!

1902-1907? Château Kirwan

1902-1907? Château Kirwan;
Gorgeous bright ruby, brick rim. Fill 1 cm below neck, leather and visteria highnotes, rotten wood. Good acidity, OK texture, tannins gone, minerals, not very long, ads body and texture, long and lean. Still impressive considering the likely age of the wine. 88

Bottle is marked Schröder & Schÿler, Ancne Propriete de la Ville de Bordeaux, Cantenac-Margaux. There is no vintage stated on the cork either, but the cork is not in the best condition, but gaux of possible Margaux is possible to read. The estate was given to the city of Bordeaux when Camille Godard (former Mayor of Bordeaux) died childless in 1881.

In 1902 Oscar Shÿler, contracted with the city of Bordeaux for the exclusive distribution rights to the wines of Kirwan. In 1907 the city sold the estate in an auction to Daniel and Georges Guestier. It's a bit strange maybe that S&S did not buy it at this point, but they bought it in 1926.

So, with this information, it seemed likely to me that this bottle could be from the time when Kirwan was still under Bordeaux' ownership, and after S&S got the full distribution, so 1902-1907. I contacted Château Kirwan to ask if they had any idea, and the response from Nathalie Schÿler is that she agrees with my views and findings. The bottle was glued.

64 Aloxe Corton

1964 Aloxe Cortin 1er Cru Fournieres;
Michel Couvreur Negociant bottle, cloudy garnet, orange rim. Elegant wine but gives of few aromas, fresh acidity, some fruit but drying finish. 79